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Kessner Motorcycles in Klemzig: Are They Any Good?

Kessner Motorcycles in Adelaide are quite popular for those who lift in the northeastern side of the inner city, but are they worth going to?

We’ve written this unbiased review sharing our opinion on what they have to offer for the on-road and offroad motorcycling community. There is no commercial relationship between us and them.

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Kessner Motorcycles review

Getting motorcycle parts can be a pain. Either you call up the dealership or visit them in person and they sometimes don’t have what you’re chasing.

Kessner Motorcycles review

That’s the case with all of them including Kessner Motorcycles. Even the bigger online places like MX Store don’t have absolutely everything in stock.

But…where they can really help out is the bikes, gear and servicing. Most motorcycling stores are right on to that stuff.

Kessner Motorcycles really gets its praise there from consumers with reviews showing more than 4.5 stars across the board.

Inside the dealership

What’s it like inside? Well it’s certainly quite the experience if you’re a KTM-fanatic! They also sell new Suzukis and Husqvarnas as well as used bikes from the main manufacturers.

The layout is clean and organized with motorcycles outside providing space for you to genuinely walk around and inspect them. We’ve been in other dealerships where everything is space way too tightly and you’re bumping into other bikes and customers.

Inside the dealership with KTM dirt bikes

Out the front in their carpark, there is also heaps of space and you can bring in a trailer if you’re picking up an unregistered dirt bike. There’s plenty of space here.

Their history

What’s important is knowing the motorcycle dealership that you’re entering has actually built something big around itself. In this case, Kessner motorcycles has been around for 30 years now.

Today they are South Australia’s #1 Suzuki and KTM dealership paired with the spare parts to look after your machine for years to come. They started with a small store and now have one of the biggest in Adelaide.

One thing that they haven’t really transitioned to is online orders. There is a bit of an online store setup but there aren’t that many orders with most people in Adelaide choosing to make the drive into their Klemzig store.

Social media

One thing we’ve noticed with dealerships is their lack of adoption towards social media channels. In this case, Kessner Motorcycles only uses Facebook when their competition also uses Instagram.

This is a slight let down but things will transition in time. In the United States, many dealerships have transitioned towards using YouTube and we see that trend starting to happen here in Australia.

When looking at their Facebook page, more than 5,000 people have liked their page and there are 50+ reviews of Kessner Motorcycles online. Pretty impressive!

Final verdict on Kessner Motorcycles

So then with all that in mind, should you visit their dealership? Yes! They’re only 10 minutes outside of the CBD and do keep a lot of bikes and parts on hand.

Their used bikes change often so avoid looking at their website and instead call them up on (08) 8261 9955. If they don’t have what you’re chasing then consider using an online parts store instead and waiting a few days to a week for what you ordered to arrive.

Either way – they check out as a store who has been around for years with a strong reputation for excellence. Now twist that throttle and get riding!

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