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Kevin Benavides – The Legendary Honda Team Rider

Kevin Benavides is one of the famous ‘Benavides Brothers’ and rides for the Honda Rally Team on a CRF 450 Rally.

In 2018, he scored the 2nd place trophy at the 2018 Dakar Rally in the motorcycle division. His sights are squarely set on getting a 1st place finish in this decade.

Now, not much is known about this seriously talented rider so Frontaer has done some research.

Kevin Benavides Overview

Kevin started riding at an early age which is lucky. This helped him developed the skills on the throttle that has lead him to challenge KTM for the podium finishes.

Lucky isn’t an understatement, especially as he has lucky #7 as his race number.

Kevin is seriously committed to his gruelling training schedule that sees him riding and spending time in the gym for much of the year. When he isn’t training, he’s often working on motorcycles or dealing with injuries.

Kevin Benavides with his brother, Luciano Benavides.

He has previously injured his shoulder in a rally raid race in Abu Dhabi as well as another in Chile. Let’s not forget the issues with his engines and you’ve got some serious ups and downs here.

The Harshness of Dakar

Kevin is best known for his triumph pursuits at Dakar which happens each January. Millions of people from around the world tune in to see fellow riders race and incredible speeds which risks serious injury and death.

The race is known as the toughest in the world. Clearly Kevin has some serious talent behind him to not just get into the race, but actually finish it too.

In a world where everyone simply wants to watch others be successful, we have a man who’s actually doing the work. One that will stop at nothing to hit the peaks yet deal with the troughs too.

We do look forward to seeing him take 1st place in this decade. *Watch this space*

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