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12 Best Dirt Bike and MX Riding Boots For Serious Riders (2023)

Dirt bike riders need to protect themselves and a good pair of dirt bike riding boots are just the solution. But what do you choose when there are so many options available?

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Today we’re going to look at the 12 different dirt bike riding boots available and the best things that beginners should be looking for. Frontaer has created this list exclusively for enduro, motocross, supercross and recreational dirt bike riders.

Best MX, Trail and Dirt Bike Riding Boots

For those short on time, we have already done the research for you as passionate offroad enthusiasts. We’ve established these boots as the best for beginner and intermediate riders:

  1. Alpinestars Tech 7’s
  2. O’Neal Logo Rider
  3. Fox Racing Comp Boot
  4. Sidi Crossfire 3 Boots
  5. TCX Comp Evo
  6. Fly Racing 2020 Maverick
  7. Gaerne SG-12 Motocross Boots
  8. Fox Racing Instinct
  9. Leatt GPX 5.5 FlexLock
  10. Sidi ATOJO SRS
  11. O’Neal Sierra Pro
  12. Alpinestars Tech 10’s
Best MX, Trail and Dirt Bike Riding Boots

Unlike other guides that suggest the same brand multiple times in their top 10 list, we’ve taken a different approach.

We’ve picked best-selling 1-2 motocross boots from each main brand that we think is best based on purchasing volumes and rider feedback. Nothing ordinary here.

Note that this guide isn’t for adventure riders. If you’re into dual-sport adventures, then read this guide instead given that there is a clear and distinct difference between motocross and adventure motorcycle boots. This mainly surrounds their built quality and materials, paired with weight, flexibility and cost.

Dirt bike Boots Buying Guide

Before we break down this list, let’s look at the features you’ll want to get into first. Because boots aren’t just pretty; they are created to serve very specific purposes.

Foot and Ankle Protection

It’s a bit deal to be protected when riding both on the trails and on MX tracks. Look for boots which have Thermoplastic Polyurethane (abbreviated as TPU) or even Thermoplastic Rubbers (TPR) as these are essentially a very tough plastic shell that can survive a big crash.

Such protection needs to extend to your toes, heels, under your feet and certainly your shins. But they should do all of this without being too heavy or leaving you with bruises.

Dirt Riding Support

While it’s great to have a boot, you’ll also want to enjoy wearing them too. Any decent set of dirt bike riding boots should have support for your ankle and foot with soft foam. The last thing you want after a long ride is to have red marks and little desire to wear such boots again which is typical of cheap Chinese-made boots.

The right set of boots will have some flex to them which is natural. This helps you change gears and reach for the brakes but also provide enough support.

Often it’s the buckles providing great support. You should be able to adjust these quite easily with even pressure from top to bottom.


We stray away from super cheap dirt bike boots. Even those in the mid-range do have their flaws. Just like helmets, this is one bit of gear that you’ll have to pay up for, unfortunately.

Instead of paying hundreds for new boots that are only going to get dirty in the first five minutes, we recommend that you jump on Craigslist. There are bound to be riders who have had a few rides and decided that the sport wasn’t for them. They might even be selling their MX bike for cheap as well.

In this guide, we’ve covered boots that retail for under $200, as well as much higher than that price point….well beyond $400!

The 12 Best Dirt Bike Boots of 2020

Let’s jump into this big list:

1. Alpinestars Tech 7

Pros wear this boot, but so do beginners as well. While you’ll certainly spend up for these, there is a distinct reason they are #1 on the list – the quality.

When you’re learning to ride or perhaps you already have some dirt riding experience, you don’t want super cheap. Such boots don’t last enough miles.

The Alpinestars Tech 7 boots, however, are in a completely different class of their own. And if the only reviews are anything to go by, they certainly stack up!

Here at Frontaer, we love the entire Alpinestars range, most of which aren’t made in China. The main downside is the color as they get dirty quite easily.

In recent times, Alpinestars have come out with a Tech 7 Enduro version which we highly recommend.

2. O’Neal Logo Rider

While the Tech 7’s are a blast, not everyone can afford them. If you’re looking for a new pair of affordable dirt bike riding boots that still look great and function well, then the O’Neal Rider boots are our best pick.

These are very much entry-level so you can’t expect the same level of comfort and features as other more expensive boots, but you’ll get at least one season out of these. The sole is made from Goodyear and they have a synthetic leather heat shield to stop engine burns.

3. Fox Comp Boot

Riding between the Alpinestars and the O’neal’s, we have the Fox Comp Boot. This is their #1 bestselling boot in the United States and it’s evident why.

The black color goes with just about any motorcycle. So if you’re riding a KTM, Yamaha, Honda or even a GasGas, you won’t feel like being left out. Then again, it’s also available in blue, white and red so you can color-match if required.

What we really like is the internal lace system which provides the rider with a custom fit around their ankle. Pair that with the TPU plating which covers much of the boot, you’ll have a quality set of riding boots that don’t quite break the bank.

4. Sidi Crossfire 3 Boots

Sidi has a range of Crossfire boots which differ based on the type of riding that you’re doing. Their older Crossfire 2 TA and SRS boots received much praise in the MX riding communities around the world so this new breed of boots is no different.

Mostly available in black, these boots will last more than one season given the higher price-point. Not only that, but you can get replacement soles which fit boots up to 15 years old. Clearly, this isn’t a company that hopes to get you replacing their boots every year, but instead, serve you for the long term.

5. TCX Comp Evo

TCX is certainly the smaller player on the market, but their boots work just as well for dirt riding. They do serve the adventure rider as well as the track racer too.

These boots aren’t our most recommended option by any stretch, but their boots certainly are affordable and bridge the gap between MX and adventure riding.

6. Fly Racing 2020 Maverick

We’ve left one of the best MX boots on the market until last – the Fly Racing Mavericks! These boots are perfect for entry-level riders wanting quality paired with style.

They certainly aren’t as popular, but at this price-point, how could you disagree? Ideal as an entry-level or beginner rider who’s looking for genuine value out there.

Fly Racing does regular updates of their products based on science and rider feedback. What we like about these boots are their super simple design.

7. Gaerne SG-12 Men’s Motocross Boots

Frontaer really loves the pivot system built into the GaerneFirst and this is exclusive to their brand. When you’re walking or riding, you just feel more secure yet more flexible. This is designed to provide support and protection through their unique injection moulded design.

The grip is excellent while the front is quite strong with the shin plate, which allows them to take a beating over months or years. If you’re looking for riding boots that will last a long time, then this is it.

8. Fox Racing Instinct

If you’re competing in motocross competitions, then you’l want something that has legendary status. Fox has really done it with this high-end motocross boot that’s lightweight yet seriously geared for podium wins.

The Instinct isn’t new to riders globally and with 8+ years of production, you know that you’re receiving a quality bit of kit here. Some of the best-known riders such as Chad Reed choose these boots for their racing pedigree.

The only drawback is that they aren’t budget-friendly. Expect to pay a fortune for these, but a worthy investment if you’re a serious competitor in amatuer or pro tournaments.

9. Leatt GPX 5.5 FlexLock

Leatt has legendary status for their innovative range of neckbraces, but they’re also strong in their dirt bike boot range. Our pick of their bunch is the 5.5 FlexLock which combines excellent design with world-class looks.

Much like anything with the Leatt name, this didn’t just pop out of nowhere. With 3 years of field testing with pro athletes, it was released to the mainstream market recently and with much praise. This is a great alternative if you’re not keen enough for the Fox Racing Instinct above.

10. Sidi Atojo SRS

This is Sidi’s 2nd apperance on this list and for good reason. We wanted to bring a less motocross-orientated boot to this roundup, and instead show one that will be a hit with trail and enduro riders, and even some of the ADV crowd.

Again, this one isn’t cheap. Much design and development went into creating this rock-solid boot that’s designed for action on 2 wheels. We love the detail and craftsmanship, provided your wallet can afford it.

11. O’Neal Sierra Pro

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking: “But these are so ugly” but we’ll remind you to hold your protests for now. As fellow riders, let’s think about this: When you’re out there riding on the motocross track or going through river crossings, your boots can get seriously muddy and they’re tough to clean up properly. This is why these are a great solution.

The Sierra Pro boots are inspired by the adventure riding fraternity who don’t want the bling-bling from the motocross world. These boots are the perfect blend of weekend trail riding paired with some potential to compete in enduro and motocross racing. The upper is made with full grain leather as opposed to plastics which you’ll otherwise find on this list with many other boots.

12. Alpinestars Tech 10

Alpinestars led us into this list, and they’ll lead us on the closeout too! This time with their Tech 10 range which is seriously badass. If you’re looking for an upgrade from the Tech 7’s, then these are the best choice out there.

You’re looking at one of the most popular dirt bike boots around the world. Tens of thousands of units sold and many happy 4-stroke enthusiasts. Trust us – we don’t need to sell you on the features, given how many positive reviews exist of this boot.

In summary

While you can certainly buy dirt bike boots online, we recommend that you head into a store and try a few on. Sizing is important especially for a first-time rider or beginner to the offroading world.

Choosing the right set of boots based on your riding conditions is important. Some are better suited to MX conditions which others are better suited to fire trails or cold winter riding.

Avoid any of the cheaper boots on the marketplace and opt for those that deliver the best value for money and you’ll be riding for years to come.

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