Adventure Motorcycle vs Car

Many would say “Why should I choose an adventure motorcycle?” – which is a fair point. After all, you could see the world out of a windscreen.

But compared to cars, there are just significantly more advantages:

  1. Total freedom that many car drivers just don’t understand. The wind in your hair, twisty roads and the elements.
  2. Easier to spark conversations with locals as you don’t come across as a rich tourist with $700k 4×4 motorhome.
  3. Maintenance is significantly easier and cheaper, with parts often fitting a range of different branded motorcycles.
  4. Much easier to ship your bike to a new continent either with air or sea freight. Try flying a 4×4 motorhome over!
  5. All in all, just a cheaper way to see the world, from lowered tolls and carnet, to reduced upfront and fuel costs.

Then again, it isn’t for everyone.

When you’re out there in the elements, you can expect to get wet even with a waterproof jacket. Your safety is compromised both when riding and sleeping in a tent, though you’ll find the world to be significantly safer than others perceive it to be. Also, there is no climate control – you’ll be enjoying the harshness of environments.

Yet compared to airline travel, seeing the world by motorcycle is significantly more eco-conscious and in my opinion, 2nd only to sailing.

So if you’re looking for freedom without breaking the bank, then these key reasons are why motorcycle adventuring has become insanely popular over recent years.