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5 Best KTM Toy Dirt Bikes For Young Kids (2023)

As a kid, many of us really enjoyed seeing dirt bikes and wished that we could either get a toy or a real one.

For some of us, this happened. For others, we simply had to miss out. Now seeing our own kids enter this world, we’re more than often looking to get a dirt bike for them.

For now at least, we can get them a toy model to keep the dream alive! These life-like models are perfect as a present that your child will cherish for years to come. These toys are something that can be used at show-and-share at school or to inspire them to keep riding well into their adult lives.

Best-Rated KTM Kids Toy Dirt Bikes

These diecast models are those we have hand-picked for those who want something very high quality where the paint won’t fade or peel off in 5 minutes. Indeed these are replicas of the real bikes, which themselves are very high quality. We’re obviously massive KTM fans given Frontaer’s styling and color choices in our logo.

Here are the best options available. Here are KTM’s best model dirt bikes:

1. NewRay KTM 350 SX-F Dirt Bike Model

This is the most popular model on Amazon and one that many kids long to have. The best part? It’s priced more affordable than most models in the line up, so massive kudos for NewRay providing this.

It makes for an excellent collector’s piece and someone definitely worthy for that special part of your home. It’s at 1:12 Scale which is perfect for kids and adults alike.

2. Bburago Die-cast Model KTM 450 SX-F

The bburgago model replicate dirt bike toy featuring a KTM 450SX-F (2014 model) is slightly smaller than the NewRay, but it does come with a stand. These is a Red Bull model for ages 3 and older.

The reviews and ratings are very high on this particular bike, though it’s both smaler and more expensive than most other models here. Given it’s a limited edition, it’s one that we can recommend that you buy up before they run out of stock.

3. New Ray 450SX-F Cooper Webb Edition

If your kids are a fan of MX rider Cooper Webb, then this is the dirt bike to get. It’s a larger model (almost 2x bigger than the model above) at 1:10 scale and featured more modern colors.

The tyres are actually real rubber instead of pastic and it’s pretty evident that they put some thought process into creating the kids KTM toy dirt bike. It also comes with a stand if you don’t want to play with it.

4. Dakar Rally Motorcycle KTM Toy Replica

When riders get older, they typically turn their focus away from dirt bikes and onto enduro riding and wild adventures as it’s less taxing on the human body. This is where you’ll find the big-bore motorcycles competing in the Dakar Rally, and if your child is already into this…then they’ll really appreciate this toy.

This is a smaller 1/18 ratio motorcycle but quite popular. At this time of writing, they are actually out of stock but you may be able to go on the backorder list.

5. MXS Motocross Orange and Blue Figure for Kids

For a comedic-spin, we can’t forget to mention the MXS Motocross Bike Toy. This one is certainly the type of bike you actually play with, instead of just looking on the shelf.

You’ll find the rider to have realistic helmets and you can move its arms and legs around. It even has sound effects and genuine suspension designed to replicate the real bike, just at a much smaller scale! Included is a kickstand and removable helmet.

Final thoughts

Unlike the full-blown purchase of a real dirt bike, a toy won’t have much to think about. If there’s one tip we can share…is to look at reviews and quality. We’ve heard stories of handlebars coming loose and tyres falling off, so just check the reviews on Amazon to validate just how sturdy these are.

Generally speaking, they aren’t designed for regular playtime and are best for the shelf feature or bar area. Those that love dirt biking will appreciate the detailed carvings and realistic experience these toy KTM bikes bring, which only motivates us to get back out there on the trails!

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