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Andrew Short – The Legendary Husqvarna Team Rider

Andrew Short is a former motocross/supercross star turned rally raid competitor made famous through his numerous race wins.

Today he continues competing, instead turning his attention towards enduro racing. He is one of several North American riders to compete at the legendary Dakar Rally.

Read more as we share about the life of this fiercely competitive rider, yet one with a calm attitude.

Andrew Short

It’s give you an overview including his riding history, relationship status and notion for injuries.

Like most riders, Andrew grew up behind the handlebars. He was winning races early on as a teenager and got started into the world of professional motocross and supercross.

Many have said that he’s spectacular on his dirt bike and has left the competition to dust. From this, he has certainly filled the trophy room with some prizes and inspired many of today’s youth to get away from the devices and get behind the handlebars instead.

He previously rode a modified Husqvarna 450 Rally in the Dakar and one that is sponsored by Rockstar Energy, though in 2020 has moved over to Yamaha’s race team. He hasn’t really done as well given the very different terrain than compared to what he is used to, yet isn’t down the bottom.

Motivation for Kids

Andrew is big on inspiring the next generation of riders to get going in the sport and sustaining themselves over the long term.

For those with families, his advice is to get them heavily involved with the sport at an early stage. You meet new and interesting people and stories that you’ll never forget that easily.

It’s not just motivation for kids either. As adults, we may never never ridden a dirt bike before in our lives, yet we can be inspired by the pursuits of those riders who have developed insane skills on 2-wheels. Andrew Short is one good example.

If you’re looking to be inspired, or inspire your kids, then look no further.

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