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6 Best Dirt Bike YouTube Channels Worth Watching (2023)

When you’ve got a few hours to spend watching dirt bikes being flogged on YouTube, it’s hard to know who to turn to.

Because they all look pretty smick. These riders doing incredible stuntwork or simply running tutorials to help you become a better rider, whether you’re racing or just out there to have some fun.

We’ve done a roundup of the best YouTube channels for dirt bike enthusiasts. They are:

1. Dirt Bike Channel

For an authentic channel which has no commercial ties, Dirt Bike Channel really brings the goods. If you’re new to the sport, this is the channel that you’ll really want to pay attention to. No fluff and no associations. It just feels real here.

Kyle has been the host for years and people love his honesty and no-nonsense editing. He simply shares the genuine nature of owning a dirt bike and where to go riding casually, both for kids and adults alike.

2. The MX Factory

The MX Factory is perfect for the dirt bike enthusiast who loves to race. If closed-circuit racing is your thing, then pay close attention to their many tutorials featured.

Their channel is a combination of education and entertainment. You’ll love their flair of comedy mixed in with the seriousness of beating your previous lap times week after week.

3. Dirt Bike Magazine

Much like The MX Factory is Dirt Bike Magazine. They not just talk about becoming a better rider but improving your bike through upgrades and parts. They actually feature newer bikes as well as older bikes that still perform.

They aren’t so focused on the casual rider and are more attuned to the racer. If you love the nature of weekend racing rather than just discovering local trails, then this is for you. There is much found on skills development to help you become a more confident rider who gets ever closer to winning tropies.

4. Rocky Mountain ATV MC

Who hasn’t heard of Rocky Mountain before? They are not just a popular online store for dirt bikes and adventure riders (and all types of motorcycles, actually) but they also have a popular YouTube channel. Their channel has a seriously high number of subscribers.

Some criticism comes across through their quite generous product reviews. There is a massive team behind their YouTube channel which feels quite commercial, but there are elements of great content and tutorials to help you get started.

5. Enduro Life

For the absolute toughest of enduro rides, pay close attention to Enduro Life. This channel becomes quite obsessive when you see what’s truly possible with riders up the most impossible of hill climbs.

Be warned! There are plenty of injuries here so not for the faint-hearted. It’s clear that this raw and edited footage doesn’t turn others away given their channel has 2.7 million subscribers.

6. ARiemann aka Motology Films

We’ve left the best until last! If you love genuine Australian spirit and extremely crafty editing, then get yourself subscribed to Motology Films where Adam Riemann can tell a genuine story. Part MX rider and part adventure rider.

Watch one video and you’ll watch them all! They are certainly addictive including his overseas journeys told with no fancy support vehicles. Just him, his mates and motorcycles. That’s the essence of life for genuine motorcyclists.

Going Forward

You can get easily obsessed with these YouTubers and not forget that they’re here to simply inspire you. Life is too short and it’s best spent twisting your own throttle rather than watching others twist theirs.

Use these channels to get you educated and see what your bike can do, then get out there and make it happen!

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