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Motorcycle Stuff Review: Are They Any Good?

Motorcycle Stuff in Sydney is a relatively unknown store stocking goods for us 2-wheel fanatics, but are they worth it?

After all, they aren’t the only company in town and their reputation isn’t as established.

Frontaer is very unbiased in our opinions and experiences and this review has no input from their team. There is no commercial relationship between us.

Motorcycle Stuff Review

Yep – we get it – you’ve gotta do the research first. After all, who are you really buying from? Their website doesn’t really look as convincing as others out there nor are they as established, but certainly if you live within a few kilometers of the city, then you’ll know about their concept store in St Peters.

We had a very close look to see who runs this store and how long they’ve been in business. As we can see, they have been running since 2014 and their main focus is their online sales channels, though the store itself does drive some sales.

What’s unique is that they’re fussy about the gear that they stock and you won’t find cheap stuff on the shelves, nor will you find old stuff either. They want the best stuff that’s new to the market given the evolvement in technology over the last 10 years to protect riders of all sizes and experience levels.

Customer Service

The team here is very strong and knowledgeable about all types of riding, though they serve bitumen riders predomienntly. If we were looking to get some motocross gear, then we would be more inclined towards MX Store or the like who has much more to offer.

We do notice that they stock Macna Jackets which is refreshing. This is an Australian company so you know the money is staying locally, instead of heading to the United States or the UK.

When we look at their online reviews and reputation, it’s clear that these guys mean business. They aren’t beating around the bush and are looking to serve riders and help them find the best gear possible, yet there are a few complaints.

What you’ll notice is that no store every claims a 5-star average rating anywhere. This is because it’s so difficult to get someone to leave a 5-star review despite how great the experience was, yet 1-star reviews tend to come in without an issue. Thus, the average review ratings with any store is somewhat flawed and not a metric we generally look at precisely.

If you are in the market for gear right now, look at what they have and what they do to ensure it arrives safely to you. In this case, they used insured delivery to keep their customers happy.

In Summary

Motorcycle Stuff Australia is a small fish in a big pond, and there are some giants in the industry who have been dominating for years with a fleet of stores and a strong reputation.

That said, there is always room for a little competition. We do look forward to seeing Motorcycle Stuff improve their store count, online reputation and gear that is available.

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