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Best 2-Stroke Dirt Bike & MX Oil (2023)

This is the ultimate guide to 2-stroke engine oil for MX and dirt bike riding enthusiasts. We’re highlighting the 6 best oils to choose for your motorcycle.

We feature many 4-stroke bikes and accessories here, but it’s time to look at the forgotten breed of offroad motorcycles. The louder 2-strokes.

Like any bikes, they need oil but it’s entirely different. The main difference with 2-strokes is that you’ll need to mix the engine oil with a small ratio of fuel, ranging between 25:1 and 50:1. The two types are pre-mix and injector safe, with the former being the most popular and requires the mixing by the rider.

One thing to note is the auto-lube application which is found in some engines. You’ll need to look for engine oil that supports auto-lube as not all of them support this.

Most recommended 2-stroke dirt bike engine oils

Based on both industry experience and rider usage, we’ve found these 4 to be the most popular:

1. Maxima Castor 927 2-stroke dirt bike oil

best 2-stroke dirt bike engine oil

If you’re the aggressive MX rider that seeks to win titles while keeping your dirt bike in peak condition, then buy a bottle of this 2-stroke engine oil today.

It’s the best engine oil for numerous reasons – it lasts a long time, it prolongs the life of your engine and components plus reduces the chances of gum formation inside.

Maxima’s 927 Castor engine oil is fully degradable, so you’ll be less embarrassed at the race track when that bottle of oil accidentally tips over, or your sump plug slips out. Still – the bottle itself has a wide base to reduce this from happing in the first place which we love.

Common features:

  • Built for top-performing MX racers
  • The industry leader for many years
  • Easy to pour handle and small spout
  • Often lowers engine temperature
  • Reduces rust and internal corrosion

This is easily found online through various dirt bike stores.

2. Motul 2-Cycle Dirt Bike Oil

best Australian 2-stroke dirt bike engine oil

Motul engine oil has a reputation in the Australian motorcycling industry based on its performance. Born out of a passion for motorcycling with a strong following both locally and internationally, you can certainly depend on this oil to look after your pride and joy.

This blend is different than many others on the market today. The smokeless burn and low ash is based on their synthetic blend. Please keep in mind that this oil may not be available in your country.


  • Strong industry reputation in Australia
  • Less likely to clog your engine filters
  • Helpful double-handle design to make refills easier
  • Slightly greater engine performance

Walk around any race track on the weekend and you’re bound to see a bottle on someone’s dirt bike trailer.

3. Bel-Ray SL2 2-Stroke MX engine oil (Semi-Synthetic)

Bel-Ray SL2 2-Stroke MX engine oil

Coming in at #3 is another semi-synthetic engine oil. Bel-Ray has been manufacturing oils for decades (in fact, since 1970) so it’s fair to say they have refined their processes over this time.

What you’ll find here is a very high-quality 2-stroke engine oil that works for all types of 2-stroke engines. Whether you’re just trail riding or entering competitions, you’ll find your engine to be cooler while taking yourself to the rev limits.

Unfortunately, the biggest let-down of this oil (and a key reason we haven’t put it higher in the list) is the container design. There is no handle and the spout is oversize, meaning you’re likely to spill some on your engine case. An engine oil funnel could solve this problem.


  • Available around the world
  • Used for autolube and pre-mix applications
  • Supports all common mixing ratios
  • Often used for more than one season
  • Very affordable pricing
  • Strong industry reputation

You’ll find this oil commonly in dealerships as well as racing circles and online stores. If Maxima and Lucas isn’t your type, then Bel-Ray has you covered.

4. Castrol Power 1 TTS Racing 2 Stroke Engine Oil

For extreme racing conditions, it’s hard to look past this high-performance engine oil from Castrol. The lubrication is excellent and caters to other vehicles like go-karts and ATVs.

Lowered exhaust smoke means that your competitors will be more than happy to follow you over whoop sections.


  • Up to 50:1 fuel/oil ratio
  • Industry reputation globally
  • Premium price means premium quality

5. Motorex 2-stroke engine oil

Wanting a gift for the 2-stroke dirt bike enthusiast? Then check out this awesome dirt bike oil with funnel included.

Made in Switzerland, Motorex has been serving the offroad industry for years in the toughest of conditions.


  • Made for factory teams
  • Design for harsh environments
  • Helpful spout included with bottle
  • Fully synthetic use

Yes, you will pay more for the Motorex brand but it’s definitely worth the investment.

6. Honda HP2 2-stroke dirt bike engine oil

Like to ride hard? Then Honda has you covered. Their dirt bike oil design hasn’t changed much in the last 30 years, but that hasn’t stopped them from building a strong reputation.

You don’t need to own a Honda dirt bike to use the HP2 2-stroke engine oil. Yamaha, KTM and Suzuki riders regularly use Honda 2-stroke engine oil on track days around the country.

Honda has created one of the most clean-burning 2-stroke engine oils in the marketplace while being 100% synthetic. You can expect higher torque while having a cooler engine temperature.


  • Small bottle design – perfect for toolboxes
  • Very clean burning and environmentally friendly
  • Industry reputation of a world-renounced motorcycle manufacturer
  • Works for all leading 2-stroke dirt bike models
  • Available internationally including the UK

While we don’t believe this is the best, the smaller bottle is perfect for the weekend warrior who doesn’t consume much.

Change and ride

Changing your 2-stroke engine oil is a relatively easy process with a small amount of unleaded petrol required.

Once changed, you can expect quite a number of rides (3 to 10) before you need to change again.

Always purchase a bottle of 2-stroke engine oil based on your riding frequency.

Ride often? Go for a big bottle? Only ride twice per month? A smaller bottle will do just fine.

Once a bottle is opened, the shelf life is significantly reduced. There is little value in purchasing oil that isn’t being used.

It’s also important to remember that different oil varieties exist, all at different price-points.

Ignore oil that is too cheap as this will cost you later with a shortened life-span of your dirt bike.

Always consult your manufacturer manual for recommendations. If you can’t find your workshop manual, then Haynes has most dirt bike models available digitally.

Remember to change your oil often and ensure you’re mixing at the right ratio. A measuring container will come in very handle for this purpose.

Best of all – see you out there on the tracks!

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