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8 Best ATV Ramps for Loading and Offloading a Truck (2023)

Loading up an ATV into a truck bed isn’t easy work at all and a pair of loading ramps are highly recommended. Unfortunately not all of them are the same, with some being inferior and others being superior.

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These ATV ramps for loading a truck are our best recommendations based on user experiences and reviews, for both stock and lifted flat-bed trucks.

In most instances, the longer your ramps are the better it is for the safety of you and your quad bike, and longevity of the ramps. This is even more important if you have a lifted truck where the bed is an extra foot or so above the ground.

Essentially, the safest ATV ramps range between 10 ft and 12 ft as they provide a safer loading angle.

Best ATV and 4-Wheeler Ramps

We’re offroad motorcycling professionals. In creating this guide for ATV quad bike ramps, we’ve separated this across multiple categories:

  • Most secure ATV loan ramps
  • Best quad bike ramps for lifted trucks
  • Cheapest ramps for loading an ATV
  • Ramps made in the USA

Let’s begin.

Most secure ATV load ramps

Without a doubt the most secure ATV ramps are those which are full-width. Because of how wide they are, you limit the chance of riding off the ramps when loading.

One of the biggest advantages is how easy they are to also load dirt bikes into the back of a truck. There is a lot of space for the individual to stand securely and have full control over their offroad weapon.

However, the challenge is storage space. These are huge! You may have to purchase a set of roof racks of find alternative means to offload your ATV once you get to your riding destination. People who have dirt bike trailers and toy haulers typically purchase these as they have plenty of interior space for storage.

Winner: Black Widow TFP-9354

For a safe feeling, you can’t go past the offering from Black Widow. This Punch Plate Tri-Fold ATV Ramp is literally the most secure model you can purchase.

Most secure ATV load ramps

It comes in a set width of 54″ and you can choose between a 77″ length (6.4 feet) and 93″ in length (7.75 feet). The later is recommended even if you have a stock-height truck bed.

The ramp is tri-fold so you’ll be able to store it in the bed quite easily. This model comes with two tie-down straps to connect to your vehicle when loading so the ramp itself doesn’t slip.

Load capacity: 1,500lbs.

Runner-up: Yutrax UTV/ATV Tri-Fold Loading Ramps

While not as secure (especially for loading dirt bikes), these are still an awesome quad bike ramp to purchase. They are lighter than the Black Widow’s which means you can handle them quite easily.

Most secure ATV load ramps grated

The width is narrower at 50″ and it comes in 70″ and 78″ lengths, with us naturally giving preference to the 78″ version.

What’s unique is the rubber-coated top to reduce scratching on your tub liner. This also comes with two straps to secure the ramp to your vehicle.

Load capacity: 1,750lbs

Best ATV bike ramps for lifted trucks

If you have a lifted truck then the correct type of ATV ramp to buy is often the longest you can afford. Anything 10 feet or longer is ideal as this reduces the angle in which your 4-wheeler needs to climb, leading to greater safety and security in the process of loading and unloading.

The challenge though is the storage space that the longer ramps take, both in the back of your truck and at home in the garage.

Winner: Titan 10′ Folding Aluminum Arch ATV Ramps

With no assembly required and the length that owners of lifted trucks need to load and unload their ATV quad bikes, the winner is Titan. Their ramps are slightly arched creating more security for the user.

Best ATV bike ramps for lifted trucks

The reviews on the Titan 10′ ATV loading ramps are very strong at an average 4.5 stars. Some complaints stem around the flexibility of these ramps (understandable, given how long and skinny they are) as well as golf cart users attempting to use them and they break. Essentially – use these within their specs.

We would love to see Titan go a little wider and more stronger on the centre beam, otherwise these are great ramps.

Load capacity: 1200lbs

Runner-up: BestEquip 10ft ATV loading ramps

In life you get what you pay for. The runner up on our list goes to BestEquip with their ATV loading ramps. The reviews on this show that they aren’t strong enough so we’ve updated our recommendation to instead show their car loading ramps which should be more than adequate for ATV loading.

long ATV ramp

You’ll need to purchase 2 of these as they are sold individually. They fold in half and you can lay them in the back seat once you’re done loading.

Included are 2 safety straps and you can load other things with these, including lawn mowers, dirt bikes and small garden tractors.

Load capacity: 800lbs

Cheapest ramps for loading an ATV

As we’ve mentioned, in life you really get what you pay for. We don’t recommend cheap ATV ramps given the damage you could cause to your 4-wheeler, your truck, yourself and bystanders.

However there are people who only load and unload their ATV every few months and just need something affordable. For that reason we’ve done the research to find you the cheapest ATV ramps currently available.

Winner: Tooca ATV Loading ramps

For under $130 you can purchase the Tooca 2-piece ATV loading ramps. These are half-fold so you can throw them in your passenger seat once done.

Cheap quad bike ramp

The reviews on the Tooca loading ramps are quite reasonable at 4.5 stars with the ramps themselves offering good value. Currently the price represents the cheapest ATV loading ramps on the market yet aren’t tainted by negativity and complaints.

These are also incredibly light at under 16lbs. You can use it to also load lawn mowers and other machines at home.

Weight capacity: 1,500lbs

Runner up: Clevr 7.5′ folding aluminum truck ramps for ATV

If you pay slightly more, then you can get the Clevr ATV loading ramps. The reviews on these are superior and those with lawnmowers and dirt bikes love this.

cheap 4-wheeler ramp

The finger points that lay on your tailgate are quite long and are fluorescent so you can see them in the dark. Often if you pay a little more than the cheapest price then you’ll simply get a better quality ATV ramp.

The clevr ATV ramps have solid reviews on Amazon now averaging 4.5 stars. There are a few complaints suggesting the ramps do break but this rarely happens.

Load capacity: 1,500lbs

ATV Ramps made in the USA

We have found 2 ATV ramps made in the United States so you can avoid the cheap Chinese-made materials. Yes, these are inheritly going to be more expensive but it’s well worth the price to support local jobs and the economy.

Winner: Big Boy Aluminum 4-Beam Dual Runner Folding ATV Ramps

These have been manufactured from high-strength and lightweight aluminum with the weight capacity extending up to 3,000lbs! If you’re looking for true reliability then this is it.

ATV Ramps made in the USA

Big Boy also makes 12 foot ATV loading ramps which aren’t easy to find on Amazon. The reviews on their ramps are very positive given how strong these are.

The catch is: The weight of the ramps (sometimes exceeding 100lbs) and the price (above $700) really do make people look at the cheapest options. Just remember that the cheap options are always made in China where as Big Boy supports local jobs and the economy, while building a product that actually lasts more than 5 minutes.

Load capacity: Between 2,000lbs and up to 3,000lbs depending on the model chosen.

Runner-up: Roll-A-Ramp Twin Track Ramps

Another great Made in USA ATV Ramp is the Rool-A-Ramp tracks which have heavy-duty clearly displayed in their design. Because they’re made in the United States, you can trust that they’ll actually do what they claim to do.

These are available in 11 different lengths which is sensational.

A11202A193 feet20 lbs2,000 lbs
A11203A194 feet26 lbs2,000 lbs
A11204A195 feet32 lbs2,000 lbs
A11205A196 feet38 lbs2,000 lbs
A11206A197 feet44 lbs2,000 lbs
A11207A198 feet50 lbs2,000 lbs
A11208A199 feet56 lbs2,000 lbs
A11209A1910 feet62 lbs2,000 lbs
A112010A1911 feet68 lbs2,000 lbs
A11211A1912 feet74 lbs2,000 lbs
A11212A1913 feet80 lbs2,000 lbs
This is the Roll-A-Ramp ATV Product Guide as of May 2020

What’s unique about this product is that they literally roll up instead of rolling up, hence the yellow tabs. This way you can store them in a backpack.

Truly a sensational product if you can afford the price and demand strength instead of average-quality Chinese products.

What to look for with ATV guides

Here’s a quick buying guide if this is your first time buying a ramp


Ideally (as we’ve mentioned more than once in this article) you’ll want to find a ramp that’s longer rather than shorter. Anything 10 foot or above is ideal as otherwise the angle can be too steep and you may loose traction.


Find an ATV ramp that isn’t the cheapest out there. Often the cheap models break quite easily and are only designed to be used every 6 months, not every weekend. We recommend models made in the USA.

User reviews

Look at what people are saying about the ramp that you’re considering. We’ve only featured ramps on this list that people are genuinely using right now to get their ATV on and off their flatbed truck, whether it’s lifted or standard height.


If your ramp breaks, you’ll want to get a refund. The issue is that some of these companies don’t provide warranties even if the ramp breaks well before the breaking point.

Load capacity

We recommend going for 200 to 300lbs higher than the weight of your ATV quad bike + yourself as the rider. Remember that you’ll be on the ramp when you load and unload so it’s not just the weight of the vehicle itself.

Country of Origin

Yes – we’re raising this point again. Most ramps on this list come from China and the quality can be really good, or simply really bad. If you spend up on quality you generally get a stronger ATV ramp that lasts for years. However if you’re going to spend that much, why not buy something made in the United States or your own country, such as Australia? Food for thought.

In summary

We’ve covered the top ATV ramps for getting your offroad machine on and off your truck. Each ramp set mentioned here is unique and they all do the job at varying degrees of confidence for the rider.

We recommend spending up some additional dollars for the best outcome – that is to own a ramp that lasts for years and doesn’t fail halfway through loading.

Got any questions? Let us know in the comments below.

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