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Stamina for Dirt Bike Riders: What To Eat and Drink

Having the stamina to ride a dirt bike all day long is a rarity among us novice dirt bike riders. This comes down to nutrition.

We have all the intentions to keep going and going….and going….like a Dakar Rally competitor, yet we often fall short.

It’s wilpower + stamina that keeps you going on your dirt bike

So how do we really keep ourselves going? Well, through fueling ourselves with some good food and staying hydrated. Of course, Frontaer cannot provide you with specific recommendations as we aren’t medically qualified, but we can give you broad outline so you can stay out there for longer.

Nutrition and Dirt Bike Riding

Most people don’t see how both dirt bikes and nutrition can go hand in hand, but they certainly are inter-related. What you eat and drink has a huge impact to your riding ability whether you’re competing or simply enjoying a day out on the riding trails in your area.

Competitive dirt bike racers need the right nutrition to finish, let alone get a spot on the boards.

The best food for dirt bike riders to eat is obviously that which can actually fuel your body. We’re talking wholefoods here like salads, clean meats, fruits, vegetables and even some superfoods. Some of us wouldn’t want to be caught dead in an organic supermarket or *that* vegan health joint down the road, but we also don’t want to be last in a pack of riders either. Eating that dust is never fun.

So if you are planning to go for a decent ride, don’t just start on the day itself. Aim for a few days out where you start running, eating properly and drinking lots of water. This could be integrated into your diet permanently for general health, given the typical overweight nature of dirt bike riders globally.

Hydration is Key

Some dirt bike riders we know actually head out on the tracks without any water at all. Zero. No CamelBak or anything! Even if you’re riding in winter, you need to have water with you.

This hydration keeps you mentally awake and focused on the track ahead. This way you aren’t feeling sluggish and in need of yet another rest break. If you’re in a group ride, then keeping up shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Not hydrated or focused? This can happen.

Our best tip for hydration is to put your hydration pack with half ice in the freezer overnight. On the morning of your ride, fill up the rest with water and you’ll have chilled water for much of your ride. Keep in mind that this could make your back become super cold or even a little wet.

Some of the stamina mixes work well and others are complete garbage. Hydration drinks like Gatorade are mostly sugar and so it’s best to look for proper endurance athlete drinks or shakes to consume while you’re out there to prevent muscle cramps.

Getting Enough Vitamins

Are you really consuming enough vitamins? This is why we eat food in the first place. It’s not for the protein or carbs as much as the vitamins and nutrition itself. For the dirt bike rider who’s looking to improve their performance, this is very much needed.

You may wish to consider some nutritional vitamins to supplement your diet. Your doctor would be the best source of information to provide a recommendation.

Then again, we can’t be too reliant on these and need to focus on real foods that provide real vitamins too. Science shows that foods like tomatoes, spinach, carrots and celery are fantastic for nutrition that our bodies need.

Removing The Nasties

Dirt bike and general riders typically drink their fair share of alcohol, which the University of Minnesota shows is a bad combination. Going for a weekend camping trip with the dirt bikes? The last thing that anyone will forget is a slab (or 3) of beer.

Unfortunately, hang overs do impact our ability to ride a dirt bike properly, or any other motorvehicle for that reason. Alcohol then is one nasty that you can and should remove even for just a few weeks if you’re planning a trip or racing competitively.

In addition, takeaway foods aren’t helpful for the body and won’t lead to gains in your mental state. Before ordering that next pizza on UberEats, consider how much this could negatively impact your riding.

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