About Us

Welcome to Frontaer. We’re an Australian adventure motorcycling brand build for the rider who chooses to get off the pavement.

The individual who doesn’t subscribe to the cultural norm, instead choosing the path less travelled. We’re very much in touch.

The Frontaer name (pronouced ‘Fron-Tay-Yer’) is a combination of front tyre and frontier. That is – when you’re on a motorcycle expedition, it’s your front tyre that leads the way.

Realizing that the bulk of adventure gear out there was significantly expensive, we set out with a mission to change just that.

When starting out, we found an overwhelming amount of information online on how to go adventuring on a motorcycle in 2020.

From personal blogs to discussion forums, to Facebook groups and YouTube videos to events around the world, it can get a bit too much.

For the first-time adventurer, where do you actually start?

We decided to keep it simple. We’ll show you:

  1. What bike to choose
  2. What gear to bring
  3. And where to go

Here at Frontaer, we are here for you in the journey ahead.

Looking to get ready for your first trip? We’ll share with you everything you need to know:

  • The best bikes for seeing the world on a motorcycle (Hint: It’s not a big 1200cc bike with an endless list of features like the worldwide dealerships like to recommend)
  • How to choose the right adventuring gear for your chosen destinations, your level of creature comforts and the type of adventure bike you choose to use on the journey
  • Country information, popular routes, logistics, carnet information and many other jargon-free guides for riders of all experience levels. We’ve got you covered from a personal level.

When starting the journey, I found there to be an overwhelming amount of information out there on the internet. It was confusing at times and often hard to find.

I wanted to create something without the complicated terms and layout everything to be as easy as possible.

At the same time, to create a global movement of keen ADV riders seeking quality gear that serves the ultimate purpose: Freedom.

Because in my journey, I’ve found great motorcycling gear to be either overly expensive or very low-quality gear to be super cheap.

What if you could blend the best of both worlds? Gear that actually survived through the roughest of trails, but at an affordable price.

That’s what I also strive to do here at Frontaer:

  • Motorcycling gloves that last for more than one season
  • Affordable saddle & pannier bags which last the distance
  • Socks which are designed to last longer than your boots
  • And most importantly, created for ADV riders in all conditions

Myself, as the front-face of Frontaer, are here for you on the journey ahead.

Need some help figuring out what’s next on the journey? Get in touch and the Frontaer team will be happy to help you out.