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7 Tools To Carry on Your Dirt Bike When Riding Offroad

All too often we come across a massive guide of things for your dirt bike, but no one is sharing the gear that you should carry when riding.

Frontaer is out to change all of this. We simply want to show you the stuff that you’ll need for the toolkit so you can make a good and basic repair on the side of the track.

Tools to Carry When Riding a Dirt Bike

Did you know that your dirt bike probably has a tool rool? Most people don’t even realize it. This is often located near the seat and is designed for a quick repairs.

Yet it doesn’t have absolutely everything you need. In this article, we’ll go a step further.

Here are the tools you need to carry when riding a dirt bike:

1. Duct Tape

Yes, you need to take some duct tape with you along the way. You never know when one of your fenders will come lose or your handlebar clamps have been hollowed out. Duct tape always saves the day.

2. Zip Ties

Another simple one is zip ties. We recommend 2 small and 2 large zip ties which is enough to do just about any job. They are handle for sorting out issues in handlebar region as they are for repairing torn clothing and even replacing a busted buckle on your boots. They take almost no space, and so there is no excuse not to have ’em.

3. Puncture Repair Kit

Yep, you need one. Even if you don’t know how to replace a dirt bike tire just yet, you need a puncture repair kit. Typically you’ll get spoon levers, valve cores, replacement valve caps and some plugs. These are immensely helpful and you can always save some tutorial videos off YouTube before heading out for a ride just in case. (They let you download them to your phone nowadays). The puncture repair kit needs to have a premium pair of tyre levers. Pass on the cheap versions you find online unless they are from a well-known brand.

4. Spare Tubes

Don’t be the fool who went out for a ride with a repair kit…only to forget to bring a replacement tube. Now, if space is limited, then you only need one tube. Go for a tube diameter equal to your largest tire. A large tube can be used in a smaller tire just to get you back to base safely, though a smaller tibe physically can’t fit in a larger tire. Of course, bring 2 tubes (1 for each tire) if you have the space available.

5. Bike Pump

When you get that flat tire, then you’ll need to replace the tube. Once that’s done, then it’s time to pump it up. This is where you’ll need to pack a high quality bike pump. Forget the cheap Chinese versions and go for a well-known brand such as Giant because on the side of the track 10 miles from anyone, you don’t want the bike pump to break.

6. Monkey Butt

Yes, Monkey Butt is a tool. It’s the type of tool that stops you from having a sore bottom end – literally. You put this on before you start riding and you’ll stop your chaffing issues. Trust us – this works, and it should live permanently in your toolkit if space permits. Chaffing can make or break a day out there on the dirt bike.

7. Tow Rope

The last on our list is a tow rope. All you need is about 30 yards or about 10 metres. This can be used for towing someone who broke down back to base, or to help a buddy who ditched his dirt bike down an embarkment. If you’re on a group ride, then only 2 to 3 riders will needs to carry these as breakdowns are unlikely to happen, but the rope makes for a good insurance policy.

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