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5 Places To Source Colored Dirt Bike Tires, Rims and Spokes

So you want to get some colored dirt bike tires for the ‘wow’ factor when you’re riding on the race track or local trails.

Most other offroad riders would think you’re crazy, but you might be on to a great thing.

In this post, we’ll be showing you 5 places where you can source some dirt bike tires.

Sourcing Colored Rims, Tyres and Spokes

We’ve done the searching for you so it’s much easier. You can get camo dirt bike tires as well as colored rims and even some custom designs for your ride.

It’s likely that you’re really just doing this for fun, but either way, here’s where you’ll be able to get colored dirt bike tires online:

1. Buy Them on eBay

You’ll find numerous sellers offering new and used dirt bike tyres in a variety of colors. Simply look in the main feed and you’ll find them easily, with international shipping options available. Keep in mind that you’ll need to ensure the sizing is a perfect match.

2. Source Them Through RevZilla

Often you’ll find stock of colored rims and spokes for dirt bikes on RevZilla especially as they serve a predominantly MX crowd. Unfortunately, tires can be harder to find unless they’re the stock-standard black varieties.

3. Do a Group-Buy Through Alibaba

If you have an LLC or even a Sole Trader business structure, then you’ll be able to source anything you want through Alibaba. This is a place for people to source products in bulk for distribution across North America, Australia, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom and in fact, for much of the world. The trick here is to ask for a sample product and not come back to actually put an order through.

4. Look on Gumtree and Craigslist

Looking through Craigslist or Gumtree for colorful dirt bike tyres is a smart idea. Generally you’ll find people who simply bought these for novelty purposes but never actually used them out there on the tracks. After all – they’ll get dirty pretty quickly. The rims and spokes are likely to come with them too.

5. Grab Some Spray Paint

We’re not kidding! If you really want some color on those tires of yours, then head to CostCo and get some spray paint. This will create an instant makeover and you’ll be able to get the color back to basic black pretty easily over a few days of constant riding through the tracks and trails. Just be mindful that some spray paints can stain your existing graphics and could lead to pre-mature rust on your rims and spokes.

In Summary

For those looking to create some bling bling attention, you certainly can! People will spot you pretty easily in a crowd of black dirt bike tyres. Play it wise and avoid the rainbow colored designs. Tires which are navy blue could work well with a Yamaha, as can black and orange on a KTM.

By far the easiest thing to source is the rims and spokes, while the tires themselves can be tricky. Then again – a can of spray paint is often the easiest way to stand out and the cheapest too.

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