Our Story

Keen to know more about the origins of Frontaer? Let’s rewind the clock back 12 years ago.

Back then, Long Way Round and Long Way Down had just came out in the last few years, and well…became hugely popular.

Both documentaries created a stir amongst the ADV community, yet for many people, it was their first introduction to the world of adventure motorcycling.

And that’s where Frontaer’s roots began. Head honcho – Josh – couldn’t get the idea of travelling around the world on 2 wheels out of his head. He’d be up to all hours of the night reading ADV Rider and Horizons Unlimited, particularly the trip reports. All the while honing his skills on his previously acquired TTR-250 on the local trails.

One thing became quite apparent during all this research. While cost of travelling the world on a dual-sport motorcycle was low,the cost of accessories was quite high. We’re talking $500 for a bag. Yes, a bag.

Now, we’re not one thing cheap accessories and knockoffs you’ll find on eBay. We want to see less pollution on the planet and a move away from a throw-away culture that has inhibited the western world. We’re pro-sustainability and travel spirit of collecting memories and photos/videos behind the handlebars, not more stuff, fits us perfectly.

Thus – when you’re buying a cheap bag, you’re really buying cheap. Frontaer wanted to be the middle ground. Affordable quality, if you will.

Travelling then by motorcycle makes for the perfect vehicle of choice, however, we soon discovered there had to be a happy medium. Could accessories be both affordable AND long-lasting? Surely they could.

Traditionally ADV travel bags, namely saddlebags, panniers and tank bags were expensive not just for the materials, but for the distribution points too. Our modis operati was to exist solely online and pass on the cost savings to the consumer.

And here we are today in 2021. Working hard to bring our products to the market to make the sport of motorcycle adventuring more affordable and more welcoming as an alternative means to seeing the world.

We’re glad you’re with us on the journey ahead. While it’s 12 years later, and we’ve made some massive progress over the last few years, there is still a lot for us to do.

We appreciate everyone’s patience while we launch our own ADV range, and their appreciation towards the helpful content we create here. We’re looking at 1,200+ hours and counting to put all of this together.