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Motocross Giant Review: Are They Any Good?

Motocross Giant, otherwise known as Global Moto Outlet, is an online store that’s really lacking reviews and opinions.

We decided that an unbiased review would be helpful. After all, we don’t have a commercial relationship with this storefront at this time.

Motocross Giant Review

If you’re looking specifically for motocross gear, then it’s ideal to head to a specific store. By going to a broader motorcycle apparel shop, you’ll find that the staff generally aren’t up to scratch with their knowledge. The same can be said for ADV and dual-sport gear.

Frontaer is an offroad motorcycle brand so we’re very much in tune with our audience. When we recently came across MotoCross Giant, we wanted to better understand who they are and what they stood for in the industry.

We can initially see that they’re based in Los Angeles and offer online ordering as well as retail sales in-store. For us, it was important that we dug further to research to see if they are worth it.

Gear Selection

What we loved is that these guys seriously have a huge range of gear available to purchase. From clothing to protection gear plus plenty of tools and parts, it’s clear that we wouldn’t have to hunt around for too long.

But it didn’t stop there. The prices are already quite reasonable and we noticed that they have a price matching guarantee. Pair this with free shipping (ground, not air express) when spending over $80 domestically and there is quite a reasonable offer here.

Further more, you won’t pay a restocking fee on the returns. This means that you can buy and try on what you desire without fear that you’ve ordered the wrong thing. The only challenge here comes with international orders, especially from Australia, as that can be quite expensive to pay the return shipping.

Customer Service

At the forefront of any business is its customer service team. If they don’t have all the answers, then the customer is left frustrated. Luckily, just about everyone who works at MotocrossGiant rides offroad, or at the very least, onroad. Let’s not forget that many of them have also used UTV and other offroad vehicles too.

This is important as it helps you to get the clear-cut answers that you’re loking for. If you needed to know whether you should buy adventure boots or MX boots, then they’ll steer you in the right direction based on your intended riding.

Further more, Frontaer checked their online reputation and noticed that their customer service team responds to feedback very quickly. We’ve noticed other stores which take several days to get back to customers who are just left waiting in line.

Motocross Giant Negative Reviews

Have you noticed a few customer complaints regarding Motocross Giant? Well, that doesn’t surprise us actually. Most people won’t give any feedback even if they have a great experience, but when it comes to a mildly negative experience, out come the 1-star reviews. It’s nasty!

Of course, there are two sides of every coin. We noticed that these sites like TrustPilot can’t be relied upon as accurate given that a few negative experiences can far outweight the positive ones. What’s most important is that you look at how the company presents itself and responds to critism.

Going Forward

Motocross Giant isn’t the biggest store in North America in the motocross field. There are some good alternatives out there, but they certainly deliver the goods when it comes to their extensive range and customer service.

Not everyone is happy, but it’s tough to please absolutely everyone in the dirt bike arena. It’s very likely that you’ll have a good experience and if you can get a discount code, you’ll be even more ahead.

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