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What is a Motorcycle Banjo Bolt? A Simple Guide

Keeping a banjo together is done with a banjo bolt…or at least we think so.

Banjo fittings consist of one half of a banjo bolt. Such fittings are used in motorcycle braking systems – from offroad dirt bikes to large adventure bikes, to street racing machines and cafe cruisers.

Essentially, by using a banjo fitting, you can pass pressurized fluid in braking systems as well as other mediums in which to transfer fluid under pressure.

Banjo Bolts Overview

There are two elements here. First, you’ve got the banjo fitting and then you’ve got the banjo bolt. The fitting is well sealed and holds fluid which then passes through the bolt.

A Banjo Bolt is a hollow bolt with a hole drilled on its side. By taking this approach, fluid is able to pass through the centre of the fitting which itself also has a hole down the geographical centre. This provides a tight seal while making routine maintenance for motorcycle riders and mechanics quick and easy.

For a strong seal, a washer is typically used and is recommended. Replacing either the washer, the banjo bolt or the fitting is quite easy with parts readily available online and in motorcycle dealerships.

Using Banjo Fittings and Bolts

This technology isn’t new though it is innovative. Banjo Fittings and Bolts are used for:

  • Oil transfer between various areas on motorcycles.
  • Fuel fittings for older motorcycles (pre-2000 era)
  • Transfering oil to and from the oil cooler.

They’re very much helpful to get a tight and solid fit where fluid shouldn’t be leaking. You can send low to medium pressure through these fittings and bolts without causing a leak, even when the oil is hot.

Why are they called a banjo bolt? This is because they look very similar to a musical instrument of the same name.

A simple yet clever idea they certainly area.

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