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Pablo Quintanilla – The Legendary Husqvarna Team Rider

Pablo Quintanilla is a well known Chilean rally raid rider who has competed at the Dakar Rally using the No. 5 race number.

Not much is known about this rider in the English language, given he speaks Spanish and has a loyal fan base. Frontaer hopes to provide some more insights here.

Pablo Quintanilla

This is one tough rider! He has competed in numerous January races since 2013 and most recently, in 2019. In fact, his most recent race had him finish just off the podium which was unfortunately due to a crash on the final stage leading to a double ankle fracture.

Just imagine going through the entire gruelling Dakar Rally and crashing on the final stage. Frustrating! Fortunately, he claimed a win on the Atacama Rally with a second-place finish.

He is sponsored by Husqvarna, Rockstar Energy and Alpinestars, as well as a host of Chilean endorsements. His dream is to one day win a tough rally raid race.

Pablo Quintanilla Bike

Pablo rides a heavily modified Husqvarna FR 450 Rally which has a limited production run. It has been tuned extensively by Rockstar Energy and Husqvarna’s Factory Racing team.

With this bike, he’s been in hot pursuit of big names like Ricky Brabec from the United States and Toby Price from Australia. In fact, he’s shared the stage podiums with these riders in 2020, given that he came 2nd overall with the final standings. Indeed the highlight of his career and we’re sure that he’s just as happy to finish this tough race.

What’s remarkable is that Pabolo was just 16 minutes behind Ricky on this one. We’re sure that he has a fighting chance in 2021 to make this happen!

Going Forward

This is one hot contender to watch out for! He’ll certainly be on hot pursuit in his higher gears. Watch out KTM! You may not claim your consecutive streak back.

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