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5 Best Dirt Bike Locks To Stop Those Thieves (2023)

To protect yourself against theft of your dirt bikes, you’re going to need to lock them up. Let’s look at the best dirt bike locks available.

For those short on time, our #1 recommendation is the 👉 Trimax Cable Lock. (click to check the latest price)

Now – why lock ’em up?

Well, dirt bikes are easy prey and this is why they are stolen so often. There are thousands of dirt bikes stolen each year around the world, with very few of these recovered because they aren’t registered, or even if they are, they aren’t trackable.

There is a good chance that you’ve seen a stolen dirt bike or adventure motorcycle out in public but you had no idea. Even owners who bought their motorcycle used probably had no idea either, even though the paperwork is clean.

It’s really then up to us, as proud owners, to do our best and lock them up securely. While we might not be able to stop theft entirely, we can discourage or slow down those thieves who are trying to steal our pride and joy. Often they’re looking for a ‘grab and go’ arrangement.

Let’s begin.

Types of Dirt Bike Locks

There are various ways in which you can lock your dirt bike securely in your garage. Essentially, you don’t need to rely on a chain and padlock for good security.

In recent years, these have become some of the better ways to prevent dirt bike theft:

  • Use a brake lever lock. This clamps your brakes closed and so it makes it difficult to move your dirt bike forward. Even if the thief disconnects your brakes, they aren’t going to be able to ride away and instead will need to push your dirt bike (suspiciously) down the street.
  • Lock the brake discs. While not so popular, so dirt bike riders are using a compact brake disc lock which again stops the motorcycle from being wheeled away.
  • Use a bicycle U-lock. This is one of the most popular ways to securely lock a dirt bike. Ensure that you get something very thick at 15mm or greater, paired with a strong cable and key system from a reputable brand.
  • Buy a dirt bike wheel chock. This is one of the smarter ways to secure your dirt bike, while also stopping it from falling over. We’ll cover our favorite model, the Lock N Load BK500, later in this article.
  • Run a shieved chain through the tyres. This is another common way to lock your dirt bike to something stationary.

You can also use an ordinary chain and a strong padlock that you’ll find at Walmart or Bunnings. Be warned, however, that these can actually scratch your wheel when you’re locking/unlocking but also they do tend to rust out over time.

Best locks for Dirt Bike Riders

We’ve compiled a list of the best locks that dirt bike riders from around the world should consider. It’s with great research and enthusiasm in this sport that we provide our considerations.

The best dirt bike locks of 2022 are:

1. Trimax Quadra-Braid 25mm Cable Lock

It’s super hard (near on impossible) to cut through this cable lock when used on a dirt bike, or any type of adventure motorcycle for that matter! Simply run this through your frame or rear tyre and you’ll be setting a real challenge for any thief. The reviews are strong and the sliding key cover keeps out dirt and other corrosion.

2. Master Lock 1.5″ Hardened Steel Chain

It’s hard to look past what’s on offer from Master Lock. This lock with nylon cover prevents scratching motorcycles of any type, while inside the chain itself is actually square which resists cutting. The reviews on this are even stronger than the Trimax featured above, though the chain itself is unfortunately shorter which makes it hard to lock the frame (as opposed to the rear tyre) on to something hard and immovable.

3. Oxford OF3 Boss Alarm Disc Lock with 100dB Alarm

Fancy a padlock for your dirt bike that has an audible alarm? Well, this is exactly what you need! At 100db, it’s going to bring some real attention to any intruder who’s looking to make an easy getaway. You’ll need batteries for this one, but certainly, it’s strong and lives up to expectations. You can actually use this for all kinds of uses, including locking your dirt bike trailer to your car.

4. Kryptonite Evolution Compact Brake Disc Lock

One of the best ways to stop dirt bike theft is through visual deterrents. Often thieves will look for easy targets and when things look a little difficult, they will soon move on. This is why having a brake disc lock which is very obvious will help go a long way to prevent theft, and the Kryptonite does exactly this and more. They made this bright orange to not only show thieves that you have a difficult motorcycle to steal, but also will stop you from riding away with it accidentally engaged.

5. Lock N Load BK500 Dirt Bike Wheel Chock

One of the best ways to stop theft is by being able to secure your dirt bike hard against something. This is where a wheel chock can come in handy and they have a dual-purpose where you can also work on your bike and make it easier to transport. By using the Lock N Load wheel chocks, you can securely transport your dirt bike in a trailer, van or pickup and pair it with a lock to stop it from being easily stolen.

Buying Guide

There are certainly some things that you should look for when shopping around for a dirt bike lock. After all, there are many options out there and not all of them might suit you.

Multiple vs Single Dirt Bikes

Are you trying to secure a single dirt bike or a group of dirt bikes? This is an important consideration because it’s easier to simply recommend the Trimax or Master Lock where as it’s more tricky if you’re trying to secure multiple dirt bikes together. Then again, this makes it easier for you and harder for a thief, since they have to untangle quite a mess if you’re using multiple locks.

If it’s only one dirt bike, you might also consider storing it for a length of time with one tyre missing. Generally, the front tyre is easier to remove, and by removing this, you completely remove the possibility of them being able to wheel the bike down the road. If you have colored rims or tyres, then it becomes hard for them to source a duplicate.

Security Location

If you’re trying to secure your dirt bikes at home in the garage, then it’s often easier to use a physical deterrent as well as a padlock. Consider parking your car or trailer in front of the dirt bikes which means someone would physically have to lift up 300+ pounds of metal to get these dirt bikes in their hands, once they can get through your security systems that is.

It’s a different story when securing them in a trailer. This is where you’ll want to use a chock system as well as a padlock on the trailer. Consider also using a tracking device on both your trailer and dirt bike which is well hidden. These days such devices are quite affordable.

Also, thieves like to ‘fly by night’ in their approach. If you live on a farm, then it’s easier for them to swing by when you’re away for the weekend and steal your bikes. This becomes harder if you have a dog or a front gate that is kept locked.

At the MX track, it’s rare for dirt bikes to be stolen though not impossible. Be wary of shady characters who don’t seem like they belong there and report such individuals to those who are in control of the area.

Registered vs Unregistered

Generally speaking, dirt bikes which aren’t registered are much more attractive to thieves. Given their lack of tracking through government registration offices, and the fact that they aren’t even seen on the roads (typically used on farms), it’s much easier for thieves to on-sell these for profits.

For this reason, you’ll want to be much more adamant with your security if you’re trying to lock away unregistered dirt bikes. Consider throwing everything you can at this, including locks, alarms and tracking systems. Make it as hard for them as physically possible!

Other Things to Secure

What most dirt bike riders forget about is their accessories. Things like their helmet, boots and GPS are prized possessions for thieves which could get stolen. While they don’t fetch so much on the used market, you don’t want to lose these either.

It’s best to use something like the Pacsafe backpack protector. This is ideal if you want to stop your stuff from being stolen at the motocross track when racing or merely spectating. Don’t just think about your wearable gear but also the jerry cans. Thieves, for whatever reason, love to steal the small stuff as well even if the gas cans are empty!

Best way to prevent dirt bike theft

You know, they say the best prevention is through elimination. How can we relate this to the offroad motorcycle market? Well, quite simple actually.

The very best way to prevent the theft of your dirt bike is by NOT advertising the fact that you even have a dirt bike at all. Don’t place dirt bike stickers all over your trailer or car, nor should you leave the garage door open for others to see. Avoid showing off the fact that you own dirt bikes and you’ll prevent 90% of people who are looking to steal your pride and joy.

There is no need to look ‘cool’ or show your team colors. By being discreet, you’ll greatly reduce your risks.

Most people who have their dirt bikes stolen were canvassed first. That is – the thief didn’t magically rock up on their doorstep. They knew this address had dirt bikes and found an opportunistic time. If you have strange-looking cars parking across the street, then you may be stalked by those who are looking for a chance to steal your motorcycles.

In Summary

Securing your dirt bikes against theft is something that you should really take seriously. This isn’t a walk in the park! After all, there is no worse sinking feeling than waking up and discovering an empty spot in your garage.

That can all be stopped, or greatly reduced in terms of likelihood, by sourcing a good lock. Don’t let your guard down either when you’re travelling with dirt bikes and even when camping. You just never know who’s actually watching with a pair of binoculars!

For the small cost, get yourself a lock and consider insurance on your dirt bike as well. Not only will you sleep better at night time, but the bike will always be there ready for the weekend and to twist that throttle hard!

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