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TBolt USA Review: Are They Any Good?

TBolt USA is a popular store for pit bikes, parts and accessories. But are they safe for parents to buy from?

Frontaer has written this unbiased review to give our own perspective. After all, you simply want to know if they are worth it.

TBolt USA Review

TBolt USA started almost 20 years ago and has become one of the most popular pit bike companies around town. Based in Pennsylvania, they help younger riders to get out there and develop their skills behind the handlebars.

What they ultimate make are pit bikes which are seriously fun. Unlike most pit bikes out there which are made in China, these are designed for riders to have serious fun with plenty of power on tap. They’re seriously fun and in our experience, perfect for riding in the backyard.

You can even race these! Yep, some of their pit bikes have been featured in national and international races.

What They Offer

Most stores simply offer pit bikes and some replacement parts. With TBolt USA, you’re simply getting a whole lot more. You’ll find equipment, riding ggear and even replacement engines if you need.

Plus they also run sale events and ‘garage sales’ through their online store. Look for a coupon code for TBolt USA and you’ll save even more money.

What’s great is that their pit bikes are not just affordable, but reliable too. Yes, they are Chinese-made but the final assembly is done in their Pennysvania warehouse.

Social Media

When doing our research, we want to check what others are saying about their store and their social media following. Fortunately, there is plenty of content and interactions on their Instagram and Facebook profiles, with questions being readily asked by potential customers.

There is also some good tutorials and reviews of TBolt USA pit bikes on YouTube. Riders are giving their independent experiences having owned one of their models for several months now. That is as real as it gets!

Negative Reviews

Have you seen those customer complaints? It makes you question if you should buy one of these. Remember, we’re unpaid and unbiased as they come.

The thing is – most people won’t leave a 5-star review, or any review for that matter, despite having a great experience. When crap hits the fan, out come the punches.

With any business, it’s hard to keep everyone happy. We noticed that the bulk of complaints were due to items lost in shipment or parts being out of stock. It happens.

We would imagine that TBolt is really on to things nowadays given that they have been in business for so many years, and is one of the largest pit bike dealers around.

Essentially, there is a very good chance that you’ll have a great experience. Not everyone has, but these are far and few between.

The negative experiences are often blown out of proportion. Sometimes this might be parents buying a pit bike for their kids and given how emotional this is, when things go wrong….the customer certainly will certainly let any customer know.

Getting Started

There is no better way to get your kids into the world of offroad motorcycle riding than to have a pitbike. They’re a heck of a lot of fun and don’t cost much either.

Sure – they aren’t dirt bikes and aren’t going to keep up to those riding in the tight technical stuff, but a great segway into the sport.

Given TBolt USA’s reputation, they would be one of the better picks out there.

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