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7 Dirt Bike Chest Protectors To Stop Roost Splatter (2022)

We’re going to look at the best dirt bike chest protectors available in the market. Essentially, what chest protectors can protect you from injury.

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Because we all love going out on a weekend adventure on our dirt bikes. Whether it’s the local forest, the open deserts or a multi-day trek, there is nothing better than the sound of a 4-stroke.

The sounds, the fun and the spills we have. It all lends to a great weekend.

But we also run the risk of injury. Such crashes can have serious consequences.

For those short on time, here are the best options around town:

There are numerous types of dirt bike protection equipment that money can buy, so we’ll have a closer look at what can protect your chest from a dirt bike crash.

Some are cheap and some are expensive. It really depends on how you value your body.

Let’s begin.

Best Adult Dirt Bike Chest Protectors

It’s always good to get a solid fit. You don’t want a chest protector that isn’t snug around your body. This list is for adults and soon we’ll create a list for kids too.

Quick note: a roost protector is very different. You can check out the best roost protectors available too. Essentially, chest protectors require CE verification to genuinely protect you.

As with anything, get yourself with a solid brand. Here are the best dirt bike chest protectors available now:

1. Leatt 5.5 Pro Chest Protector

If you’re looking for the Rolls Royce of dirt bike chest protection then you’ve found it. Leatt, much like their neck braces, is ahead of the pack for design, comfort and most importantly, rider protection.

Is this cheap? Certainly not. But does it give you solid protection? Definitely.

This is akin to an adventure motorcycling jacket than a dirt biking jacket. Certainly if you rock up to this to the race track on weekends, you’re bound to get some funny looks.

But then, stack your bike and you’re more than likely able to pick up your bike and keep riding again.

What we love:

  • Multiple industry certifications
  • Hard shell is paired with soft form which is ventilated for hots days
  • Anti-odor control given the amount of mesh wicking in use
  • Lightweight compared to typical adventure motorcycling jackets
  • Fits with Leatt’s popular neck braces

What could improve:

  • The price. These are very expensive to buy globally.
  • Colors. Only available in black which gets hot in summer.

You can wear the Leatt 5.5 Pro under or above your dirt bike jersey, however many riders choose not to wear a jersey at all with this.

More information:

2. Alpinestars Sequence Motorcycle Chest Protector

Here we have another CE certificed chest protector from Alpinestars. It’s much more minimalist and simple in the design, protecting only the chest and back regions while providing plenty of surface area for your body to breathe.

You could effectively elbow someone in the chest and they’d barely feel it. The foam is soft while the hard plastic is flexible and contours to help you get tight around the corners, whether that’s an MX track or local trails.

This is the type of dirt bike chest protector that you’d wear if you just want some basic protection for the “Oh shit!” moment that you’ll eventually have.

What we love:

  • The price! This is seriously affordable and the cheap pricing of this chest protector is ideal for motocross and trail bike riders globally.
  • Easy to fit and adjust. Slips on in 5 seconds and you can start riding away without much effort.
  • Heaps of ventilation making this one ideal for summer riding in the desert or in humid locations.
  • Very lightweight. Hardly feels like you’re wearing chest protection.

What could improve:

  • Only available in black/red which looks like a 90’s style design.
  • The straps could be thicker to help spread the load more.

3. Leatt 4.5 Pro Chest Protector

Leatt has a more minimalist design to the 5.5 Pro that we started this list with. The hard shell design of the 4.5 allows you to wear your dirt bike jersey and a chest protector at the same time.

Like most of Leatt’s designs, this guard is compatible with their range of neck braces. And this one certainly wins in the design aesthetics.

For riders who predominantly ride in the warmer months, then this is a solid choice. You’ll also get some solid protection on your shoulders unlike the Fox model noted above.

What we love:

  • Extremely good ventilation. You’re less likely to get sweat lines with this.
  • Tested to the maximum! Both by CD and Leatt’s own internal testing team.
  • Very lightweight while also proving solid flank protection too.

What could improve:

  • Very little apart from the lack of color choices.

More information:

4. Fox Racing Titan Sport Protective Dirt Bike Jacket

If you’re looking for proper shoulder, elbow and chest protection while also being breathable, then the Fox Racing Titan is the way to go. This really is a solid battle suit for race tracks of the trails with a bunch of friends.

It’s very ventilated and is design to be worn all day long. We recommend that you wear this above your jersey to avoid rashes from the itchy fabric.

If you’re a woman searching for a dirt bike chest protector, then this is the model you’re most likely going to purchase.

The best part is that, unlike many of these dirt bike chest protectors, this one has a zipper! This makes it so much easier to take on and off quickly.

What we love:

  • Full protection. This isn’t just protecting your chest but elbows and shoulders too.
  • Range of colors available. Most manufacturers run a single color. With Fox, they have this available in a fluorescent color or red.
  • The pricing is extremely good compared to Leatt. You can often buy these for under $160 USD.

What could improve:

  • The black color has a purple undertone to it.
  • Could look less like a storm-trooper and more like a dirt bike protector

5. Alpinestars Bionic Action V2 Armour Jacket

Armour jackets are the best form of dirt biking chest protection without costing a fortune. Another key upside is that they often protect the elbows as well while being more rigid in the back region.

There have been many good reviews regarding the products that we’ve noted here. The Alpinestars Bionic is one of those such products to help you out.

We love the bad-ass look of these while being certified to protect you. The kidney belt certainly goes a long way to provide a snug fit.

Other things we love:

  • The design matches KTM, Yamaha and Honda dirt bike riders
  • Very breathable fabric. It’s less dense than most other manufacturers
  • Rock-solid breast protection when you’re riding your trail bike
  • The low pricing makes this the best value available in the market

What could improve:

  • The design looks old-school and not from this era

6. Leatt 2018 GPX 4.5 Hydra Chest Protector

Leatt is back on this list again! This time it’s a dirt bike chest protector and hydration pack combination. In fact, the backpack area has 10L of storage.

You see, we’re big on adventuring around. Going on a decent ride? Then you’re going to want to pack a rain jacket. This is hard to do without panniers.

Luckily, Leatt has solved this problem for riders. You can store food and a jacket in here. If you’re going camping, then you might be able to fit in some basic gear like a small tent and sleeping bag and snacks. At the same time, you’re also protecting your chest region from impacts.

Chest ProtectionYes
Back ProtectionYes
Water StorageYes – 2 Litres
Gear StorageYes – 10 Litres
GPX 4.5 Hydra Chest Protector

Just like the CamelBak series, you can change which side the hydration tube comes from. Neat!

What we love:

  • CE tested to provide great chest protection while also being a backpack
  • Can integrate with your neck brace
  • Has a waterproof cell phone pouch and compartment for tools.
  • Plenty of ventilation to reduce the amount of sweating that you’ll be doing.

What could improve:

  • The white color design will get diry pretty quickly
  • The price is right up there for what this unit is

7. Fox Raceframe Impact CE Flow Body Armour

Looking for something more rad? The high visibility Raceframe from Fox is exactly what you’re looking for. You can wear this under or above the jersey.

This is the slimmest chest protector that we’ve come across. Unfortunately, that comes at a high price too. But if you’re going pro, then this is for you.

The Fox Raceframe series is common on dirt bike race tracks and enduro events globally. Certainly this isn’t something for beginners.

What we love:

  • Very ergonomic and lightweight. Superior materials used in construction.
  • Hard plastic design means you’re less likely to sweat than compared to foam.
  • Very slim so other riders won’t really notice that you’re wearing it.

What could improve:

  • That color! Some people love it while most people hate it. It’s more-so for kids and teenage riders.
  • The price could be cheaper.

Note: Fox has 2 versions of this protector. One is certified as chest protection and the other is merely a rock and debris deflector.

Buying Guide

Now that we’ve seen the 7 best dirt bike chest protectors, let’s look at some of the intrinsic characteristics you should be looking for when shopping around.

Because chances are this is your 1st time in the market. You just aren’t sure if this is right for you at this time.

Removable arm guards

Some of the protectors we’ve noted in this guide allow you to remove the arm guards. This is certainly helpful if you’re confident enough to ride without them.

Flexible plastics

While hard plastics will do a better job of protecting you during a dirt bike crash, you also want some flexibility. This is going to give you better control and confidence in corners.


There is nothing worse than a heavy chest protector and this is a key reason why kids like their normal dirt bike protective gear, but won’t put on any chest protection plate. With advancements in technology, you can easily find units under 5lbs in the market.


You’ll notice in this guide that we would love to see more manufacturers provide greater color choices. It seems that black is back! If you can find colors in Yamaha blue, KTM orange or Honda red, then that will match your bike and outfit on the track.


While you want to protect your body, you also don’t want a free sauna when riding aggressively through tracks and trails on a hot summer’s day. Essentially, we recommend a dirt bike protector for your chest which blends protection with airflow. This is less important for cold climate riders.

Types of dirt bike chest protectors

Did you know that there are multiple types on the market? Knowing what separates each style is important for your buying decisions.

You’ve basically got 2 types:

  1. Vest-style chest protectors. These look like an impact protection vest that you’ll see policemen or security guards wear, or even your local hiker.
  2. Full jacket-style protection. These are a light version of adventure motorcycling jackets and designed for the trail/MX/enduro rider.

We often recommend the later. The vest-style jackets just don’t provide enough protection, but at the same time, are better than nothing at all.

Industry certifications for dirt bike chest protection

At the start of this product comparison, we noted that there are differences between roost protectors and chest protectors. The former really just stops rocks and tree branches from scaring your skin.

In order to be certified, companies need to apply and get CE certification. This is prEN1621-3 Chest Protection with no significant gaps in the coverage area. This is a light certification. There are 3 levels of protection offered, with adventure motorbike jackets almost always offering the most.

You can also get EN1621-2 for the back and EN1621-1 for your shoulder.

Leatt tends to go the extra mile and that’s represented in the significantly higher cost.

Closing off

We hope this buyers guide and comparison gives you some insights into what is available in the market right now. Because you ought to protect yourself when out on the trails.

Have you had a positive or negative experience when crashing with dirt bike chest protectors? Then let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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