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Welcome to Frontaer (Leading the Journey)

This is our 1st blog post on Frontaer. Welcome to the dirt party!

Frontaer and our mission

We’re Frontaer and we’re building this website as a content-rich resource for adventure riders and offroad motorcycle enthusiasts. If you have even a mild interest in the world of getting away from the bitumen, then we’re the crew for you.

We aim to create:

  • In-depth motorcycling guides for the adventure rider, both nationally and internationally
  • A range of high-quality adventure motorcycling gear that genuinely goes the distance

After riding his first motorcycle at the age of 15, our owner Joshua Smith endeavours to create a superior product for men and women of all ages. Our main aim is integrity; for our content and products.

We have a high emphasis on helping children into the sport as well, without breaking the bank. Our offroad motorcycling gear needs to be affordable and functional, without the cheap feeling of Chinese-made goods.

The most important person is you as the individual. Our customers will make our brand epic as a closely held relationship, much like Yamaha, KTM and Honda have built brand loyalty over the years. If there were 3 brands we aim to mimic, then it’s these 3.

In a nutshell

Our website will continue to develop over time. Our first 12 months will be the hardest but we envision becoming one of the top 10 ADV and MX brands internationally in the next 5 to 7 years, as opposed to an overnight success story. That all starts with creating engagement with our targetted audience.

We believe that by helping individuals and delivering value upfront, we can be of the greatest assistance to our readers. That will be built through content that is very helpful for both beginners and experienced riders of all ages.

From a standing start today, in March 2020 with the challenges of the world right now, we’re ready to begin.

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