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GMX Motorbikes Review: Are They Any Good?

GMX Motorbikes sells some seriously affordable dirt bikes, quad bikes and buggies out of their Ravenhall warehouse.

The question is though: Are they worth buying from with your hard-earned money. They certainly look seriously cheap compared to what the likes of Yamaha and KTM offer.

Frontaer recently did some research and decided to write an unbiased review of GMX. We wanted to know if their Chinese dirt bikes actually are the real deal.

(And no, we don’t have a commercial relationship with this company. We’re a brand of protective gear for the ADV crowd)

Let’s begin.

GMX Motorbikes Review

All your mates are showing their shannigans on social media with their weekend rides on their dirt bikes. You want one…but there’s just one problem: The $10k you’ll need for a new WR250R.

Chances are, you don’t have that sort of cash laying around. So you go looking for a cheaper alternative like GMX and become interested. Like any sane individual, you’ll want to do your research.

When you read the negativity and customer complaints, it does seem a little concerning. Can you really spend your hard-earned money with them? Certainly a few people aren’t impressed by the service as you can easily read.

On eBay, you’ll find them as GoEasy Online but their reputation there is much higher. Certainly they have their fair share of offroad motorcycles available to purchase.

Where are they made? China. GMX sells cheaper motorcycles because they are manufactured in China (and sometimes Taiwan) and the final assembly is done in Melbourne.

This explains why they are so much more affordable. Does this mean they’re somehow ‘bad’? Not really. Chinese dirt bikes have a reputation as being slower but their reliability has increased rapidly in recent years, with good parts support too.

Essentially, the money you save compared to buying a Japanese or Euro bike means many more tanks of petrol and weekends away camping. Even if your dirt bike does break down, repairing it is pretty damn easy.

Mainly for Kids

Most of these cheaper dirt bikes are for junior riders from 4 years old up to teenage years. If you’re an adult thinking you’re getting a powerful 250cc dirt bike, then you may be a little disappointed.

Remember: We’re unbised in our approach.

If you’re a beginner, then their 250cc series is a great starting point. The problem is that you’ll outgrow it pretty quickly and by your 8th or 9th ride, be wishing you just had that little more ‘go’ in the top end.

Sure – for casually riding around at idle, these bikes are ideal and don’t miss a beat. Their powerband is mild which again, makes them perfect for first-time riders.

But as for enduro riding, dual-sport adventures or racing your mates up a gnarly hill climb, you’re going ot struggle. Plus just about all of their dirt bikes are illegal apart from organized riding parks and private property.

Customer Complaints

It’s clear that not everyone is happy with the actions of GMX Motorbikes and Go Easy Online. It’s mostly based on the customer service rather than the products themselves as we’ve analyzed from our research.

Evidently, just about every other motorcycle shop suffers the same fate. The reviews are skewed as more people are likely to leave a 1-star review than a 5-star review, so their 2-star average is probably more like a 4.2.

Thus, we wouldn’t take all these negative experiences seriously. This company is still in service and many have had great experiences, buy upfront and in the servicing and repair side. After all, you get a warranty if anything goes wrong.

In Summary

Chinese dirt bikes were scoffed at for the first few years of their existence in Australia. Over time, we’ve come to love them as a country for their affordability and cheap fun.

Sure – they’ll never be a ‘true’ dirt bike like a KTM, but they don’t pretend to be. Not all of us need to win championships like Toby Price. If you’re just having some thrills around the farm or helping your kids develop your skills, then GMX might be one of the best places to start.

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