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Adventure Fairings: Why You Should Fit One

Adventure motorcycle fairings are quite popular on those who head out on anything from a multi-day to a multi-year adventure.

These fairings have massive advantages and despite the price and sometimes complicated fitting instructions, are well worth the investment.

In this guide, Frontaer will give you several reasons to get an adventure faring.

Reasons to Fit an Adventure Fairing on a Motorcycle

Assuming you’re like us and enjoy being out there on the open road. Wind in your hair and your eyes planted 200 yards in front and looking for the next hazard. That’s the way forward.

The challenge is…it can get seriously tiring to ride into the wind for hundreds of miles per day. Simply ask Adam Riemann who has ridden tens of thousands of miles on dirt bikes without adventure fairings and windscreens and you’ll discover his complaints. This is why, today, he doesn’t leave home without one unless he’s carving up the trails on an afternoon with some mates.

These are the reasons to get an adventure fairing:

1. The Wind Sound and Pressure is Reduced

It gets seriously windy at the cockpit when you’re cruising along at 70 miles per hour, or 110km. That pressure just puts more pressure on your body which means you need to grip harder with your hands and knees to keep yourself stabilized.

This leads to fatigue. We both know that fatigue leads to poor judgement, and poor judgement leads to bad decisions and accidents. At highway speeds, you certainly don’t want poor judgement. Let’s not forget the cold air either as wind-chill can be seriously fatiguring.

2. They Improve Your Motorcycle’s Aethisics

Frontaer was reluctant to mention this one, but it’s genuinely a reason to fit a fairing. A dirt bike or adventure motorcycle that looks epic is just begging to be ridden. If yours looks smick, then you’ll want to spend more time putting miles on the odometer.

If you get a custom-made adventure motorcycle fairing, then you’ll have a machine that no one else has. There is a sense of individuality that comes with riding motorcycles (most of ride solo) and having a unique ADV bike is right on point.

3. Your Motorcycle Is Harder to Steal

Because you’ve got a custom fairing which is somewhat complicated to fit, it’s also complicated to take off. You’ve probably had to make specific screw holes and adjustments to your cockpit to accomodate it. This means you’ve got a unique motorcycle already.

When a thief sees your motorcycle, they’re more likely to pass. You’ve got a one-of-a-kind design that is easily trackable. Load the entire bike up with branded stickers and some DataDots and you’ll be well served.

4. More Mounting Space in the Cockpit

Fitting an adventure fairing is going to give you up to twice the amount of space to mount extra gear. This is why Dakar Riders fit these because, not only do they stop the wind pressure, but thre is also now ample space for a map roll.

Now, you certainly don’t need a map roll for riding around the world. However, you’ll definitely want a GPS and one that is fitted beyond the handlebars where you can look ahead, not simply down. You’ll also have space for a phone mount and dash cam if you need.

5. A More Upright Riding Stance

This one probably isn’t so evident to most riders, but if you’re an adventure rider, you’ll notice that dirt bike riders crouch so much at highway speeds. Meanwhile, adventure riders are almost like a meerkat behind the bars. Why?

The fairing is deflecting the wind chill, the pressure and the noice. ADV riders then can ride normally and ergonomically, leading to an enjoyable ride out there. This is why it’s not uncommon to do 500+ miles per day both offroad and onroad, while dirt bike riders would’ve pulled up to a camping spot much earlier with a sore back, shoulders and neck.

In Summary

They certainly don’t come cheap, but neither does your motorcycle. Even if you’re not seeking to head out on a global expedition just yet, fitting a fairing is one that will last years and give you a lot more comfort. Being comfortable behind the handlebars means that you’ll ride your bike more often.

…And riding your motorcycle more often is what we all crave. If you’re going to ride it and spend money on quality gear, you may as well be comfortable at highway speeds.

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