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Adventure Bike Australia: Are They Any Good?

If you’re in Australia, then you’ll realize that our ADV community is quite small.

Just like you, we recently came across Adventure Bike Australia – an online store for buying products online. They specialize in our needs and as a brand, Frontaer is all about the recreational dirt biking and global traveller. Life is best spent behind the handlebars and certainly off the beaten tracks.

In this unbiased review, we’re going to learn who Adventure Bike Australia and if they’re worth buying from. We don’t earn anything here folks.

Let’s begin.

Adventure Bike Australia Review

You’ve probably searched online and we’ve come up. Luckily, we’ve done the research for you so you don’t have to. We also wanted to know more about Adventure Bike Australia recently so we looked at their company information and history.

Essentially, they’ve been around the block a while now. Decades actually. Mal built the ABA brand from scratch having owned Gold Coast Suzuki for around 20 years. Today it’s run by a younger crew so Mal could focus on his passion – adventure motorcycles. After all, his first race was in 1976.

Not only does he stock some good brands, but he also has custom-made parts available. If you need something made or sourced on the fly, check out the “Mal’s garage” section on his website.

Social Media

One thing that’s really lacking with his website is the social media content. It’s almost non-existent apart from an Instagram photo. To gain more trust with an audience, brands and businesses need to be posting just about daily on these platforms.

This is a spot we’d love to see more content. Their Instagram, for example, was last used over a year ago. Their Facebook is fortunately much more frequent with weekly postings, yet it can leave heads being scratched. Are they still around? It leaves customers guessing.

Additionally, we see brands using Google and YouTube much more as a means to generate a following. These platforms are perfect for helping get the word out about a business.

Gear Availability

This is a spot where clearly Adventure Bike Australia falls short. You’ll see that their website doesn’t have that many brands or gear in stock unlike some of the big competitors in the space.

Clearly they have niched right down to specific adventure riders. You won’t find any fancy BMW’s here or even stuff for the big bore Africa Twin. They truly have a love affair with the Suzuki DR series as well as the Kawasaki KLR650.

Needless to say, we’d love to see Frontaer on the shelves real soon. There is clearly a synergy right here.

In Summary

Adventure Bike Australia is continuing to scale and provides a good alternative to the industry king – Adventure Moto. They have a passionate team behind the operation which provides specific and seriously high quality gear. The type that they scour the internet for to bring the very best to riders nationally.

With 5-stars across their Facebook account, it’s clear that customers are very happy here.

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