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How Many Dirt Bikes Fit Inside a Van? [A Basic Guide]

Many dirt bike riders like to transport their dirt bikes inside a van as it’s more secure during the journey.

The question remains though: How many dirt bikes can you really fit inside there?

It depends on the size of your van and the size of your dirt bikes, but generally speaking, you can fit 3 to 4 dirt bikes inside a van while standing upright. You’ll need to offset the handlebars with one trail bike in the centre facing rearwards to fit all bikes in properly.

You’ll certainly not be able to position your dirt bikes sideways in a van unless you’ve got a few children’s dirt bikes. Because these are shorter, it’s just easier to fit.

Why Have Dirt Bikes Inside a Van

There are various reasons why you’d want to use a van to haul your dirt bikes to the MX track or local riding trails.

Benefits include:

  1. Better security. No one can see your dirt bikes in transit and can’t follow you back home to see where your dirt bikes are kept.
  2. Waterproof. No water rusting away your handlebars or getting your seat wet.
  3. Load safety. Have you heard the horror stories of people whose dirt bikes fell off their trailer? It happens and it’s never pretty. Because your dirt bikes are loaded in a van – if the tie-down straps break, then the dirt bikes aren’t really going anywhere and if it’s packed tight, it’s very likely they will stay upright.
  4. A place to sleep. Going on a dirt bike adventure weekend? By having a van, it gives you a great place to sleep where you’ll only need an inflatable mattress and a sleeping bag. Neat!
  5. No registration or insurance for a trailer. Because you’re carting your dirt bikes inside the van, you won’t need a trailer to register or insure, or even have the risk of having that stolen too. Let’s not forget the eliminated risk of trailer-sway!

Certainly, they will cost more than a trailer and you’ll need more space to park a van. Some don’t fit inside of apartment garages so they are best suited to those who live in houses and have more use for the van than just carting around their dirt bikes.

How to Fit Dirt Bikes Properly

When loading your van with your dirt bikes, aim to ‘interlock’ your motorcycles effectively. The 1st and 3rd bike should go in forwards and the 2nd one go in rearwards.

Always place forward-facing dirt bikes in first and remove the rear-facing dirt bike first. It’s best to have the rear-facing dirt bike as the smallest one such as a women’s or kids dirt bike. You’ll also need to remember to keep space for a van loading ramp. You can buy these relatively easily through Amazon and eBay, or even your local dirt bike shop.

It’s also common for riders to throw their riding gear underneath their dirt bikes. This is a wise idea, but remember that you may have a minor undetected oil leak which could make your clothing smell pretty bad, so instead try and stack your gear higher. Some vans have places up high where you can hook stuff on like a gear bag.

Disadvantages of Dirt Bikes in Vans

While there are many advantages to having dirt bikes in vans, we must think about some disadvantages. These include:

  • The capital outlay. Vans aren’t cheap and you’ll need to invest in a decent van with low milage to make the most of out it.
  • They aren’t well suited towards apartment living and city life given their large size.
  • It’s hard to tie down your dirt bikes with limited space. At least in the back of a pickup or trailer, you’ll be able to walk around where as a van is more difficult, unless you buy a van with dual side doors.
  • Only 2 to 3 seats. If you’re into family trips with your dirt bikes, then it’s hard to find a 5-seater van that also has space for dirt bikes.

That said – their advantages do outweight the downsides in most cases. It really depends on how often you’re heading a far enough distance away from home. The occasional trip? Just buy a trailer. Camping every weekend? Get yourself a van so you can spend more time riding and less time worrying about your dirt bikes in transit.

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