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Electric vs Gas Dirt Bike for Kids: Which Is A Better Option?

The world is certainly changing and the future is electric dirt bikes, especially for kids. Yet gas-driven dirt bikes still dominate.

This brings us to the question: Which one should you choose?

Electric dirt bikes are better than their gas equivalent for children, given that they’re lighter and are more than 90% quieter. They’re often cheaper to buy for kids and much cheaper to maintain. However, a petrol dirt bike can be topped up with fuel quickly while an electric dirt bike needs recharging with a mains power connection unless it has removable batteries.

While electric bikes are the way of the future, consumer sentiment and dealership preferences keep the majority of kids on petrol-driven dirt bikes. In this article, we hope to change this.

Gas Dirt Bikes vs Electric Dirt Bikes

Frontaer isn’t biased but we’re concerned for the future of the sport. You see, there are many eco-warriors popping up trying to get popular riding areas shutdown. They’re convincing governments to close areas to dirt bike riders to let their endangered flowers grow.

The worst part? They’re winning. Their arguments stem from the fact that dirt bikes cause havoc on the terrain. What they’re really saying is that they’re loud and lead to green house gasses. That may be true, until now.

Gas dirt bikes created a stigma for many years aided by the small segment of the market who was wreckless on 2 wheels. They created a bad name for the rest of the good riders.

Now, with the invention of electric dirt bikes, we think the industry is in for a big shake up. One that we have been looking forward to for many years. For adults and kids alike, these dirt bikes will allow us to experience many epic riding areas, but with some real upsides.

Kids Electric Dirt Bike Advantages

Kids love dirt bikes but that sound can be concerning. Many of them won’t tell you that it sounds like a lion roaring in the woods. This is why kids get turned off from riding these machines because they sound so intimidating.

As you can see, some good reasons to go in this direction. So not only are electric bikes much quieter for young hands and ears, but they also have these advantages:

1. You Can Control The Throttle Output

All-electric motorcycles for kids which are used in offroad environments come with a learner mode. You as a parent actually can select this within the settings of the onboard computer. This restricts the throttle so that, even if your child twists the throttle too hard, they won’t be pulling wheelies or lose control and crash into a tree.

2. There is No Toxic Smell

That smell can be heaven to some of us grown adults, but some kids really hate the smell of petrol. Worst is when it spills when you’re trying to fuel up the gas tank. They are sensitive to these smells and this is yet another thing that can discourage them from riding.

3. No Burning From Hot Engines

There have been children admitted to hospital because they crashed and the exhaust fell on their legs. That hot exhaust left a pretty significant life-long burn and certainly the child has been scarred for life, both mentally and physically.

4. Super Easy Maintenance

Apart from regular tune ups, oiling the chain and changing the rear tires, there isn’t much else that needs to be done. If you’re a mechanically-tuned parent, then you don’t need to worry much about anything.

5. More Aligned With Where Kids are Today

When we adults were in school, we didn’t learn much about sustainability. Today it’s a hot topic in schools and children are genuinely interested in this beyond the classroom walls. Their electric dirt bike makes for a great show-and-share topic that they’ll be proud of.

6. Much Lighter to Handle

Even the PeeWee range from Yamaha in their 50cc and 80cc equivalents often weight more than the rider themselves. That’s concerning for both parents and the child. Electric dirt bikes for kids often weigh less than 100 pounds or 40 kgs. Even loading/unloading the trailer is something that they can do too instead of trying to wrestle a dirt bike that weighs twice as much.

7. More Power on Tap

While they might not want it initially, as their skills grow, they’ll want to go faster. There is simply more power available to kids on electric dirt bikes and it’s almost in unlimited supply. Keep twisting that throttle and the motorcycle goes…and goes…and goes.

8. It’s Free to Ride

We’ve left the best until last! It’s free to ride these if you can get power from the sun or have an electric charging point near you. Most offroad riding parks have amenities with powerpoints where you can charge the battery overnight which is what most families do.

So Why Do People Still Buy Gas Dirt Bikes for Kids?

Good question and this has got to deal with convenience as well as consumer preference. You can walk straight into a dealership and walk out with a gas dirt bike right now. With electric dirt bikes, their distribution isn’t as widespread just yet.

You see, some of these dealers make massive profits in the future as you come in for repairs and servicing. If they sold you an electric dirt bike, then you’re far less likely to be back in the store and so it’s far less revenue for them. The only thing they can make money on is the upfront sale and the apparel. In the future, we see less demand for dirt bike mechanics as the world moves towards electric.

Thus, as a parent you’re having to buy a dirt bike online. Given it’s a large purchase financially (kids electric dirt bikes cost between $2,200 and $5,600), you can imagine that there are fewer parents who would feel comfortable with big purchases online. Additionally, most of your parts would need to be ordered online too.

Yet for what they’re worth, it’s just better to get kids a start today with the future of dirt bikes. And that is to go electric.

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How Fast Does a 110cc Dirt Bike Go on the Dirt?

When your son or daughter is growing up, it’s probably time to get them a 110cc dirt bike that goes fast.

A 110cc dirt bike travels up to 49 miles per hour or 79 kilometres per hour. This is very quick and it’s certainly faster than cars in residential streets. Certainly, a 110cc dirt bike can keep up with adults on group rides while being small and nimble enough for young riders to handle easily.

As these motorcycles are common in garages across the world, you’ll find numerous modifications available to open up the engines and push a higher top speed. Certainly, you could achieve up to 57 miles per hour though you may void your warranty with such modifications.

The catch is though: Most riders won’t want to go this fast often. Plus if they crash, then they’ll crash in a big way. Top end speeds is just one of the many factors and generally only applicable to enduro riders and competitors.

110cc Dirt Bike Top Speeds

110cc dirt bike top speeds can vary between manufacturers. The fastest one you’ll find in the market is the Yamaha TT-R110E though if your budget allows, we’d be more inclined to recommend the KTM 125 SX which is a seriously fast performance machine.

We don’t recommend the Chinese motorcycles which are being made for kids. While these are cheaper, they just don’t have the safety features, performance modifications or reliability to really allow you to have an enjoyable day on there on the dirt.

Maybe you’re looking to increase the overall speed of your children’s 110cc motorbike. There are numerous factors that do impact the top end performance. These include:

  • The weight of the rider. Kids who are 9 to 14 can certainly vary in weight and height.
  • What type of tyres are fitted? Are you using enduro or trail tyres on your dirt bike?
  • The current conditions of the day. If you’re riding with a tailwind, then you’ll go faster!
  • How confident the rider feels. They may never reach the theoretical top end of their powerband if they aren’t confident at such high speeds.
  • Their riding style. Are they crouching properly in order to deflect the wind or sitting casually?

All these factors to consider are very important even for the seasoned rider. You may want to talk your teenager through these scenarios and factors gradually and let them build up confidence over time. After all, there is no use in simply trying them to reach this super fast speed and only have them crashing and never returning to the sport ever again. Kids do want to enjoy what they do, within the comfort zone that feels good to them.

Creating Confident Riders

We’re all about creating confident riders here at Frontaer. It’s these confident riders that will continue the fun sport of dirt biking well into their adult life.

As we just eluded to, you’ll need to increase confidence over time especially if this is their first dirt bike. Don’t simply encourage them to open up that throttle if they aren’t used to the riding dynamics of their motorcycle.

On the same token, it’s wise to discourage them from trying this stunt work. Doing these stunts can certainly get them in trouble out there as peer-pressure does take over from this age.

WIth some dirt bikes, you can actually limit their acceleration and engine RPMs. As a result, their dirt bike will go slower than anticipated but you can reduce their limitations over time.

This is how we create confident riders. Allow them to really get used to their machine between their legs first and over time, they’ll become more capable on the dirt tracks. They might even want to start doing enduro rallies and the like which are always fun.

Choosing the Right Bike

When chosing a dirt bike in the 110cc class, don’t just choose the fastest top speed of the pack. Instead, look at other performance metrics such as suspension quality and parts availability.

While some manufacturers do want to boast about how fast their dirt bikes travel, it’s actually quite rare that your son or daughter will go this fast with their dirt bike. And while you as an adult can ride their 110c dirt bike, it’s also going to be slow for you and you’re better off with a 250cc or 450cc big bore.

Consider buying some second hand that has had a good life. Stick with the main manufacturers such as Honda, Yamaha, KTM and Suzuki as they are born and bred trail bike machines that have generaltional trust, paired with parts support around the world. These bikes can all go quick in a straight line, but they can also corner very well and their acceleration and braking potential can win many laps over their competitors.

In Summary

The top speed of a 110cc dirt bike is only one of the numerous factors you should be thinking about. They can go pretty quick at up to 49 MPH but in reality, most riders won’t be cruising on this speed all day long. There are corners and hills to contend with out there on the tracks.

At the same time, it’s good to know that there is some growth potential for your child to grow into with their dirt bike. Once they’re routinely reaching these high speeds, then it’s time for an upgrade.

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How Fast Does a 80cc Dirt Bike Go on Dirt?

So you’re looking to buy or have recently bought an 80cc dirt bike for your child and are curious about its top speed.

Most 80cc dirt bikes, including those from KTM and Yamaha, can achieve a top speed of 47 miles per hour, or 75km per hour stock, without any performance enhancements. Most typically top out at 40 miles per hour which is still an incredibly fast speed for a 7 to 10-year-old to travel on 2 wheels.

Some of the cheaper Chinese dirt bikes now flooding the market aren’t able to achieve these great speeds, nor do they have the acceleration or suspension to handle the demands of the modern-day rider. They typically struggle with torque too.

Adults can ride 80cc dirt bikes too which restricts the top end speed. There are more factors depending on manufacturer, riding style, terrain and more which we’ll cover here.

80cc Dirt Bike Top Speeds

You’ve got to admit it – 47 miles per hour is pretty damn quick. That’s faster than cars traveling through residential and industrial areas, but not quite as fast as highway traffic.

For most kids, they’ll rarely get up this quick apart from open salt pans and the like. Such open country is ripe for opening the throttle but with that comes the risk of personal injury. This is why getting them some high-quality dirt bike riding gear is important to protect them in the event of an accident.

Funnily enough, most accidents happen at lower speeds. There are some things that you’ll need to educate them on initially, such as throttle response. If the throttle opens up too quickly, then they could go into a wheelie or simply get a locked throttle opened wide. Some kids even at this age may not know how to stop their acceleration and it’s best to teach this long before they actually start riding.

Are you concerned about them going to quick? Well the good news is that you can actually restrict the top-end speeds of these dirt bikes. This is a setting on the onboard computer or a hard limit placed on the throttle, depending on the manufacturer.

Kids Riding Dirt Bikes

Kids that choose 80cc dirt bikes tend to be in the 7 to 11-year-old age bracket. We’ve actually written a guide to help you find the best kids dirt bikes which are very helpful.

Keep in mind that their weight will play a big part in just how quick their dirt bike actually travels over the dirt. For the lighter kids, they’re certainly going to crack these higher speeds paired with quicker accelerations, yet the heavier kids may struggle and you may want to consider some performance upgrades.

If you do want to maximize performance, consider:

  • Finding an area with a great tail wind (This will give you a few extra miles per hour)
  • Ensure the terrain is relatively flat
  • Teaching your kids how to crouch properly (This increases aerodynamics)
  • Changing the rear sprocket to get some extra miles

Yet in all honesty, going faster shouldn’t be a priority. Instead, the focus should be on helping them improve cornering and braking skills so they can maximize lap times, or simply keep up with the adults on organized group rides.

Fastest 80cc Dirt Bike

Without a doubt, the quickest 80cc class dirt bike is the KTM 85 SX. This ripper is popular on MX tracks around the country and it’s a 2-stroke dirt bike. It’s expensive but well worth it if performance is at the forefront of your mind. Indeed this bike has won a lot of competitions by kids under 12.

Would it make the best bike if it’s their first time around? Not quite. It’s a real weapon and needs to be controlled by an experienced rider. So if your child has been riding previously and you’re now looking for a top-of-the-range 80cc dirt bike with incredible top speed, then look no further!

Being 2-stroke, it’s super quick compared to its 4-stroke counterparts. Remember how we mentioned about it winning lots of competitions? This is true and a testament to the sheer focus that their R&D team at KTM have put into creating this ultimate track machine.

In Summary

While your son or daughter will reach up to 47 miles on their 80cc dirt bike, this is rare. Much of the time will be spent actually improving their cornering, jumping, braking and acceleration. Even things like clutch control come into play here.

It’s more typical that they’ll cruise around at 25 to 30 miles per hour and so you don’t need to worry about them doing any dangerous stunts here. Most kids at this age are showing responsibility and simply want to hone their skills in a controlled environment, and probably want some others to ride with too.

The goal is to help them become more confident riders as opposed to hitting nail-biting speeds while the parents watch on in terror. Sure – you can push the bikes a little sometimes when fully kitted up in gear, and it’s certainly fun, but let’s help them become confident riders first so they’ll carry such skills into the future.

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How Fast Does a 50cc Dirt Bike Go on Dirt?

Looking to buy a 50cc dirt bike for your kids but concerned that it won’t go fast enough? Worry no more, because there’s plenty of speed here.

A 50cc dirt bike will reach speeds of between 23 and 39 miles per hour, or 37km and 62km per hour which is very fast for a child who’s aged between 5 and 8 years old. While this is the maximum speed for Yamaha, KTM and Honda models, it’s rare that children do reach these faster speeds and you’ll typically find them cruising around at 15 to 20 miles per hour quite happily.

With most manufacturers, you can actually set a hard limit on the throttle so kid’s can’t go too fast. Additionally, you may wish to lock them into 2nd gear which also reduces the throttle responsiveness compared to 1st gear.

Children and 50cc Dirt Bikes

It’s quite normal to be concerned about the speed that your child will travel on their dirt bike. Very likely that this is their first dirt bike and you want them to have a great experience at such a tender age.

These dirt bikes can inflict some real and genuine harm, so buying some protective gear is necessary. Don’t simply kit them out with some cheap gear and instead spend up on quality stuff that will save them in the event of an accident.

Now, the safest speed for kids is more around the 15 to 20 mile per hour range. This is where you’ll find them most confident and aren’t likely to be pushing the top speeds anytime soon.

Should you be worried about them trying to upskill before they’re ready, then you can certainly sit down with them first and talk about the issues. While there’s a 3rd gear on these kids dirt bikes, you don’t need to show them how to use it and instead just lock their bike in the 2nd gear.

The Most Dangerous Part

You know, most parents do get concerned about the top speed of their children’s 50cc dirt bike, yet aren’t so educated about the most dangerous part. Of course, there will be some hurt when coming off at these higher speeds, but this isn’t the issue.

The most dangerous part is an aggressive throttle that gets locked on. Children don’t realize that, in order to stop riding, they simply need to stop using their throttle and their dirt bike naturally slows down and eventually comes to a stop. It’s really that easy.

So before you go out riding, you should take a long enough time to explain to them exactly what this means. They should ease the throttle on gently and then gradually build up from there. Any anytime, they can simply release the throttle by twisting their wrist.

Fortunately, some kids bikes come with throttle limiters. This is certainly the case with the TTR-50.

Best 50cc Bikes with High Top Speeds

Frontaer has done the research online to show you which bikes would be the best picks for your children. These essentially are:

  • KTM 50SX (You may wish to consider the SX Mini Model too)
  • Yamaha PeeWee 50 (in the used market only, as they have been discontinued by Yamaha)
  • Honda CRF50F
  • Kawasaki KFX50
  • Husqvarna TC50
  • Suzuki DRZ-50 (Slow but great first-timers bike)

You’ll find more information on our buying guide for kids dirt bikes ranked by ages. This is very important if your child is about to have a birthday and is between sizes.

Note: You shouldn’t pick a bike based on its top speed but more-so on reputation and reliability. Of this list, the KTM 50SX has the fastest 50cc speed on the planet, but that comes at a higher cost to the parent.

Purchasing New vs Used

So if you’re ready to make a purchase, should you get one used or new? Generally, this depends on your budget, how often your child will ride, and how fast they are growing up.

Generally speaking, most parents simply buy a used dirt bike that isn’t too beaten up. This is because kids grow up fast and they’ll generally go through a few dirt bikes between the ages of 5 and their teenage years.

Consider also that you’ll need to buy them some protection gear and this needs to be factored into your budget. You won’t need to pay for registration or insurance, though you may need to buy a race licence which comes with insurance if you want to get them into the MX scene. These are relatively affordable and subsidised by brand sponsors.

Certainly we wouldn’t recommend the Chinese dirt bikes too much as these can be unreliable and can spoil a great day out with the family. You can generally buy these for the same price as a used but well serviced KTM or Yamaha. Given the choice, we’d always trust the established brands where parts availability is paramount.

In Summary

50cc dirt bikes don’t go that fast, and at-best they can do 39 miles per hour. This is hardly progressive for us adults, but there’s plenty of speed for kids to have fun.

While parents can be apprehensive about getting their kids into this sport, it isn’t the top speed that one needs to worry about. It’s simply the throttle response which you can tune down, as well as ensuring they are kitted up with some great dirt bike protective gear.

Ease them slowly into the sport and you’ll find they’ll enjoy it for years. Kids are responsible and aren’t trying to be speed demons in the first 4 minutes of riding.

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Best Dirt Bikes For Kids (Guide For 5 to 12 Years Old)

This guide explores the many dirt bikes for kids under 12 that are available in the market today, from Hondas to KTMs and Yamahas.

Children are mesmerized by the fun that can be had on two wheels. Ripping up the dirt and racing their friends are memories that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Choosing the right size and type of dirt bike for a child can be tricky. You want to give them a bike that’s the right size but not too powerful just yet.

Best Dirt and MX Bikes for Kids

In writing this guide, I’ve taken on my industry experience and also conducted a lot of research on what other parents have bought already.

Best Dirt Bikes for Kids

I’ve broken this down into age groups: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. I haven’t split this into gender as boys and girls can generally handle the same bikes at the same age.

Before that, I wanted to provide some insights on what parents should be looking for:

Children’s Dirt Bike Seat Height

More important than the power or manufacturer is the seat height. You’ll want your child to stand flat-footed from Day 1. Sure – they will outgrow the bike in a few years but confidence is key when riding. If they can’t touch the ground properly then this massively affects their confidence on the trails.

Children's dirt bike seat height

This children’s dirt bike sizing chart which takes into account their standing height will be helpful:

Kid’s Standing Height
Seat height
Engine Capacity
(Power output)
Under 100cm20″ to 23″50cc dirt bike or
electric dirt bike or
electric balance bike
100cm to 110cm23″ to 25″50cc to 80cc
110cm to 120cm24″ to 26″50cc to 80cc
120cm to 130cm26″ to 28″80cc to 110cc
130cm to 140cm28″ to 30″80cc to 110cc
140cm to 150cm29″ to 31″110cc to 125cc
150cm to 160cm30 to 32″110cc to 125cc

Just remember that when measuring, your child will stand 20mm taller with boots on. We recommend boots highly and have written more on protective gear for kids who ride dirt bikes. Also, while this makes sense to many people, be sure to measure your children without their helmet off.

Weight of the Motorcycle

Another important factor is the weight of your child’s dirt bike. You won’t want anything super heavy, especially if they are smaller than normal.

Not only is it harder for them to control heavy dirt bikes, but it can pin them down in the event of an accident. Often dirt bikes are heavier than the child themselves.

This is yet another reason to get an electric dirt bike. Generally, these are half the weight and don’t have a hot engine which could cause 3rd-degree burns.

Brands and Dealers

There are many fancy companies with bling motorcycles, but you can get a cheap dirt bike for kids quite easily off Craigslist. This will potentially save you thousands of dollars.

But be warned! Stay away from the no-name brands. We only recommend the big 4: KTM, Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki. Buy these 2nd hand and you’ll save a fortune.

The no-name brands are plagued with issues and poor quality components. Finding parts for these are very difficult as well, paired with low resale value.

Often dealers actually have used dirt bikes. All you need to do is ask them since other families trade in their old dirt bikes at the end of each year.

Automatic vs Manual

Some dirt bikes for kids are automatic while others are manual with gears and a clutch. Which one do you choose? That’s quite simple actually.

If this is their 1st dirt bike, then get an automatic. We even recommend an electric dirt bike as they will be lighter and therefore easier to handle.

For children older than 10 years old, it’s a good time to introduce them to clutch control. For those who are younger, stick with the one-speed machines.

A great dirt bike for learning on in Australia is the Honda CT110. This is a farm favourite and virtually indestructible which is why Australia Post use them so much.

2-Stroke vs 4-Stroke for Kids

Lastly, a common question out there is whether children should have 4-stroke or 2-stroke dirt bikes. We can answer that question very easily.

For children who race motocross (MX), 2-stroke dirt bikes are very common. For those who just want to ride around the farm or some fire trails, 4-strokes are more popular.

In fact, the entire racing community has started moving away from 4-strokes. They are much faster nowadays and many people are sick of mixing fuels.

2-strokes are also very noisy. If you live near your neighbours, then make sure you get a 4-stroke. They will definitely praise you for it.

As you might have noted in this kids bike sizing comparison, we highly recommend electric dirt bikes. These have 1-stroke and have constant power.

Best Dirt Bikes for 5-Year Olds

There are some very good contenders on the market to help children get started with offroad motorcycling. Through our experience, we’ve rounded up these models:

The top 3 dirt bikes for 5-year-old children are the Kuberg Electric MX bike, Yamaha PeeWee 50 (PW50) and Honda CRF50F and the These can include training wheels for 5-year olds who are yet to balance proper balance and control.

You’ll find these dirt bikes easily available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Look out for offers from Craigslist and Gumtree and you’ll find parents upgrading because their son or daughter has outgrown their bike.

Best Dirt Bikes for 6-Year Olds

At 6 years old, most children know how to pedal a bicycle confidently. However, they might not be ready for a bigger dirt bike just yet.

The best dirt bikes available for 6-year-olds are the KTM 50SX Mini., Yamaha’s PW50 and the Honda CRF50F. Each of these children’s dirt bikes has a small petrol-driven motor similar to a chainsaw and automatic gearbox which is ideal for the 6-year-old who is learning to ride motocross and trails.

The KTM, in particular, is a more powerful beast than the Yamaha and Honda. For that reason, you can expect to pay twice as much.

Best Dirt Bikes for 7-Year Olds

At 7 years old, children are really starting to gain some awareness and agility when riding both bicycles and dirt bikes. They might even try some small jumps and enter races.

Children who are 7 years old will do well with a Yamaha TT-R50E, KTM 65MX and (depending on their height) the Suzuki JR80. These 2-stroke dirt bikes will give kids who are 7 a lot more fun than the entry-level bikes on the market, while being affordable for parents too.

Just remember that the weights for these dirt bikes are higher. If your child is underweight for their height, we would recommend an electric MX bike instead.

Best Dirt Bikes for 8-Year Olds

Children who reach 8 years old are very much now into the riding scene. They might ponder often about riding their bicycle or motorcycle on weekends while at school. There are some really good options out there now:

The KTM 85 SX is widely regarded to be a great dirt bike for boys and girls who are 8 years old. However, the power is quite excessive so it’s best for children who are quite experienced. The 2 best alternative recommendations are the Yamaha PeeWee 80 and the Honda CRF80F.

Keep in mind that at this stage, height differences really start to occur within children. So it’s best to head into a dealership and try a few dirt bikes before deciding.

Best Dirt Bikes for 9-Year Olds

At 9 years old, children will pretty much use the same dirt bikes as their 8-year old counterparts.

For 9-year-old children, the KTM 85 SX is the best dirt bike in the market. However, the price is high and the dirt bike itself suits experienced riders. Now, for 9-year-old kids who haven’t ridden before, the Yamaha PeeWee 80 and the Honda CRF80F are the most affordable and easy to learn.

If this happens to be their 1st dirt bike, then this is something they can certainly keep until their teenage years.

Best Dirt Bikes for 10-Year Olds

We’re now into double-digit years! Kids will have a heightened sense of ownership and will be very eager to get out on to the dirt trails on weekends.

We recommend Yamaha’s TT-R110E for 10-year olds as well as the Honda CRF110F and KTM’s 85SX. While the KTM has a smaller engine, it is more responsible and agile, and simply a lot more fun for kids at 10 years old.

At this stage, most kids will handle gear shifting and clutch control quite easily. This helps them in their teenage years when they finally get their motorcycle licence.

Best Dirt Bikes for 11-Year Olds

Children at this age will have a sense of what type of riding suits them. Whether it’s MX tracks and weekend racing, or simply hitting some local trails – they will be eager to leave the homework behind.

We can easily recommend the KTM 85 SX SW Minibike as the best dirt bike around for 11-years old, however, it’s really for children who are experienced riders. The next best recommendations are the Yamaha TT-R110E and Honda’s CRF110F which are more affordable.

As always, head into a dealership to get measured properly. Generally dealerships only stock one brand so plan a day where you visit multiple dealerships at once.

Best Dirt Bikes for 12-Year Olds

This is the last year before their teenage years so kids are really starting to rise in their maturity and their height. For this reason, we can really recommend some more powerful offroad motorcycles.

For downright reliability, Yamaha’s TT-R125LWE is the best dirt bike for a 12-year old while the KTM 125 SX wins for outright performance and race-ready attributes. Choose the Honda CRF125F for something in the middle ground with good value for money.

This is likely a dirt bike that will last until they are 15 or so. For that reason, choose something wisely. The KTM has both the looks and track-orientated agility, so while it might be a handful now, they are likely to get used to the power in a few months.

Tips For Buying

Once you’ve decided on the right dirt bikes for your children, it’s time to head out the front door.

If you’re buying new:

  • Look at the warranty available and what it actually covers
  • Shop around for finance options as dealerships could overcharge
  • See if you can get a package deal including a dirt bike trailer
  • Ask them if they can reduce the seat height through the suspension

If you’re buying used:

  • Do your homework! The dirt bike could actually be stolen
  • Check with your state’s registration body for finance owing
  • Ask for a test-ride and run the engine for at least 10 minutes
  • Look for any significant wear marks as evidence of excessive use

Often it’s better to buy used dirt bikes from dealerships. They have a reputation to maintain so they will ensure it has a clear title.

Wrapping Up

Buying your son or daughter their 1st dirt bike will be a moment to really cherish. Don’t rush in immediately but instead do your research and homework.

Stick with the main manufacturers who have decades of reputation with many parts available. The older dirt bikes shouldn’t be discounted either, especially as children are prone to crash. If they scratch up the plastics then you won’t be frustrated and neither will they.

Above all else, praise them for having the enthusiasm to enter this sport and enjoy this family time together.

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