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5 Places to Get Cheap Dirt Bike Boots (Under $100!)

We know the feeling when you just bought your dirt bike and you just don’t have enough leftover and need some cheap boots.

Fortunately, there are some good options around. In this guide, we’ll show you where to get some cheap dirt bike boots.

Where To Get Dirt Bike Boots for Cheaper

Apart from a helmet, the only other thing you really need are good boots and some gloves. The shirt and trousers can wait for now as you save a few extra dollars. Later on you can invest in some high-quality protective gear once your budget has been sorted out.

These are some ways to get some cheap dirt bike boots:

1. Look on Gumtree, Craigslist and FB Marketplace

There are always dirt bike riders seeking to off-load their gear from last season. Better yet – sometimes their gear has been hardly worn because they have been working long hours.

You have to act quickly because there are other people just like you hunting down these deals. If you find your size and color, and the seller is close to you, then I’d make an offer on the spot and head straight over to pick ’em up.

2. Jump Inside of Facebook Groups

Inside these groups are numerous people who ride regularly. Often these dirt bike riders have an extra set of boots in their garage that just isn’t being used. This is your opportunity.

Simply enter these groups and once approved, create a post. Introduce yourself but let others know that you’re on the look out for some cheap boots to get yourself by for now. Better yet – you’ll find yourself with some new friends to go roosting with!

3. Look for Dirt Bike Boot Clearance Deals

At the end of each season, some stores including those online want to clear the shelves. This is when they’ll do clearance deals where you can get dirt bike boots for much cheaper than elsewhere.

Sometimes these boots go into outlets, both online and offline, so you don’t even need to wait until a particular time of year. It’s just that those models didn’t sell so well so they are clearing them out. These deals do sell out very quickly.

4. Ask Those Who Are Selling Their Dirt Bikes

If someone is selling their dirt bike, what does that tell you? On one hand, they could be upgrading to a new model but on the other hand, they could be getting out of the sport.

This represents a prime opportunity to pick up their boots for pretty cheap. You might even get a seriously good deal on their motorcycle too if you play your cards right!

5. Look for Deals on eBay

A smart idea is to use eBay and set a trigger for when it spots dirt bike boots for under $100. You’ll then immediately get an email where you can make a purchase on the spot.

Yes, this includes new and used boots. Setting up these automated emails is pretty straight forward and you can even set automatic notifications now on the eBay mobile app. Neat!

Closing Thoughts

There you have it! Some great ways in which you can get some cheap yet good quality boots without paying retail prices. Some riders have even picked up brand new boots for $50 because they had some minor defects and couldn’t be sold in retail stores.

How about you? Have you found any cool tricks to save a few bucks to spend on gas instead? Dirt bike riders are a crafty bunch and there are certainly some good strategies around. Dealerships also like to sell their display models for big discounts so all you need to do is ask.

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