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Who is Adam Riemann and Motology Films?

Have you recently stumbled across Motology Films from Australia and headed by Adam Riemann flogging his KTM?

His videos are extremely engaging. They make you want to get away from the screen and behind the handlebars. After all, it’s a lot more fun!

Adam Riemann

Adam grew up in Australia behind the handlebars. He was racing from a very young age and his parents were a true inspiration for his success on and off the track.

Today he has a reputation for creating some of the best dirt bike films around for the engaged rider. You’ll find plenty of these snippets on YouTube and the best is kept for the paying members.

Motology Films

Motology Films is Adam Riemann’s company and they produce some of the best grassroots footage of dirt biking around the world. Whether it’s an MX or enduro event, or a global adventure, effective story-telling is at the core of Motology.

They are praised for moving away from the corporate branding and ties, though there is a strong reference to KTM. This may be for a genuine reason, since KTM are the market-leader in the enduro and performance-driven dirt bike world.

What many love is the concept of professional + nothing fancy. That is to say, they don’t travel through numerous countries with a back-up team of camera-men and support staff. Yes, we’re looking at you Long Way Down. Doing an expedition with a Doctor? You’ve got to be kidding.

Motonomad Films

The most popular films from Adam are the Motonomad Series. There is 1, 2 and 3 which are just epic. If you’ve watched the trailers on YouTube, then you’ve got to watch the actual films. They are a total blast!

He’s been throughout Austrlaia, South America and Europe including the Road of Bones. Just without the ridiculously Hollywood entourage. Alright, we’ll stop now.

Where To From Here?

Given the extensive fan-base that Adam has created, we see him not slowing down. He’s got an incredible property and lives in Australia where dirt bike riding has become almost a national sport.

After all, there are plenty of great places to ride. He has competed at Hattah and so has his neighbourhood kids. Coaching the next generation of riders through his engaging content is certainly something that he’s proud of doing. And inspires more of us to get out there and enjoy the world, instead of behind a computer screen.

If you can’t ride the world just yet, consider your local areas:

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