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DirtBikeBitz Review: Are They Worth It?

Have you ever shopped at DirtBikeBitz? We recently had an experience that we wanted to share in this unbiased review.

They aren’t too well known outside of the United Kingdom, but we did want to shine some light on whether they are worth buying from.

Let’s begin.

DirtBikeBitz Review

DirtBikeBitz is one of the leading dirt bike stores in the United Kingdom. The industry is small and so we’re glad to see a company supporting the local industry and sponsoring some events.

We did our research into this company to check if they’re legit. Fortunately, they’ve been in business now for around 15 years and they’re doing what they’ve always done – source the best gear for riders who demand excellence.

Their prices are reasonably low and they look to constantly seek new products from suppliers around the world, including Australia. What we love is the ethics with this company as they support children’s dirt bike skills development and training, while making it more affordable for parents to get the gear they need.

Customer Service

A key selling point with any dirt bike store is whether they can engage with their customers both before and after the sale. Fortunately, we can see this quite evident with TrustPilot and a few other sites that we checked.

They are certainly way beyond standard in the rankings there. When we chatted to their team, they were very knowledgeable about what they were selling and recommended us some gear that would suit us very well, namely bags for riding.

We mentioned before about ethics. What’s unique with DirtBikeBitz is their Modern Slavery Statement. You should really have a read of that one if you’re mentally prepared. After all, it’s a complete eye-opener to the realities of product manufacturing.

DirtBikeBitz is owned and operated by Internet Fusion Group. They are a lifestyle brand that owns other sites like Magic Seaweed, so you know you’re dealing with a legitimate group.

Customer Complaints

Given the professional reputation behind DirtBikeBitz, there are so few complaints online. You often see a key message with complaints in that the individual had a rare experience, such as a lost parcel or out of stock item.

Generally what happens is that someone is far less likely to leave a 5-star review than a 1-star review, yet this company has found a way to really prop themselves up to the high 4’s and provide a better representation of their reputation.

The best part is that they have a professional customer service team who deals with issues as they come up. If you have a problem, help is always just one phone call or message away.

In Short

While the UK dirt biking community is small, we’re glad that gear and parts are merely a few clicks away. Instead of paying the import duties, shop locally and support a local store.

Sure, not everyone is happy but the vast majority are. After all, they’ve been in business sin 2006. We look forward to being on the shelves real soon.

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