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Franco Caimi – The Legendary Yamaha Team Rider

Franco Caimi is one tough enduro rider from Argentica who has competed numerous times in the Dakar Rally for Yamaha.

Riding his seriously spec’d up machine across the desert for thousands of kilometres, it’s clear that this man is built to win. One that won’t give up easily despite his numerous injuries.

Frontaer has done some research to bring you more information about this legendary rider.

Franco Caimi Overview

Just about every dirt bike rider in Argentina has heard of Franco, but not much is known in the English-speaking world. Needless to say that Argentinians weren’t surprised to see him finish 8th place on his debut yet in 2017, especially taking the top spot among all South Americans.

He was back the following year in 2018 but unfortunately sustained a nasty clutch problem mid-way through the rally. He then broke his femur on the Morocco Rally which he tried to recover from in preparation for the Dakar.

In 2019, he did make it to the Dakar! Unfortunately the pain in his leg meant that he had to call it a day. Not even the pain killers could help him through the difficult times.

Then again, a man of this persistence doesn’t back down easily. We do look forward to seeing him dominate in the coming years. His career certainly isn’t over year, given that most motorcycle riders in the rally are in their mid 30’s.

What We Can Learn

Ultimately, so many people today are glued to their screens. They’re watching others be successful when they could be honing in on their skills.

Frontaer has been busy building some skills development guides as well as showing you places where you can ride your dirt bike. It’s these same type of areas where Franco and many other enduro riders hone in on their skills.

While we may not want to become a winning enduro rider, life is just to be short to be watching others. Instead, spend some time crafting your own skills and enjoy your weekends. You only get better with experience!

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