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Matthias Walkner – The Famous KTM Team Rider

Matthias Walkner is one of those Dakar Rally riders that most haven’t heard of, and Frontaer hopes to fill that gap. Let’s find out more about this epic Dakar competitor…

Matthias Walkner

While most riders grew up twisting the throttle from the day they were out the diapers, we have here one rider who didn’t. In fact, Matthias only got his first motorcycle age at 14 following a ski accident. This sudden change of plans certainly pushed him forward very quickly.

He then started racing motocross and won several championships. However, the closed-circuit track soon became a little too easier, so Matthias set his sights on the rally racing scene. KTM picked him up as a team rider early on.

Matthias is most famous for winning the Dakar Rally in 2018 and is the first Austraian in history to have done so. We’re talking more than 8,200KMs through the harsh South American desserts which have claimed numerous lives, and indeed lead to many injuries.

This is evidently so as Matthias was back one year later in 2019 to compete again (the same year that Toby Price won), yet this time with a fractured ankle suffered in Stage 4. That same year he was back on the throttle to compete in The Atacama Rally in Chile which has similar terrain.

Matthias Walker Bike

Matthias Walker prefers to ride a KTM 450 Rally and has done so for 5 consecutive years in the Dakar Rally. In addition, he’s taken this same bike through the Rallye du Maroc, Sardegna Rally Race and the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, and has claimed a top 3 finish in each event.

He’s with the Red Bully KTM Factory Team and hasn’t been with Yamaha or Honda as a professional career as a rally raid competitor.

As a previous motocross rider, he evidently had a smaller 2-stroke motorcycle. We’re still waiting to hear back as to what he actually rode.

Closing Thoughts

Here is a man who pushed himself to the finish line on more than one occasion in some of the harshest terrains ont he planet. He wears the #2 when racing in the Dakar.

In a time when most people would prefer to watch others be successful, here is someone who is evidently doing the work. Keep plowing through that soft stuff!

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