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Riding a Dirt Bike in Residential Areas: Bad Idea?

Have you seen those crazy guys pulling wheelies with the front wheel up on residential streets with kids around? Crazy. There have been instances where crashes have happened and life-altering damage.

If you’re the type that things it’s OK to ride your dirt bike in public parks, playground areas and residential streets in an irresponsible manner, then pay close attention. Frontaer has some wise words:

The police are constantly cracking down in illegal dirt bike riding in residential streets. This hooligan behavior where young and unlicenced riders are riding dirt bikes aggressively can lead to accidents and injuries, or even death. Essentially, it’s a bad idea to ride your dirt bike on a street unless it’s registered and you’re riding legally with a licence and insurance.

We’re sure that many share the same opinion here. After all, we’re all for responsible riding ethics. If you want to have fun and let loose some steam from the day, then head out to somewhere remote.

Dirt Bikes on Residential Streets

Dirt bikes don’t really belong in the neighbourhoods where children reside. They belong out there exploring the wooded trails of the forests far away, on the many MX tracks this country has and the deserts where no one can really get hurt, apart from the rider themselves.

On the other hand, enduro and dual-sport motorcycles are more tame and more silent. The riders generally are on better behavior and will be respectful in these areas. Sure – they might not always stick to the speed limit, but they’re certainly more than capable of showing respect to other individuals within the community.

When you ride your dirt bike on a residential street, you’re merely asking for trouble especially if it’s a motocross bike. These are generally unregistered and you can only go offroad if it’s private property or you have an OHV sticker in Norht America.

The police love to chase guys down and they’re becoming even more sophisticated now. They might send police on dirt bikes themselves, or they might even track your cell phone now. There is a slim chance of running away because they know where you are and what you ride.

Responsible Riding

Clearly we’re fans of responsible dirt bike ownership here at Frontaer. We’d love to see everyone out there enjoying the sport and doing their part to improve the otherwise dimished view of dirt bike riders globally. It’s often the case where a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch.

If you are itching to go for a ride, simply call up your local MX club. They often have open days where you can ride until your right wrist simply can’t twist any more. You’ll be sore and battered but you won’t need to be looking over your shoulder….unless you tag some buddies along for a ride.

Through riding responsibly, we can work together to keep our riding tracks open for our next generation of riders. We need to lead by example so kids who start dirt bike riding see what’s expected of them. The last thing they should be doing is riding on a residential street.

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37 Best Dirt Bike Riding Trails in California to Explore (2022)

California has the highest amount of dirt bike riding tracks in the US, with many being near LA, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose.

Creating a list of all these places was pain-staking work. Much like you, we would rather be out there exploring the tracks ourselves instead of being behind the screen.

Best Dirt Bike Riding Trails California

This guide came about as we scratched our heads looking for new places to ride. We didn’t want MX tracks or clubs (though racing is awesome) and simply wanted to ride anywhere legally provided we had our California OHV Permit. These days, the State also allows non-residents to purchase these online too.

For the ADV and dual-sport crowd, this guide is equally applicable to you. We love adventure riding as much as enduro and weekend exploring.

Before you head out, just remember that these areas can close at any time due to fire dangers and flooding. Always check with the local rangers before you haul.

These are California’s most popular dirt bike trails:

1. Mt. Pinos East OHV Trails

Mt. Pinos East in the Los Padres National Forest is epic if you love the open country and rugged terrain. Yes, this spot is better suited for experienced riders who can manage the numerous hill climbs and tight switchbacks and tube-busting rocks, but beginners should have a go too. There are multiple campgrounds but our pick goes to Chuchupate Campground which doesn’t require the holding of an Adventure Pass. (If you need one of these, get one online or see the Mt. Pinos Ranger Station).

2. Fort Sage OHV Area

Most people in California have heard of Fort Sage before but probably haven’t visited this mecca of dirt bike regions. This area is one of the best in the state, with some visitors jumping the border from Reno, Nevada. Yes – it’s that good. The trails are hard-packed sand (yes, it’s possible) and beginners can get through much of this area pretty easily. There are about 30,000 acres here so we recommend staying overnight and there are plenty of camping spots around Fort Sage OHV Area.

3. Penny Pines

Penny Pines is very popular and most riders aim for Deer Valley staging area to unload the dirt bikes before venturing around the area. It’s best for those who are more experienced yet beginners are welcome since there are dozens of trails to explore. This is within Elk Mountain and Mendocino National Forest. Most families camp overnight at Middlecreek Staging Area where there is a PeeWee track for the kids as well as a dry river bed.

4. Hungry Valley SVRA

Hungry Valley is well known as the place to be in the Californian Desert with your dirt bike. Love to go fast? Then you’ll be reaching your top gears here quite regularly. We don’t recommend this area in summer as it can get seriously hot, so aim for the shoulder seasons. Smith Forks Campground is a great place to camp especially as there is a mini-motocross located right on-site as well as some 4WD practice areas if you bring the truck too.

5. Big Meadows (Sequoia National Forest)

Big Meadows is a great place to finally twist that throttle and let yourself loose. Here is where you’ll find Kings Canyon National Parks and Buck Rock Campground for an overnight stay. The trails are a mix of beginner-friendly and some intermediate loops but nothing too technical or challenging. If you want some epic views, then head up the BUck Rock Jeep Trail.

6. Spangler Hills OHV Area

SPangler Hills offers free dirt bike riding trails covering 57,000+ acres. It’s literally a paradise for those that want to cruise at triple digits! You can imagine that this is a great training ground for Baja and Dakar competitors without the crowds of other riding areas. It’s mostly flat terrain and you can ride just about anywhere you want as well as camp anywhere you want. Some nearby spots include Jawbone Canyon and Dove Springs which are worth checking out.

7. Frank Raines OHV Park

Frank Raines is epic and is open to all OHV vehicles including those from out of state. This spot regularly closes though due to fire ban and high temperatures, but when it’s open…then it’s the spot to be. Indeed, this is lucky #7 on this list and we think that’s quite appropriate for what you’ll have to explore here. Hard-packed terrain that’s relatively easy to get through, paired with campgrounds which have shower facilities. What more could you ask for?

8. Foresthill OHV

If you want some genuine forests to ride through, then Foresthill is named quite appropriately. There are more than 100 miles of off-road riding trails to explore and several entry points. The terrain is hard-packed though it can get quite muddy or dusty depending on where you are in the season. Numerous camp sites are available which are free while the better ones are by the lake which you’ll need to pay for.

9. Carnegie SVRA Trail

Carnegie SVRA is a pretty big offroad park and quite popular with regular visitors from Stockton. The area is shared with 4×4’s but dirt bikes will find their fair share of single track in which to explore. That said, it gets busy on weekends and you’ll need a spark arrestors which is Forest Service Approved, so be mindful especially if you’re on a 2-banger.

10. Jawbone Canyon

Jawbone Canyon is really best for the big bore bikes who not just have the power but skill and reaction to make it through the tough stuff. Plenty of sand mixed in with some challenging hill climbs make this a great spot for the experienced dirt bike riders from Los Angeles. This area is within the Mojave Desert and there are heaps of free-range camping spots but no real facilities.

11. Indian Springs

Indian Springs is definitely a 4×4 trail but dirt bikes are permitted. You won’t find much single track but it’s worth exploring on the double track and riding two-abreast. Be wary around corners especially on weekends as seeing oncoming vehicles is quite common. Aim for the Indian Springs Campground for overnight stays, though there isn’t any direct trail access here.

12. Corral Canyon OHV Area (Cleveland National Forest)

Corrall Canyon has more than 50+ miles of dirt bike trails to explore on 2-wheels. The area is particularly shaded and partially open country with great views of Lake Morena. If you’re camping overnight here then aim for Bobcat Meadows or Corral Canyon where you’ll find basic sites and fires are permitted.

13. Millwood OHV Area

In the Sequoia National FOrest is the Millwood OHV Area. You’ll find around 25 miles worth of trails which are dirt bike friendly. This is in the Hume Lake Ranger District and you can camp at Abbott Creek Campground though space is limited for those with big trailers. The terrain is a bit rocky and not always the most accommodating for the beginner, but still worth the trip. If you want to see the world’s tallest trees, then this area adjoins the Kings Canyon National Park.

14. French Meadow

French Meadow is very popular with many people hauling in for hours from LA and San Diego to ride here. Even Weldon and Lake Isabella residents praise the fact that they have French Meadow quite close. Naturally, this spot gets busy on weekends but it’s obvious to see why with 500+ miles at your disposal and much of it is single track. The area is well marked but we recommend packing a GPS just in case. You can camp for free here and our recommendation is Landers Camp, though if that’s full then head for Piaute Springs OHV.

15. Bee Canyon Truck Trail (San Bernardino National Forest)

Bee Canyon Truck Trail is a popular spot yet doesn’t really offer that much space. You’ll find some single track and forest service roads running about 20 miles, so this makes this area good for a day-trip. If you want to experience snow in California on your dirt bike, then this is one of those rare places in which to do it. Yes, this spot is open-year round.

16. Elkins Flat OHV Routes

We recommend Elkins Flat OHV Routes which you’ll find within the Eldorado National Forest. Much of these trails have been set aside for dirt bikes only, and these trails are mostly marked and graded for difficulty. Essentially – there is something for everyone here! Not only are the trails good, but camping is even better. There are so many trails in this network that we recommend staying from late Friday to late Sunday to take it all in.

17. Georgetown (Eldorado National Forest)

Eldorado National Forest has a spot called Georgetown with more than 140 miles to explore on 2-wheels. THese tight and twisty tracks are just made perfectly for dirt bikes to explore. You’ll spend much of your day in 2nd or 3rd gear and there are some challenging spots to overcome, but as the trails are marked and rated, beginners can easily find an alternative. We recommend the Mace Mill Staging Area.

18. Pilot Creek OHV Trails

When you’re in the peak of summer and California’s desserts are stupidly hot, then it’s time to get into the shade. Head for Six Rivers National Forest where you’ll find the Pilot Creek OHV Trails which welcomes dirt bikes. These are very wooded trails which are well marked and there are several campsites worth visiting.

19. High Dome Trail

The High Dome Trail in the Six Rivers National Forest is considered to be a reasonable for a visit on the dirt bike, yet the type of place where you’d only ever visit once. There are several loops in which to explore on 2 wheels here and it’s mostly single track. While you can camp at Elk Camp Ridge overnight (which as more loops), you’ll probably see much of this area within a few hours and then be loading up and heading off.

20. Jackson Meadows

Within Tahoe National Forest is Jackson Meadows and we recommend this spot for the ADV dual-sport rider given the high volume of dirt roads as opposed to single track. There are heaps of campsites dotted around the numerous lakes. The terrain is mostly flat and there isn’t much challenge, making this ideal for throwing your tent and supplies in the panniers and coming in for an adventure.

21. Crandall Peak and Deer Creek OHV Areas

Crandall Peak and Deer Creak are within the Stanislaus National Forest and you’ll find more than 40 miles set aside exclusively for dirt bikes, with much of this being single-track. We’re talking 2nd and 3rd gear here with quite a number of switch backs and narrow passes. If that becomes too much, there are also more than 140 miles of forest service roads that you can’t ignore! Head for Crandall OHV Campground for your staging area and stay overnight to really see everything here.

22. Dumont Dunes

With more than 8,000 acres to see, you’ll love Dumont and its epic sand dunes. That is, provided you have a serious commitment and the power to back you up. These dunes are steeeep! We’d also recommend you have a spotter at the top if you’re going with a bunch of mates. After all, you never know if there’s a buggy on the other side. You can certainly camp here overnight and last time we checked it’s free camping.

23. Glamis Sand Dunes

If Dumont isn’t doing it for you, then Glamis certainly will. We’re talking epic sand dunes with heaps of space to stretch out. You’ll probably need a paddle tire to get through this with a big bore bike too. Forget the 250cc weapon for the single track as it probably won’t make it through. Heaps of places to ride and camp, though the places get very popular on weekends with many riders coming in from all over California to ride here.

24. Interface Recreation Trails

Within the Stanislaus National Forest is Interface Recreation Trails. No 4×4’s permitted here which means that you don’t need to worry about 3 tonnes of metal waiting for you around the next bend. The terrain has some challenging sections and specific trails for the more experienced folk. No camping opportunities here but do check out White Pines Lack Recreation Area for an after-ride swim in the fresh water.

25. Dove Springs

Dove Springs isn’t too far from Jawbone Canyon that we noted at #10 on this list. The terrain here is open country with limited shade and very minor elevations. Not much in the way of scenery but you can finally see the top-end of your gears here if you’re done with the tight forest single track. Pack yourself a spare rear tire and 2 tubes. You can thank us later.

26. Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead has some good riding trails and it’s best for those living in the area of Lake Arrowhead, CA. This is due to the proximity to residential areas. You’ll find good trails for the beginner who’s looking to improve their skills given how little there is here in the way of challenging terrain.

27. Knoxville Recreation Area

Knoxville is quite rugged so don’t head here if this is your first time riding offroad. The hard-packed terrain is ideal for those looking to level up their skills where you’ll rarely be heading up into 4th gear. We recommend camping overnight and you can choose either the lower or upper camps, but be warned – the entrance roads can be quite rough, as can the main dirt bike tracks themselves.

28. Pozo La Panza OHV Area

Pozo La Panza is a great mountain loop with some steep rider as well as heavily wooded forests and epic views. Aim for either Navajo Flat or Turkey Flat staging area where both have great campsites though they are limited in size. Bring some spare coins as they both charge fees to both parks and stay overnight. No real facilities here apart from long drop toilets.

29. Mammoth Lakes and Mammoth Bar Bar OHV

Mammoty has riding trails and MX tracks galore. With more than 30 miles of trails to explore, you’re going to need a few hours to get through everything. You’ll need to be more experienced to ride here given how steep some of the sections are. More than 1,000 acres here and you can camp overnight too. Note: Some spots in Mammoth are closed on Saturdays.

30. Porterville OHV Area

We just had to add a motocross track to this list. Admit it: You were waiting for this! Given anyone can head on to Porterville and ride these different motocross tracks, it’s the type of place that’s perfect for developing your dirt bike skills. Sure – you might not want to jump but knowing how to get through whoop sections and blast through corners will certainly help you keep up in scheduled group rides.

31. Ocotillo Wells SRRA

California State Parks operates Ocotillo Wells SVRA and this has a large open area with more than 80,000 acres in which to explore. You’re probably going to want to stay at least one night to really see everything…or even create your own tracks out here! It’s free to ride your dirt bike here and there are unlimited camp sites.

32. Lark Canyon OHV Area

Lark Canyon OHV Area has numerous trails and 15 very good camp sites with direct trail access for dirt bikes. This is a popular spot for riders all over California though the area doesn’t really have much in the way of facilities apart from showers and some water.

33. Rasor OHV Area

If you’re looking for dunes and Dumont or Glamis don’t tickle your fancy, then you need to get on to Rasor OHV Area. You’ll need to go down the Mojave Road which provides access to this area into the Mojave National Reserve. This is quite a remote spot and you’ll need to haul everything in and there are no amenities like toilets, but certainly plenty of riding and camping spots. Minimal crowds even on weekends!

34. South Cow Mountain

More experienced dirt bike riders from San Francisco generally venture up to South Cow Mountain and the trail loops can be quite gnarly. It’s a mix of sharp rocky sections and numerous creek streams. There are more than 20,000 acres in which to explore yet the place does attract quite a lot of riders from nearby Ukiah. TH

35. Chappie-Shasta OHV Area

Chappie-Shasta is made up of mainly loose rocks where you’ll be breaking some traction along the route, but the scenery more than makes up for it. There are some climbs and descents for experienced riders to conquer but some beginner loops too. You’ll rarely see 4×4’s here as the tracks generally aren’t wide enough. Head for the Chappie-Shasta Staging Area where there is heaps of space to unload, while there is a good campground 2 minutes down the road too.

36. Rice Canyon OHV Area

Rice Canyon OHV Area has more than 100 acres to play. Sure – that might not be much but kids are welcome here and there is a great spot to camp overnight. Both riding and camping is free here provided you have the OHV Permit for every member of your family who is riding. Given how small it is, this spot isn’t so popular with other riders which is great…it keeps those annoying crowds away!

37. Wildomar OHV Area

Wildomar out towards Lake Elsinore has a stunning network of trails to explore and makes up the past place on our list. This is within Cleveland National Forest and the Trabuco Ranger District. Like some other dirt bike tracks in California, this one can be closed during the peak of summer months due to excessive heat. There is a campground with direct trail access and you will also need to pay a day-use fee or use an Adventure Pass.

Getting Started

Just remember that some of these spots will be closed in the heat of summer due to fire bans and excessive heat. Even if these spots are open, they can be seriously hot and so you’ll need to bring plenty of water.

Get some buddies together and start riding. If you’re looking for some new friends who also ride dirt bikes, then it’s best to get inside of one of the several Facebook groups of fellow riders in San Jose, San Diego, Los Angeles or San Francisco. Some of these riders organize group rides and enduro events too, as well as dual-sport camping trips.

Either way – get out there! We only live once and life is best explored behind the handlebars.

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5 Best Dirt Bike Tracks near Christchurch, NZ

Living in the South Island lends itself to epic places to ride a dirt bike and certainly close to Christchurch you can explore a lot.

This is probably why several dirt bike tour companies have sprung up over the years. They’re all keen to take riders around and show them what the best island in NZ has to offer. It’s super fun behind the handlebars after all.

Best Dirt Bike Tracks Christchurch

We’ve done our research to help you with some epic places to go riding. After all, life is best lived behind the handlebars. Now, there are some places where dirt bikes are somewhat restricted and with routes only open to registered motorcycles and conventional cars.

Such places include Arthur’s Pass National Park, Cragieburn Forest Park and Lake Sumner Forest Park. These places are closed due to disrespectful riders causing havoc to these riding spots. It’s also hard for private operators to open the gates due to insurance and liability reasons. Otherwise, we’ve found some mighty great places to open up your 4-stroke including government land.

These are best places to ride a dirt bike near Christchurch:

1. Waimakariri River Regional Park

The New Zealand Government has set aside almost 30km of marked dirt bike tracks on both sides of the Waimakariri River. With 3 spots to park and ride, you’ll certainly have some great spots to keep you busy. For more information, check out this guide where there is also a small ATV/quad bike area too which is quite rare to find.

2. Kaiapoi Island Motocross Park

If you love closed-circuit racing or simply improving your cornering skills in an enclosed environment, then get along to this spot. Children will love this too as there is a learners area which is sectioned off to help newer riders improve their skills without intimidation.

3. Ashburton Motorcycle Park

This spot is great for kids and adults alike! It’s like an MX park but it’s meant for more casual riding as well as skills development. Quite refreshing actually to see a long-form trail like this with some jumps and whoop sections. This has been run as a grassroots start up with 3 tracks to choose from.

4. Christchurch Moto X

If you prefer the thrill and mateship that comes from being in a club, then head along to Moto X Christchurch. This is the pinnacle of motocross racing and it’s in West Melton right by the Canterbury Aero Club.

5. Christchurch Offroad Motorcycle Club

This one is a bit different but worth mentioning. They organize the occasional group ride though they mainly focus around MX racing at the club above. Definitely worth popping your head into their Facebook group and watch the banter.

Get Yourself Going

One of the hardest parts about getting out there now is the motivation, especially in the winter months. Some of these riding spots are either closed or restricted which makes your excuses justified. That said – you could catch the boat north to Auckland and check out some spots, but don’t forget your thermals!

Also – there is a popular Facebook group for Christchurch riders. A couple of guys in there organize regular group rides in the region for registered enduro bikes. Well worth going along if you have no one to ride with just yet. As for adventure riding, well the entire island lends itself to the perfect escape plan!

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2 Best Connecticut Dirt Bike Trails To Start Riding Now (2022)

While Connecticut doesn’t have a lot of dirt bike trails to explore, there are still some fairly decent forests to open up the throttle.

Places whereby you don’t need to haul for hours to actually ride, especially if you live in Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford or Stamford. You can get to these 2-wheel friendly areas within an hour or so, provided the traffic isn’t too heavy.

Best Connecticut Dirt Bike Trails

You’d rather be out there than researching riding areas online, so Frontaer has stepped in to bring you this guide. We’ve looked at online resources such as the State of Connecticut website and forestry sites to see what’s actually open to offroad enthusiasts.

We’ve omitted MX clubs like Central Cycle Club and Milford Riders Club because, while closed-circuit racing is a lot of fun, the problem is that you’re probably looking for enduro trails, right? That single track which is hard to find, but you do have a couple of good options here.

From our experience, these are Connecticut’s best dirt bike tracks:

1. Pachaug State Forest

Pachaug State Forest is well known by local dirt bike riders as the go-to place to have some serious fun on a 4-stroke. There is a long loop that goes on for about 58 miles, so ensure your fuel tank is full to the top.

The trail isn’t too challenging and most beginners can get through it just fine. They are bi-directional and shared with other users, so keep this in mind to avoid accidents as these do happen. Unfortunately, Pachaug is only open to registered dirt bikes and the police do regular checks in the staging areas.

Ensure that you stick to the tracks with red arrows. Given that this is a multi-use area, mountain bikes and horse riders have their own section(s) to ride. The trail system is open all year long though it does close with heavy rainfalls as the trail effectively turns to mud. Fun for some…but not for the sane folk among us!

2. Thomaston Dam

Thomas Dam (part of the Naugatuck River System) isn’t as long or as big as Pachaug but definitely worth checking out. It’s a single track loop which only runs for about 12 miles, but it’s certainly better than nothing especially as there are some technical spots to test out your skills. Again, it’s tight forest tracks.

The weekends here are very busy with riders from all over Connecticut heading in early to tear up the tracks. Even some riders come in from New York State and if you rock up and see the carpark full, you know the track is full of riders.

These tracks are closed in winter in leui of snowmobiles and skiing. Also, if it does rain, then this place gets closed for a few days to preserve the track otherwise it gets ripped up pretty damn easily. It’s best to call ahead prior.

Finding Riding Groups and More Areas

One of the biggest challenges, apart from having two distinct areas in which to ride your dirt bike, is finding others who share the same passion. Fortunately, there are a couple of Facebook groups with Connecticut-based dirt bike riders. If you don’t get along with this crew, then there is a massive New York State group that organizes group rides on private property in the north-west corner of the state.

Our best recommendation is to actually plan a decent vacation with your dirt bike out of state. Heading north almost towards the border opens up so many excellent riding areas to explore on 2 wheels. Some people literally chart an itinerary of 2 weeks in which to hit up 10 to 15 epic riding spots while camping along the way. This is also advantageous if you have children who are getting into the MX scene as there isn’t much offered at all in the state for kids to develop their skills legally.

So essentially, there are way more riding areas out of state if you’re prepared to do a decent road trip with some buddies.

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5 Best Dirt Bike Trails near Syracuse, New York State (2022)

Syracuse is spoiled for choice when it comes to dirt bike trails, as locals don’t need to travel that far to find some great areas.

So get some riding buddies together and start exploring the outdoors! There is just so much epic spots worth seeing.

Best Syracuse Dirt Bike Trails

Frontaer has stepped in to do the research for you. Even if you’re not into MX riding and would prefer enduro trails for a day ride or an overnight trip from out of state, we’ve got you covered! This region is becoming so much more popular with adventure riders now.

Here are Syracuse’s best dirt bike riding trails:

1. MotoMasters Park

If you want a great sand motocross track, then MotoMasters is the place for you. It’s north of Syracuse past Oneida Lake and not too far from Maple View. They run regular racing here which is always a hit with the kids. Dirt bikes are welcome including ATV’s but no pit bikes.

2. Broome-Tioga MX Track

Fancy heading south? Then Broome-Tioga MX Track has two well groomed tracks open for the general public. One is a traditional motocross track which is used for races and the other is for grass racing and enduro.

3. Frozen Ocean Motocross

If you’re getting your kids into dirt bike racing, then the PeeWee track at Frozen Ocean is excellent. Adults will keep themselves happy with the motocross and supercross tracks which consist of several hills, jumps and a rich loam soil surface. This is a true motocross tracks at national standards.

4. Undilla MX Track Syracuse

While not the best, Unadilla is worth a visit once you get bored of the top 3 here. It’s just a 1-mile motocross track surrounded by lush greenery. It’s located down near New Berlin and you’ll head south-east from town.

5. High Voltage Hills

We’ve left the best until last! High Voltage Hills is pretty epic and people come from all over New York State to visit this spot. It only has a single MX track but the soil is sandy and has a soft feel with natural jumps that flow from section to section.

Starting Up Now

It’s time to throw that dirt bike of yours into gear and get going! There is no registration needed for any of these riding spots. You see – there are two types of dirt bike riders:

A) Those that own a shiny dirt bike and never actually ride it, and;

B) Those that own a dirt bike and ride it hard the way it’s meant to be.

We prefer the latter category. Society has become too soft. If you’re genuinely serious about riding your dirt bike around the city then there isn’t any reason why you can’t get out there!

You can’t ride dirt bikes in Lesser Wilderness State Forest, Chittenango Falls State Park or Morgan Hill State Forest, but this hopefully will change soon. State Forest riding is the best experience and you may have to haul south for now and make a week-long camping trip happen!

Some adventure riders choose these national forests and do some camping along the way. A great alternative that still lets you into these spots as long as you stick to formed access roads.

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