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BTO Sports Review: Are They Any Good?

BTO Sports is a dirt bike store which is one of the largest in the United States, with some 100,000 customers.

Clearly they are very genuine and have been in the business for a long time, but are they worth buying from?

In this guide, Frontaer hopes to shine some light and provides insights. Note: This is an unbiased review of BTO Sports and we aren’t paid for our opinions.

While we don’t have a commercial relationship at present, we do hope to be in their stores in the future. Let’s begin.

BTO Sports Review

When buying anything online nowadays, it’s wise to do your research. After all, you don’t want to be ripped off by being overcharged or having your gear go to a mystery location.

With the constant booming industry of dirt bike riding, numerous stores have poped up over the years. But what we love is using the stores which have been around a long time before the dot com boom years.

BTO Sports is one such store which was founded over 20 years ago. Today they have tens of thousands of items in stock paired with thousands going through the store each and every week.

What we really love is that they specialize in dirt bike gear. Compare this to other stores which have a sub-section of offroad apparel, and it’s soon evident that BTO Sports has worked out who their ideal customer is.

Industry Reputation

Head into any Facebook group and people will be saying good things about BTO Sports. Why? They have become a respected supplier and leader in the industry based on great prices and excellent customer service.

Essentially, they work to make your riding much more enjoyable. Whether you’re a pro or casual rider, you can find just about everything you need in store from the world’s most recognized brands.

It isn’t just gear either. They stock a seriously big range of dirt bike parts and accessories to keep your engine humming along at full capacity. This even includes older models prior to 2010.

Customer Complaints

Have you read some of those negative reviews regarding BTO Sports? It has you a little concerned, doesn’t it? Well, we can shed some light there.

It’s a tough industry to be in because dirt bike riders can be ruthless. For years they may have an excellent experience but have never left a review, but suddenly a single bad experience sees them leave a 1-star rating.

Thus, any average review ratings can be somewhat skewed. It’s disappointing and challenging for businesses, but we’ve seen multiple instances where BTO Sports tried to make things right for the customer.

In Summary

It’s not easy running a huge operation but most of their customers are pretty happy with the end result. That is – their gear is delivered on time and they got it for a good price.

Even people outside the USA are buying from their store given their internationally shipping available. Thus if you need that hard-to-find part, then they’ll be able to ship it your way.

Apart from their site sometimes being challenging to navigate, we can see that they clearly are staking themselves as the industry leader.

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