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How To Mount a Chainsaw on a Dirt Bike

Carting a chainsaw around on a dirt bike is a great way to clear local trails and leave them open for all riders.

To mount a chainsaw to a dirt bike, you’ll need to either mount them to the handlebars or the sides. KTM has a mount that can securely mount your chainsaw safely with different sizes available.

This would be the best way to mount your chainsaw securely. Other alternatives include strapping your chainsaw to your backpack (not recommended but free) or using a pannier bag from Amazon.

Some people have also used a bungee cord system strapped to their dirt bike, or even a few ratchet straps. While this is a good and affordable way to get the job done, it just isn’t safe nor is it actually fast to remove your chainsaw.

Mounting a Chainsaw

To mount a chainsaw properly, you’ll need to buy a mount. While KTM has a chainsaw mount, you may wish to find a cheaper alternative.

Our pick would be the SawHaul Universal Chainsaw Carrier Kit for Tractors.

So get this chainsaw of yours mounted to your dirt bike, you would:

  1. Find out which size your chainsaw blade is
  2. Order the appropiate chainsaw mount
  3. Fit it to your dirt bike using the instructions
  4. Keep an eye on the mounting bolts regularly

It’s really quite simple yet most people overcomplicate this process. It isn’t hard to mount a chainsaw but not something you’d want to do often. This is mostly something used by those who work on farms as opposed to those who go trail bike riding in the woods.

Issues and Considerations

Just remember that you’re mounting some additional weight up high. Add in the weight a small chainsaw (10lbs) plus the weight of the mount (5lbs) and you’ll certainly be feeling this around each bend.

It’s also hazardous when you’re about to crash as you can certainly damage your chainsaw. This won’t be a pretty ending and chainsaw fuel tanks aren’t designed to withstand impacts unlike a dirt bike fuel tank. To combat this issue, we can recommend an electric chainsaw instead.

Also, your riding confidence will be knocked down as well as this chainsaw is in the back of your mind at every twist and turn. Thus, you’re just not able to experience the trails as you would without the chainsaw.

The best alternative

Honestly – most people don’t have actual fun when riding around with a chainsaw strapped to their dirt bike. It’s just somewhat awkward.

And look – we get it. You need something to help you clear the tracks for that occasionally tree. Our recommendation is a handsaw or axe which you keep in your backpack at all times.

This is also something you can use to chop wood around the campfire at night time, so it certainly comes in handy. These are super easy to mount and you can use a ratchet strap or simply throw one in your backpack with a towel covering the blades.

If you do need to do some track clearing, then bringing an ATV is far more capable for the job. This way you’ve got plenty of space on that front rack to mount a really big chainsaw if you needed to. You could even hire an ATV for a day of track clearing and do away with all the stress of handing a chainsaw on a dirt bike.

Going forward

We’re big believers in safety here at Frontaer. Sure – have all the fun in the world, but consider safety as priority in your setup. We just don’t think that chainsaws and dirt bikes are a good mix.

There are numerous other ways to get this job done safely. That said, if it’s your last resort, then a KTM chainsaw mount will do the job just fine.

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