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How Do I Transport My Dirt Bike to the Tracks & Trails?

Ever wondered how you can transport your dirt bike from point A to point B? Well, there are numerous methods worth trying.

Dirt bikes are transported in trailers, inside vans, on tailgates and on the back of trucks (otherwise known as utes in Australia) between private homes and riding areas. This is because some dirt bikes aren’t able to be ridden on the road due to a lack of highway gearing, non-registered status or simply a rider preference not to ride on the road.

Frontaer is going to help you with several ways to get the job done and some tips we’ve personally learned along the way. Let’s begin.

Main Ways to Transport a Dirt Bike

As we mentioned, there is more than one way to skin a cat here. If you have a dirt bike, then you don’t need to do what the next guy does as there are numerous options available.

Here at the main ways that dirt bike riders haul their dirt bikes around:

1. Use a Dirt Bike Trailer

Using a trailer is easily the cheapest way to get the job done. You can buy a dirt bike trailer often for less than $1,000 that is lightweight and holds 2 to 3 dirt bikes. Loading them up is easy as the working height is low and the straps go on very easily. Unfortunately, the downside is that these trailers are often made cheaply with tires that aren’t the most reliable.

2. Buy a Truck or Ute

Owning a truck is typical for dirt bike riders (Australians call them utes) where you simply drop the tailgate and then buy a dirt bike ramp to load up your beast. No towing required! If you have a long tray, then it’s possible to have two dirt bikes and still close the tailgate which means everything is snug and secure.

3. Own a Van

Some riders prefer to buy a van to haul their dirt bike. Sounds like overkill? Not really. When you buy a van, you actually have a place to not just to secure your dirt bike properly. Essentially, if the straps break, then the dirt bike isn’t falling on the highway at 70 miles per hour. What you do have is a place to sleep at nighttime without needing to put up the tent. Just bring an air mattress and you’re good to go! Likewise, a great place to securely store your dirt bike.

4. Use a Tailgate

If your dirt bike is light enough, then we can recommend buying a tailgate for the back of your truck. It really depends on the weight of both your dirt bike and vehicle here. If the dirt bike is too heavy or your car is too light, then we wouldn’t recommend this approach for hauling long distance. Tailgate loads for dirt bikes are best for those hauling less than 30 miles.

5. Use a Boat Trailer

While not a recommended approach, we have seen some people using their aluminium boats as a means in which to transport their dirt bike. Essentially, they leave their boat tender on the trailer and then load the dirt bike straight on top. This makes for a tricky loading/unloading experience unless you have a loading dock at your riding location and at home.

6. Ride to the Track

Some dirt bike riders simply ride to and from their favorite riding destination. This is typical of adventure riders and dual-sport enthusiasts who will load up with several days supply of camping gear and plenty of fuel. As a dirt bike rider, you simply need yourself and the bike without the kitchen sink to experience your local trails, provided your dirt bike is registered and you’re licenced to ride on your own.

7. Call in the Tractor Trailer

When you’re reading to call in the big guns, go for the tractor trailer. These are generally reserved for team riders racing at a national or international level. Motocross team riders use these to haul between locations and sleep in the truck at night. If you happen to have your own tractor trailer, then there isn’t any reason you can’t do this…apart from the fuel burn and lack of access into areas with low hanging trees, that is.

Getting started

There we have it! Some great ways in which you can get your dirt bike around the state. If you don’t have any of these options available to you, then you can just call upon one of your buddies to help you out. They can also help you with loading up your dirt bike and tying down the straps.

If you’re just getting started, then we’d go with a simple open trailer setup first. You can find these relatively cheap on Gumtree or Craigslist. Rust is a common problem with these and so they are only likely to last a few years.

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