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How To Keep A Motorcycle Helmet Cool

Keeping a motorcycle helmet cool on hot summer days is the desire for many who are riding out there in the warmer climates.

We’ve found some very interesting ways to help with climate issues over the years and reduce the heat for riders globally.

You can keep a motorcycle helmet cool by:

  1. Choosing a lighter colored helmet such as white or silver as opposed to black
  2. Maximizing the airflow by keeping the visor open while wearing sunglasses
  3. Replacing the interior lining to a material which allows the face to breathe
  4. Replacing the visor to a tinted lens which also has ventilation and flaps

Let’s go deeper on each facet.

Keep A Motorcycle Helmet Cooler

It’s super challenging to focus on the road ahead and the hazards you’ll encounter with a hot motorcycle helmet. Therefore, keeping it cool is very helpful.

This really starts in the buying process. It’s simply harder to cool down a motorcycle helmet that you’ve already bought when you could just buy a new one. But does this mean that you’ll waste your existing helmet? Not necessarily.

You see – some riders choose to have two helmets. One for winter riding and one for summer riding. By having a summer-specific helmet, you’ll also reduce condensation.

Let’s say you are currently in the market for a cool motorcycle helmet for summer riding. We would recommend helmets with strong ventilation, lighter colors and padding that breathes well.

Dirt bike riders are fortunate in that their helmets are generally cool and provide excellent airflow. Some riders may opt to use icepacks in their helmet which are removed just before wearing and going out for a tough race.

Tricks of the trade

Some things that we’ve learned in the journey include keeping the visor open when riding at slow speeds. You can wear sunglasses such as aviators when riding to stop bugs from catching into your eyes. Chances are that you’ve seen riders doing this before.

If your helmet is expensive and you don’t simply want to purchase a new one, then you can actually get the lining replaced. Most people do this themselves by ordering the replacement liners on eBay or Amazon.

You see – there are different materials used inside helmets. Some are used for thermal retention (to keep the face warm in winter) and others are used to wick moisture away for summer riders. You may want to keep the same helmet and simply replace the lining quite regularly as the seasons change.

Replacing your lens is also very helpful. By having a dark lens, you’ll actually feel cooler as your face isn’t being burned by the sun while you’re riding. It also negates the need to wear sunglasses and this in itself will promote more airflow around your face.

Lastly, consider the jacket you’re wearing. If you’re riding around with a hot chest and neck area, then the heat will actually transfer up into the helmet and therefore make the helmet hotter. So it may not be a helmet issue at all but the clothing that you’re already wearing that needs to be vented.

Airconditioned helmets

Did you know that you can now get motorcycle helmets with airconditioning? Sounds crazy and a little bit sci-fi, but the future is definitely here…though with minimal demand!

Feher makes the airconditioned helmets with mixed reviews. Some love the concept while others think it’s merely creative marketing for the soft rider. Then again, race car drivers have been using aircondtioned helmets for years though the external unit is attached to their car.

Such airconditioned motorcycle helmets will cool the face of the rider and allow them to be more focused while on the road. This generally leads to less fatigue so you can ride longer.

There is a small fan inside the motorcycle helmet which pumps in chilled air. In addition, there are vents and a seal to prevent the cold air from escaping.

When it’s too hot to go riding…well now you have an excuse to still get out there!

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