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Touratech Review: Are They Any Good?

If you’ve been around the adventure motorcycling world long enough, then you’ve come across Touratech in the UK & Australia.

In fact, they even have a good presence now in the United States too. For the world of adventure riding, they certainly have built an incredible reputation.

Touratech Review

We’re unbiased as they come here at Frontaer and don’t get paid for our online opinions. In this review, we’re simply sharing our opinions towards using this brand.

You’re probably doing your research just like we did years ago. You want to know if they are any good and worth ordering from. After all, your gear probably has to travel thousands of miles.

Let’s dig a little deeper here and go further, in the sense of true adventure.

Adventure Gear Range

It’s clear that Touratech stocks the best gear in the business. They aren’t messing around with cheap gear from China that you’d otherwise find on eBay and Amazon. That stuff is lucky to last a thousand miles. When you’re touring within your own borders or riding the world, you need gear that’s going to last.

Their entire range spans more than 800 pages of incredible gear that’s going to get you, your bike and your sanity from point A to B. Whether that’s 1,000 miles or 100,000. (No kidding, some of their customers have been well beyond this on 2 wheels offroad)

They aren’t into the motocross or trials crowd. That younger generation is well served by other stores. Touratech has chosen a specific path where in Germany, ADV riding is extreme popular. After all, the best adventure motorcycles are born in their numerous factories.

Social Media

While their target demographic (gentlemen above the age of 35) aren’t really on social media, that hasn’t given Touratech a free pass to forget about these channels. As you can see from their channels, especially on YouTube, there is a solid presence there. Plenty of information to get you started or continuing your journey in the ADV world.

You’ll also find strong engagement too. They actually reply to comments and questions from their audience. It’s not often that this happens with other ADV channels that we’ve come across.

Industry Reputation

Their reputation is seriously strong with Touratech. They even support adventure moto events several times per year with strong sponsorships which makes it cheaper for riders to enter.

You’ll also find a staggering amount of 5-star reviews online. Even when someone does have a bad experience, ADV riders just know that Touratech will make it right. This is even so when riders need some help with a product years after purchase. Clearly Touratech has played the long game here.

In Summary

Touratech has built a reputation as the go-to resource in the ADV crowd over the last 20 years. While there are bigger stores out there, no one else focuses on the adventure riding community as closely as these guys.

There is no messing around here. If you need gear, then they have the best in stock and events to meet others in the community. This has lead to an immense amount of trust and longevity with riders coming back year after year.

We look seeing Frontaer’s products on the shelves real soon.

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