Our Gear

We are in the process of launching a range of adventure motorcycle apparel that is both affordable and long-lasting.

We know the needs of riders globally. Gear needs to withstand the harshness of riding for months at a time, without costing a fortune.

From drenching downpours of England to the snow of the Siberian wilderness, to the harshness of the Australian summer – you want gear that suits all conditions.

We’ll be launching with soft-side luggage real soon. Instead of choosing hard-cases, we’ve chosen soft luggage. Why?

If you’re new to adventure motorcycling, you may see hard cases on numerous bikes online. These benefits are mostly for security as it’s more difficult for your belongings to be stolen.

Unfortunately, this can negatively impact you as a rider. When riding, you are bound to crash at some stage in (ideally) offroad situations without traffic, and hopefully without any personal injury.

The force of that crash directly goes on to your hard cases which can severely damage them. That same force is then transferred on the bike’s subframe.

But we’re missing the biggest threat – your own personal safety. Adventure riders globally have had broken arms and legs due to the blunt force of hard cases.

This is why we’re opting for soft-side cases. While security is important, a well-trained thief can still access a hard case within 2 minutes while you’re away.

And yet, most of the world is actually safe. Many riders are surprised at the few problems they ever encounter, despite the cries from the media.

We’re also intending to launch:

  • Motorcycle socks for the adventure rider
  • Tank bags with waterproof map holders
  • Heated motorcycling gloves for men and women
  • Elbow pads and knee pads for those who want to heavy riding suits.

All of our products will be ethically sourced and retail at an affordable price-point while delivering reliability for the long term.