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10 Best Roost Deflectors For MX and Dirt Bike Riders (2023)

Roost deflectors stop gnarly rocks and tree branches from knocking you off your dirt bike. We’ve found the 10 best models to protect your chest.

Roost deflectors really do help to make a more comfortable day out on the MX tracks or country trails. However, please note that they don’t provide adequate chest protection and aren’t rated for crashes.

If you’re searching for genuine chest protection, then check out the best dirt bike chest protectors in the market. Those are CE-rated for high-speed riders.

Let’s start these engines.

Best Roost Deflectors

The main role of a roost deflector is to stop you from low impact injuries. These include:

  • Tree branches that clip your shoulders and chest
  • Rocks and gravel that is kicked up by riders in front
  • Protection against rashes from your dirt bike jersey

Often these roost deflectors are simply cheap plastic. We would certainly recommend that you pay that bit extra and get quality equipment to protect you out there.

Here are the most recommend dirt bike deflectors:

1. Fox Racing 2022 R3 Roost Deflector

When you think of motocross, you think of Fox. They have certainly led the way in the industry over the years. The R3 Roost Deflector is one cool bit of gear.

They have these 3 versions noted above which are basic in their design and very affordable. We love the amount of airflow given.

Then you’ve also got the R3 for women. This model is the best roost deflector for women of all heights and sizes. All in all, some fine protection for those on a budget.

2. EVS Sports Men’s Roost Deflector

Looking for something a bit less plastic-y? Then the EVS Sports deflector is for you. The design is softer while being more professional for the weekend rider.

EVS Sports Men's Roost Deflectors

This is a vest design with no protection for the biceps. However, being EVS, it does provide solid protection against roost in the chest region.

As a roost protector, it’s also compatible with neck braces paired with good ventilation and a secure fit for more confidence at high speeds.

3. Leatt Unisex-Adult Chest Protector

If you know Leatt, then you know that they don’t mess around. From innovating the neck brace to protect riders from the United States to Brazil, Australia to the UK and everywhere in between, they know protection gear like the back of their hands. The 4.5 Chest Protector is no different.

Leatt 4.5 Chest Roost Deflector Device

Is this a cheap roost deflector? Yes, that depends. If you value your chest and want sheer comfort when riding, it’s very cheap. If your wallet is more important, then there are cheaper options in the market.

The reviews on the Leatt 4.5 are impressive and this unit weighs just 1 pound!

4. Alpinestars A-1 Roost Guard

Need a bit more protection? The Alpinestars A-1 has you covered quite well.

Alpinestars A-1 roost deflector

The shell guard on this model is actually certified to EN14021. Essentially this means you’re protected from impacts when you actually crash, not just impacts while riding at speed.

The ventilation on this model is impressive! It’s perfect for a hot and dusty track or humid area.

5. EVS Sports Chest Protector

Love your riding jersey and want others to see its epic design? Then get this bad-boy today!

EVS Sports Chest Protector and Roost Deflector

The profile on this design is much lower than usual. It’s a smaller roost deflector ideal for those who want a minimal approach with something that doesn’t get in the way.

It’s also very low weight too while protecting your back with its poly carbonate construction.

6. Fox Titan Kids Roost Deflector

Are you searching for the best kids dirt bike roost deflector? Injuries when riding are something that kids will inherently encounter and recommend full protective gear for kids who are either riding MX or the local dirt trails.

Fox Titan Kids Roost Deflector

Fox has the Titan series and from our experience, provides a solid amount of protection from roost for children of all ages. Two things that let this model down slightly is the lack of ventilation and the higher weight than an adult chest protector.

However, at 1.4 pounds your child probably isn’t likely to notice. Plus the design is very attractive and kids are often more interested in twisting the throttle and getting into everything.

7. Fly Racing Mini Convertible II Roost Deflector

Another minimal design for adults is the Fly Racing Mini Convertible II. Because it’s available in both red and blue, both Yamaha and Honda riders can find their preference.

This model is super easy to put on and off. You’ll have easy movement while enjoying lots of comfort. The ventilation on this model is far superior than most other models.

For a cheap roost deflector that offers some good benefits, then it’s hard to look past this model.

8. Fox Racing Adult Raptor Vest

We’re going to flip the switch and go for something expensive. The Fox Racing Raptor vest comes at 2x the price of your average roost deflector.

Fox Racing Adult Raptor Vest Roost Deflector

One thing to note is the CE certification on your back. However, it does leave your chest open and if you’re looking for genuine protection, check out the alternative guide we mentioned at the top of this post.

KTM riders looking for a high quality roost deflector or chest protector tend to go for this model. It’s adjustable and being very comfortable to wear, but with less ventilation than other models in the market.

9. Fox Racing Raceframe Roost Deflector

Yes – it’s Fox twice in a row. Now we’re looking at their Raceframe roost deflector. This model is popular with mountain bike riders heading downhill just as it’s popular with trail bike and MX riders too.

Fox Racing Raceframe Roost Protector

The simplicity of this design paired with its ventilation ticks a lot of boxes for us. The black design really goes with everything in the market.

With dozens of reviews, users have found this one to be exactly what they were searching for.

10. Fly Racing Undercover II Pullover Roost Guard

Unlike many other options that we’ve provided in our guide to roost deflectors, this model is very different. This is basically a heavy-duty shirt that you merely put on with your jersey going on top.

There isn’t much fuss with this design. You merely put it on and your jersey then is worn as normal. Most other riders won’t even notice that you’re wearing anything.

At this time, it’s hard to source this design but if you can buy one internationally, then you’re on to a winner!

One final inclusion

We’ve got a bonus! And that’s the Troy Lee Designs black roost deflector.

Troy Lee Designs black roost deflector
Troy Lee Designs have really thought of everything here!

This is the most expensive that money can buy, but also vastly superior too!

You’ll have your chest, ribs, back, shoulders and upper arms very well covered. This model, in particular, is popular with enduro riders as they need superior protection but also want a lot of movement as well both when standing on the pegs and sitting on the saddle.

Buying Guide

So then, with so many options on the market, how do you know which one to buy? We’ve put together this buying guide to help you out.

This buying guide applies to both kids needing their own roost deflectors as well as adults too.


The last thing you’ll want is bad ventilation. This is only going to make you sweat more on the tracks and trails.

By having solid ventilation, you’re able to focus on riding and not getting a free sauna when riding on a hot day. Look at the roost deflectors on this list and observe how much ventilation they provide.


Almost all of these use a hard plastic design. When rocks are flying into you or you’re powering past trees at 50 miles per hour, nothing else can really deflect these impacts.

By going into a dealership, you can check just how thick these are in person and make a decision based on the level of protection you desire.


Often it’s best to spend up for the best. The cheap Chinese options that you’ll find on eBay and Amazon simply don’t live up to expectations in the real world.

On average, dirt bike roost protectors cost around $100 for a solid unit. You might pay up to $300 for a superior model like Leatt.


Often riders want the roost deflector color to match their own riding outfit. Given the multiple color options on this list, those who are seeking orange, red, yellow or blue will find something that suits their trail bike.

A great idea is to select a black design. This way you can keep the unit when you’re upgrading to a new dirt bike next year.

Roost deflector with neck brace

It’s hard to find a roost guard that also has a neck brace built in. These are two seperate units and often from two seperate brands.

As for fitment, most roost deflectors will fit with a neck brace. It’s always best to stick with the same brands and we recommend Leatt primarily.

Hydration pack with roost deflector

What we would love to see is a roost deflect paired with a hydration pack. The closest in the market is the Leatt Hydra 4.5 which is actually a chest protector, not roost deflector.

The Fly Racing Stingray is the closest thing you’ll find here with good reviews online. We would love to see more options in the marketplace.

Where to buy

There are numerous dealerships across the country which stock exactly what you’re searching for. We recommend this approach because you’ll be able to try on a roost deflector in person.

Try on different brands: Fly, Fox Racing and Leatt. If they don’t stock these brands then you’re completely in the wrong shop.

Likewise, you can buy online. Countries like Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and South Africa have their own country-specific online stores. For those in the United States, using Amazon is the most common way to order any MX gear.

Using coupons and discounts is often a great way to save. Alternatively, look on Craigslist or Gumtree for roost deflectors as these are often cheap and with minimal use as some riders replace them each season.

In Closing

We would recommend a roost deflector if you’re wanting to avoid things from striking your body at speed. For protection when crashing at 60 miles per hour, these are woefully inadequate.

In fact, they tend to rise up and cut into the neck of a rider. This is why we recommend a chest protector instead of a roost deflector. Two very separate items.

Let us know in the comments which one you prefer.

For us, we’d always prefer to be on full throttle!

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