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7 Best Dirt Bike Hydration Backpacks To Ride All Day (2023)

Buying a backpack for riding through the backcountry with your dirt bike is a challenging task. Then we need hydration bladders too.

Yes, finding the right bag is challenging. Most manufacturers make hydration packs which are good, but you need a model that is specifically tailored to whizzing down the trails at 70 miles per hour or more.

The type that allows your back to stay dry and sweat-free, but also be dynamic enough to move around as you shift your weight on the pegs. Let’s not forget the storage space you need for the first aid kit, spare tubes, snacks and tools. This adds some real complexity to finding the right balance between being light and having enough storage.

Best Dirt Bike Backpack with Water Bladders

We’re avid offroad enthusiasts here at Frontaer and have dug around do the research for you. We didn’t simply want to show you a list of options from those who go hiking in the woods. That doesn’t apply to us because our needs are very different.

Our situation changes as does our environment on the trails. Whether we’re out for a few hours on the trails, racing in a motocross championship series or multi-day adventures with camping, we need the type of backpack that’s going to last and last for years. Most importantly, one that provides us with ample hydration with a built-in bladder system.

These are the most popular dirt bike backpacks of 2022 with hydration packs:

1. CamelBak Mule 3L

The CamelBak Mule has a cult-like reputation among anyone who ventures outdoors. It certainly makes for a great backpack to explore on 2-wheels with plenty of storage and a large hydration pack. We’re talking 3 litres here which is more than enough for exploring, even if you’re riding out in the Californian desert.

It has a waist clip designed to stop the backpack from moving around at high speeds, yet with mesh on the back to allow you to breathe. This is exactly what we need – ventilation! Not only is their ventilation at the back but on the straps too. Most other manufacturers forget about this.

What we really love here at Frontaer is sustainability. It’s been used with some recycled materials which keep us smiling. And the phone pouch is very good as it keeps your phone dry when the hydration pack lets out some moisture if you’ve left it in the fridge overnight.

2. Zac Speed Comp 2 Hydration Backpack

Let’s say that you’re in a region where the weather is a bit milder and you don’t quite need so much in the way of water capacity in the rear., then we’d go with the 2L Zac Speed Comp 2. This is a popular hydration backpack for enduro riders around the world who compete at the highest levels.

Zac Speed Comp 2 for competitive dirt bike riding and enduro races

It’s much lighter than the CamelBak options because there is less storage space and the focus is on simplicity. There is even a race harness which gives you an indication as to what this is targetted towards.

The back panel isn’t just meshed and they’ve gone with moulded EVA to have less of a form-fitting approach, which means less sweat running down your back. While the CamelBak has a small waist belt, the Zac Speed team took it to the top with their model having an elastic version which is thicker and keeps the hydration backpack more stable at high speeds.

3. Ogio Dakar 3L Hydration Backpack

The Ogio Dakar 3L is a seriously tough model that’s designed to be more rugged yet sporty. It’s not uncommon to see rod-based motorcyclists using this on their daily commute to and from work. The bag itself seriously looks cool and would suit the dual-sport enthusiast as much as the dirt bike rider.

It has some great storage with insulated cooler fabric which keeps the water cooler for longer. After all, who really wants to be drinking warm tap water on a hot summer’s day? We typically throw our hydration bladders in the freezer on the night before riding so they thaw out when riding.

What stands out with the Ogio Dakar is the EVA arm on the back. This gives you some protection if you’re carrying expensive gear like a camera or a tablet when camping for the night or doing a long enduro ride. The build quality is strong and this backpack looks as great out there on the trails as it does riding around the city centre.

4. CamelBak Lobo

The Lobo is another great contender from CamelBak and represents the 2nd entrance from CamelBak on thie list. Their global reputation is very high and there are many reviews which praise their longevity while addressing the needs of adventure-seekers globally.

What’s great about this hydration backpack is that it isn’t just for dirt bike riders. If you’re cycling or hiking, then this bag will do the job very well which means you don’t need to buy seperate backpacks. The world doesn’t need more ‘stuff’ after all.

This one rides down lower and you may feel it sitting a bit too low, especially if you tend to sit down when riding as opposed to standing. It’s mostly the vertically-challenged riders among us that will find this an issue. With an integrated tool roll, several pockets for snacks and tubes, you’ve got yourself here a bag that you’ll be proud to wear in multiple situations.

5. Nelson-Rigg Adventure Hydration Backpack

Frontaer never forgets about the adventure riders on their dual-sport motorcycles. After all, we’re a brand heading in that direction given how respectful and serious these riders are about quality. Nelson-Rigg has it sorted with their hydro backpack for riders seeing the world off the beaten path.

Nelson rigg hydration bladder backpack for dirt bike riders

Now, this is significantly bigger than what most riders are going to need out there on the trails. Yet the build quality on this is quite superior and this is reflected in the price. We’re looking at water-resistant backpack that has multiple storage options and 2 litres of water available, with 9L of storage for food, the camera or even a small iPad.

You’ll get the typical features of a padded back panel and airflow system. In addition, it’s very well padded with the straps having 3 spots of adjustibility. The zippers themselves are designed to take a bit of a load too so don’t be too worried about stuffing a few things in here.

6. Kriega Hydro-3 Hydration Pack

Kriega is one of our favorite brands in the adventure riding space and they’ve earned their respect and reputation among the dual-sport crowd for sheer quality. In recent years, they’ve also been pushing towards the motocross world with their well thought out products which simply aren’t copycats.

Their Hydro 3 is the lightest backpack for dirt bike riders and is designed to feel like it’s not even there. It looks quite small but there is still 3 litres of water available to riders and most people only fill this up half way when heading out.

The waist strap keeps thing quite secure and the harness system feels like you’re craddled together well. No tool pocket on this hydration pack but it’s designed for the minimalist who just needs some water out there on the trails. Most riders will use a fender bag to store their tools.

7. Zac Speed Dakar Configr8 Backpack

If the Nelson-Rigg hydro backpack didn’t excite you above, then we’re finishing this list off with the Zac Speed Dakar Configr8. Yes, similar name to the Ogio above but certainly different in its design characteristics. This is a much larger version that’s also black. This is awesome because we know that white backpacks stay clean for about 3.2 seconds out there on the tracks.

Zac Speed Dakar Configr8 Backpack Review

The storage within this bag is massive and they’ve built an entirely seperate tool section. You’ll find several storage areas and pockets available with 22.5 litres of capacity. If you wanted to stow a small tent in your backpack when riding, then this is the backpack you’d want to use.

The 3L hydration system will keep you topped up for a couple of days of riding, and you can always stow an extra water bottle in the backpack too. In terms of construction, it has a shoulder harness and waste belt system which are both removable with multiple adjustments, paired with back padding with superior airflow. This bad boy ain’t cheap but for the price you’re paying, it represents great value!

Final Thoughts

There we have it! Some seriously good backpacks for those who love to journey around with their dirt bikes on the deserts and national forests. Frontaer has hand-picked these for the sheer versatility, breathability and lightweight nature that these bags bring.

We’ve also looked at the build quality and customer reviews, as well as industry reputation. You’ll notice that we picked well-known brands that have a reputation for delivering seriously good quality. No Chinese brands here that you’d typically find on Amazon and eBay. We know you wanted the best for your riding experiences and we delivered.

Now pick one and get out there! The trails are just begging to explored with your 4-stroke humming along. Throw on a backpack with the tubes, levers, some snacks and some chilled water, and you’ll have an epic ride.

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