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Adventure Bike Boots vs Dirt Bike Boots

Ever wondered what the difference between Adventure Bike and Dirt Bike boots are? Well, there are some variances.

Essentially, an adventure motorcycle boot is more rigid and designed to withstand impacts at higher speeds. They also last much longer than dirt bike boots given they are used for expedition trips. Dirt bike boots, by comparison, are used for casual dirt bike riding and motocross racing which means they are more flexible and lighter for the rider to throw their bike around in the corners.

When racing about, you’ll want a light boot that can last a season or two. For global adventures, an adventure boot that can last for miles and miles is better suited.

The Differences in Riding Boots

We’re a mix of adventure riding and dirt bike thrills and spills here at Frontaer. This gives us the viewpoint of being able to serve both types of customers.

In addition, we’re big on safety. If you’re going to spend thousands on choosing a dirt bike or adventure motorcycle, you’ll want to spend a decent amount on protective gear. It’s this stuff that will save your backside in the event of an accident.

It’s fair to say then that we know what we’re refering to. If you’re a beginner to the world of taking your motorcycle away from the beaten path, then this guide is for you.

The following table fairly compares adventure motorcycle vs dirt bike riding boots:

Dirt Bike Riding BootsAdventure Motorcycle Boots
FlexibilityLots of FlexibilityMinimal Flexibility
MaterialsSolid with FlexVery Solid – Hard to Break
ColorsLighter ColorsDarker Colors
Buckles3 to 41 to 3
Longevity1 to 2 years3 to 5 years
WaterproofSome ModelsMost Models
Price$100 to $300$170 to $400
DemographicRiders aged 15 to 35Riders aged 30 to 70
Weight3lbs to 10lbs5lbs to 14lbs
Seasons3 Seasons4 Seasons
Kids VersionsYesNo
Female VersionsYesYes
This is a fair comparison of the two main types of offroad riding boots in the western world.

You’ll also find that adventure motorcycle boots have a front kick-plate and sometimes a steel-toe cap. This is missing for some dirt bike boots.

Why are dirt bike boots cheaper and lighter? Because they are designed to win races and to help riders enjoy a great day out on the trails. The additional heat gets uncomfortable and leads to refunds.

Additionally, dirt bike riders have less money to spend than richer adventure riders who are generally 50+ and are happy to spend up on quality gear.

Yes, adventure riders demand durability and longevity over thousands of riding miles, both on the road and on the dirt. They’re happy to deal with the heavier weight if the build quality is stronger and lasts the distance. If it does – then they’ll be happy to buy a 2nd pair from the same manufacturer.

Buying Your 1st Pair

If you are buying your first pair, then it’s best to go into a dealership who deals with both dirt bike and adventure riding apparel. If you’re riding dual sport and enjoy the best of both words, then they can recommend the right boot for you.

Sizing is everything and so is the comfort rating. Bring in a pair of comfortable motorcycling boots and try out a few different brands in the store. Trust us – look at the price last! Yes, they can be expensive but a cheap pair of motorcycling boots are the same pair that will tend to break down after a few years.

If you’re on a budget, then look through your local classifieds such as Facebook Marketplace and eBay. You’ll find some riders who went for a few rides and found themselves with a pair of boots that weren’t comfortable to them. Thus – they’ve decided to replace these with another pair and will offer their used boots for up to 90% off retail prices. Neat!

Again – you should really try on some boots instead of evaluations online. Much like buying a helmet, the right pair of boots for your feet profile can make or break your riding experience out there. Invest in the right gear and you’ll be wearing a smile for years to come!

Common Questions

Can I use Dirt Bike boots for adventure riding and vice versa?

Yes. It’s not ideal and best if you can get 2 pairs of boots, but you certainly can use dirt bike boots for going on camping trips with your motorcycle. In fact, thousands of dual sport riders do this because they find these boots to be lighter and prefer the airflow for summer riding.

Are there brands you would recommend I go with?

Stick to the major brands that big names stock. These include Alpinestars, TCI, Forma and Fox. If you see other riders wearing this gear out there on the tracks, then choose these boots. They are proven winners and will live up to expectations as opposed to the cheap versions that you might find on eBay and Amazon.

Do I tuck my trousers inside or outside the boots? I’ve seen both.

You’ve seen both versions as there are 2 versions of trousers. Dirt bike and MX trousers are thin material and don’t taper at the base so they are tucked inside the boots of the rider. On the other hand, adventure riding trousers are wider and go over the top of boots so you can only see the base of the sole and the front toe. This is to stop water from getting inside the boot on long rides int he rain, as well as the occasional water crossing.

That said – some adventure riders do wear jeans or MX trousers when riding and so you’ll see them tucking these in, so it’s not a hard-fixed rule.

How do I handle wet riding boots?

There are several ways to deal with riding boots that you got wet. While stuffing newspapers inside works (overnight) as does the hair dryer, you can get rice socks that achieve this same thing.

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We’ve created to seperate guides to help you choose the right boot for you.

For Adventure riders >>> The Best Adventure Riding Boots

For Dirt Bike and MX riders >>> The Best Dirt Bike Boots

Take one of these boots and don’t wear your normal steel-capped boots or hiking boots. These just arne’t enough to safely get out there given the build quality of motorcycling boots.

Catch you out there on the local tracks and trails, and stay safe!

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