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5 Best Motorcycle Garage Tents to Park Inside (2023)

We’ve created a list of the best motorcycle garage tents on the market in 2020. These are tents where you can park your motorcycle inside once setup.

When creating this guide, we didn’t want to just pluck some hiking tents off the internet. We know that garage-style tents where you can fit your motorcycle inside are gaining popularity. So much so that there are numerous manufactures around, so we wanted to show you the best based on buyer volumes.

Best ADV Motorcycling Garage Tents

Whether you’re doing a multi-day adventure or even a multi-year around the world adventure, you’ll want a tent. And it has to be a very reliable tent that goes the extra mile.

Of course, settling into a hotel seems very appealing after a long day clinging to the handlebars. Often though you’ll just have to resort to stealth camping with an adventure bike where prying eyes can stalk your pride and joy.

So let’s have a look at the best adventure motorcycling tents available on the market specifically with a garage.

1. Redverz ‘The Atacama™️’ Expedition Tent

You’d have to be living under a puncture-causing rock not to have heard of this tent before. The Redverz tents have been around for a decade now providing protection for adventure motorcyclists around the world.

1. Redverz 'The Atacama™️ Expedition Tent

It was designed from the ground up by motorcycling enthusiasts. And when the day times to set up this tent, you’ll wonder just how you survived with that backpacking tent all along.

There are some big benefits with this tent:

  1. You can drive straight in with your hard or soft luggage still attached.
  2. Full standing height so you can get changed into different clothes easily
  3. Has plenty of space in the ‘garage’ to work on your bike and access your luggage
  4. Can fit 2 motorcycles. Yes – the Redverz fits 2 smaller adventure motorcycles at a squeeze.
  5. The sleeping area fits a queen-sized blown up mattress with additional room for gear
  6. Has 4 doors – 3 in the garage and one in the rear of the tent providing easy access.
  7. Sets up in approximately 5 minutes once you have some experience

The green color is the most popular and ideal for steal motorcycle camping. It allows you, the tent and your motorcycle to stay well hidden.

On the downside, these are a bit expensive. But if you’re owning your motorcycle for more than 3 years then these are a worthy investment.

Many riders love this tent despite the larger size once packed up. The internal space, discreet green color and sheer comfort is hard to look past.

2. LoneRider MotoTent™️ Motorcycle Garage Tent

Coming in at #2 is a slightly smaller version of the Atacama tent. We really like this tent as it’s better suited towards a solo adventure rider, resulting in a smaller tent bag size.

Motorcycle Garage Tent

The coolest part about their tents are the colors. You can choose a brown to blend in with your surroundings, or choose the white version which has a world map.

Motorcycle Garage Tent with World Map

You’ve got to hurry as there are only 100 tents available worldwide with this limited edition! LoneRider is currently offering free international shipping with this tent.

Benefits with any MotoTent™️ purchased:

  • Serious amount of social proof. Head on to their product page where you’ll see plenty of 5-star reviews.
  • Packs up very small while still offering plenty of room in the sleeping quarters.
  • Includes a groundsheet with an S.O.S. sign printed for emergency situations.
  • One of the quickest motorcycle garage tents to setup for adventure riders
  • The lightest of all adventure motorcycling canopy tents on the market today

LoneRider has also started selling luggage which perfectly matches the tent for that perfect Instagram-worthy look out on the trails. Above all else, they have built a sensational following as a company.

3. Vuz Moto Motorcycle camping tent

Coming 3rd place on our list is the Vuz Moto motor-bike camping tent. It’s a tent large enough to fit 2 full-size ADV bikes running north-south and 3 adults in the sleeping compartment.

Biggest Motorcycle camping tent

Compared to the other two tents, this is very much a cheaper motorcycle camping tent with a proper garage section. If you’re budget-conscious but still want some luxury, then this is the perfect blend of both worlds. This is the cheapest way to put your motorbike inside your tent, safe and secure.

The quality isn’t as high and there are limited reviews on the Vuz Moto, but the price is very appealing. We would recommend it for weekend warriors rather than international travellers.

4. Harley-Davidson motorcycle tent

Did you know that Harley makes motorbike tents? Neither did we! Unfortunately, the reviews on this aren’t very strong and given the low height of these tents, they aren’t suited to bigger adventure bikes like the BMW F800GS Adventure.

4. Harley-Davidson motorcycle tent

At a height of 66″ at the peak, most riders will still struggle to get changed while standing. And the orange color doesn’t lend itself well to stealth camping in the backcountry. Now if you can get past those nuisances, this makes the ideal road-only adventuring tent for the Harley fan.

5. Teepee Motorbike Garage Tent

The last on our list is easily the cheapest motorcycle adventure tent available. For under $200 you’ll be able to safely store your motorcycle inside the garage while also blending into the surrounds.

The Teepee Motorbike Garage Tent

This tent very much has a Chinese-quality feel to it. Very cheap but does the job to a degree. Certainly, it’s not going to last years on the RTW adventure, but if you’re the occasional weekend warrior and don’t want to spend a fortune for a tent, then this is the perfect solution.

Buying Guide – What to look for

There are certain things that you need to be on the lookout for before clicking ‘buy’ through a website. After all, this could be your 1st purchase and one that you’ll stick with for a very long time.

Garage Tent colors and camouflage

We’re adventure riders and fluorescent colors aren’t a thing at all. Not only are they more obvious and will make you stand out when camping in the wild, but they also fade a lot more. We recommend tents that are dark green or brown so that humans, the most dangerous animals when camping, won’t really spot you.

Established ADV following

There is little value in buying a tent that has just come on to the market. Because any tent where you can park your motorcycle inside has technical components that require a lot of R&D field testing. Take for example Redverz: They are on to their 3rd generation of the same tent as they had quality issues previously.

If a motorcycle adventure tent has just come on the market and promises the world, then be sceptical. Instead, look for those with established followings. That is – many good reviews, established social media and high-quality websites. If you see multiple YouTube videos from other riders, then that’s the perfect sign that you’ve found a good tent.

Motorcycle internal storage

One of the key reasons why you’re purchasing your tent is to store your motorcycle inside. You might want to stop people from spotting your bike from a distance when stealth camping, or merely protect it from the weather. Even starting your day with a dry motorcycle seat is enough of a reason to purchase a tent like this.

It’s good to check first what size you’ll have internally. Some tents can fit fully-loaded ADV bikes while some absolutely can’t. So check both the door width and height plus the actual internal space first. You might be wanting to fit 2 motorcycles inside a tent and only the Redverz model can effectively do this.

Weight and size of the packed tent

The main reason why people wouldn’t buy a tent to store their motorcycle inside is because of how heavy they are. They’re just heavy while most hiking tents weigh less than 2kgs. Let’s not forget the packed up size as well which is prime real estate on a motorbike.

Have an idea in your mind first about where you want to carry it. On your panners? Above the hard luggage boxes? On the very rear frame? Once you’ve decided, then check the packed tent dimensions online to ensure you’re not overhanging too much.

Sleeping space inside the tent

Are you doing a solo adventure? Then you can certainly afford a smaller tent and for many people, a larger tent is merely overkill.

Check that the sleeping space is enough for you, your gear and any additional people who are joining you. If you do get a 2-man or 3-man motorcycle garage tent, then your riding partner might not need to carry a tent themselves, thereby saving them weight.

In Summary: Choose the right garage ADV tent for you

Choose a tent that is going to do everything you want over the next 3 years. Whether that’s weekend exploring or global travelling.

When you’re buying a bigger tent like this, it’s going to weigh more and take up more space on your adventure motorcycle. It’s a trade-off really because on the upside you have so much more space.

Want to take a shower inside your tent? You can! Keep your motorbike out of the elements and do minor maintenance? Easy.

Most importantly: Sleep while knowing that your motorcycle isn’t being quietly pushed away from you to a nearby waiting van? Priceless.

Garage motorcycle tents are absolutely worth it and we hope this guide has helped you in choosing the best model for your needs.

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