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ChapMoto Review: Are They Any Good?

ChapMoto, otherwise known as Chaparral Motorsports, is an online motorcycle store with mixed reviews and some complaints.

Essentially, not everyone is happy with their customer service team. Here at Frontaer, we wanted to provide some unbiased input here. Essentially, we aren’t paid for our online reviews or opinions by anyone.

Let’s begin.

ChapMoto Review

Just like you, we’ve shopped online and in retail stores for our gear for many years now. We expect to have good customer service and great parts availability.

What’s also quite important is knowing who is behind the store that you’re buying from, and if they’re genuinely motorcycle riders. With ChapMoto, it certainly appears that they are!

We did the research so you don’t have to, including looking at their social media accounts and company status. If you’re ready to get started, then this is a rock-solid store worth buying from, but let’s go deeper first.

Range of Gear

ChapMoto makes it very obvious that they have the biggest range of motorcycling gear for offroad and on-road riders in North America. They certainly don’t mess around!

Not only do they stock a lot of gear, but they also keep it in stock. There is nothing more frustrating than coming across a part that’s out of stock. Argh! Not with these guys since they have an entire team whose job it is to keep things in stock for riders around the country…and even around the world! They do ship to Australia after all.

Customer Service

The customer service behind this team is reasonably high and our experience was very pleasant. We’re the type that always has our guard up when shopping too.

It’s their team that makes all the difference. They have some staff that specialize in road-based gear and others which specialize in dirt bike gear. Thus, you can get someone who really speaks your language.

Most importantly – when things go bad (and they eventually do go bad at one point), the team is there to fix up issues along the way.

Negative Reviews of ChapMoto

Have you seen the negative reviews online and customer complaints surrouding ChapMoto? These are to be taken with a grain of salt.

You see, most people aren’t likely to be leaving a 5-star review. Once something happens (let’s say the wrong part was sent or something was lost in shipping), these customers turn into a businesses’ worst nightmare.

This is what explains the lower than average review rating of their store on places like TrustPilot. ChapMoto has grown so large that the negative experiences do come up on occasions, but positive experiences are bountiful.

In Summary

Buying your gear online these days is more safer than it has ever been! So much so that using these stores is often easier than going down to your local dealership, even with the price of shipping.

While everyone else shops on Amazon, you can be rest assured that your purchase is going to support a local and honest store that’s doing the right thing for consumers. With many products on their shelves, we do look forward to seeing Frontaer on there real soon.

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