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B&B Offroad Review: Are They Any Good?

It’s always good to research Australian dirt bike shops, and B&B Offroad is one that needed Frontaer’s unbiased opinion.

We aren’t paid for our content and simply are providing our perspective. Let’s see if they’re worth spending your hard-earned money with.

B&B Offroad Review

When you’re looking for something that’s unique for your dirt bike or ADV motorcycle, it’s sometimes tough to find out there. Luckily, B&B Offroad sprung up recently to fill the void in the market.

We’re talking Made-To-Order gear that’s for your specific year and model. They’re an engineering shop which has everything sorted for the dual-sport and offroad crowd.

Prior to this, you’d pretty much have to order from overseas and hope for the rest. Sometimes they sent the wrong item or it got lost in shipment, leaving a customer stranded. Imagine the return postage costs!

And besides, you don’t know where it was actually made. With B&B Offroad, their gear is made right here in Australia, not China. They have their own fabrication shop on-premises with seriously skilled boilermakers.


As we said, Frontaer is unbiased. We’re an adventure motorcycling brand that likes to see what fellow Australian businesses are doing in the marketplace, but doesn’t do any favours.

One of the key drawbacks with B&B Offroad is the waiting time. You could be waiting a few weeks for them to make up a bit of gear, and even longer if you live in Perth…though they do offer express postage.

Right now during COVID, their delays have pushed customer orders right out to more than a month. If you were planning a trip in the coming weeks yet need a rack made up on the spot, then you’ll be waiting a while.

The other key downside is the cost. It doesn’t take you long to figure out that their luggage accessories and the like are expensive. But why? Because this is the cost of local labour and doing business in Australia. As consumers, we’re used to reasonably priced goods yet they more-or-less come from China.

You can hop on eBay and find the equivalent parts for half the price out of China. Problem is: Their quality is inferior and the company who makes them probably aren’t dirt bike enthusiasts just like us.

We choose to shop locally and support the local economy. During these tough times, it’s important that we pay it forward, even if it costs a few extra dollars.


One thing that really stands out with B&B Offroad is their online reputation. Clearly they don’t mess around with customers or their quality. Most other stores can’t even achieve a 4-star average rating, yet these guys are well beyond this.

Clearly they know how to impress the customer and provide the right instructions to ensure you can fit the racks or protection bars on pretty easily.

Where does their reputation all stem from? Passion. They certainly aren’t in this for the money despite the higher than expected prices. A lot of time goes into the design, testing and sourcing the right materials long before you see something for sale on their website.

Word has spread far and wide from their Ballarat factory over the years, and for good reason. We do look forward to using more of what they have to offer.

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