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MX Megastore Review: Are They Any Good?

MX Megastore is well known among dirt bike riders in North America, and here’s our opinion in this unbiased review.

After all, we have no commercial relationship with this brand and are simply sharing our experiences and opinion.

We’ll give you the low down on their ratings. Let’s begin.

MX Megastore Review

Have you been looking to buy online but are worried about negative reviews? It can certainly stop you from wanting to head to the checkout section.

Fortunately, with MX Megastore, the buyers are very impressed with the service. Currently they rank at 4.7 stars at their Wisconsin store and that number has been built over several years. While they rank lower on Facebook, it’s only marginally lower. So it’s clear that this company is doing something right.

Unlike most big-name motorcycle stores who try to serve so many people, MX Megastore chooses to do things different. If you’re a dirt bike or motocross rider, then you’ll be well served here. Even ADV riders might find what they’re looking for…but not all the time. Clearly this is a haven for MX riders nationally.

The well-known featured brands such as Thor, Fox, Klim, Alpinestars and Bell are found here. In fact, there’s so many other brands too that you’ll inheritly find what you’re searching for in most cases. Many parts and MX tools are also in stock as well as discount deals held often. Have you seen their $1 goggles and T-shirt offers? They are sensational!

Now, there is some snowmobile and water sports gear in stock but this isn’t their main focus. MX is at the core of their range to help fellow riders either start or continue their journey in the sport.

What They Do Well

As we’ve outlined, MX Megastore has really dialed in to what they do well. They haven’t tried to market towards all types of motorcycle riders and they lost most of them along the way. After all, it’s hard to be all things to all people out there.

If you want to build a business, you should segment down instead of being broad. They clearly know this lesson well. You’ll find them sponsoring MX events including children’s events. This is great as they can keep the costs down for both the sponsors and the competitors, some of which are funded by their own parents.

Their reputation is built on the fact that they know motocross very well. If you need a hand with something – either in store or online – then their reps are very helpful and can point you in the right direction. Essentially, you won’t have to read many blogs first before going in store.

As a result, you’ll find many customer testimonials posted on their social media profiles. This is a testament to the amount of work that they’ve done here in this space.

Negative Reviews

To be fair – not everyone is happy. This is true of any motorcycling company as the end-user demands excellence. Now – there is always a skew in the portion of positive to negative experiences.

When people get a good experience, they are less likely to share it. With a bad experience, they’ll tell the entire world about it. Thus, you’ll find people being negative and somehow believe that this is a large proportion, which it isn’t.

Essentially, you should take negative reviews with a grain of salt and recognize that most people do have a good experience. It could have been just 1 staff member that was having a bad day that has since left this store.

In Summary

We believe in supporting the little stores instead of the large corporate businesses. MX Megastore has been built by racers and for racers. They have some of the best deals around in business and you’ll easily find what you’re searching for.

With new apparel arriving daily, and with more brands being added each month, we do look forward to seeing Frontaer on the shelves real soon.

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