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Best Rear Paddle Tires for Dirt Bikes in Sand (2023)

Dirt bikes can travel in sandy conditions, but it’s best if they have a rear paddle tire fitted. The type that can propel you hard.

Frontaer has done the research as we like riding our dirt bikes in sand. It’s seriously run…provided you can keep that right hand twisted and not let off when the front gets a little woobly.

Best Dirt Bike Rear Paddle Tires

You only need a tire for the rear given that the front is pretty well light when you’re riding. Your knees actually steer the bike while your hands keep your controls in check.

Let’s jump straight into business here. These are the best rear paddle tires for dirt bikes:

1. Sedona Dunatik

The Dunatik is a serious offroad weapon for your dirt bike. It’s light yet aggressive at the same time, and design to really dig down into the sand with the paddles, yet allow your dirt bike to float enough on the surface. Getting bogged down will be a thing of the past, even in the sandiest of riding areas.

2. Maxxis Cheng Shin Surge P Tire

We’ve always been a real big advocate of Maxxis here at Frontaer. They are a brand that has brought quality to the offroad with for years, and it’s no different with the Surge P. This tyre is well known among the hardiest of dirt bike riders for its ability to allow you to glide effortlessly across the sand.

3. CST Cheng Shin Surge P Tire

This CST happens to be almost identical to the Maxxis tire above. Why is it different? Well, these brands run OEM so one sells to the other under a different name. With both brands, you’ll get 8 paddle scoops to blast you across at high speeds without needing to sink down so much or even lean back to find some traction. The compound used in these tires is less likely to chunk away when exposed to gnarly rocks either.

4. Vee Rubber Paddle Radial Tire

Vee Rubber isn’t as well known in the offroad motorcycling world, and their reviews are minimal. That said – they do provide a good tire which is more affordable and is designed to last a few seasons out there in the soft stuff. We’re waiting for Vee Rubber to get back into stock at this time of writing.

5. Kenda K760 Dual/Enduro Rear Motorcycle Bias Tire

The last on our list isn’t quite a paddle tire but one worthy of consideration. Kenda has brought this tire to the market which has some seriously chunky knobs where it can be ridden on the sand and the hard stuff too. With paddle tires, you’re likely to chunk your tire and wear it out within a few miles but this tire lets you keep riding and riding. It doesn’t perform as well on the sand, nor the road, but when you’re trying to get a tire that at least gets you through both terrains, then this is the one you’ll want.

Getting started

There you have it out fellow dirt bike riders! Some very good options for heading out there and exploring the sand dunes.

Just remember some safety considerations:

  1. Always have a spotter at the top of sand dunes. Let’s admit it: You don’t want to be a dork with a sand flag on your dirt bike.
  2. Keep that power on. Even with a rear paddle tire, your dirt bike needs your constant power to keep you ploughing through the sand. You’ll need to lean back as well.
  3. Avoid steering too much. Instead of steering, you should be leaning while letting the front tyre go where it wants to. You’re unlikely to crash, but even if you do….well it’s just sand!
  4. Consider your mileage. Riding through sand really chews up the gas pretty quickly, so don’t ride out too far. Ensure you have a few litres on reserve and remember that the life expectancy of your dirt bike paddle tire is only around 2,000 miles at best.

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