Hey there! Joshua here and Frontaer founder.

Ever thought about creating an online business that funds your ride around the world?

Even just around your local region would be epic.

Luckily, you’re in the right place!

That’s part of the reason I built Frontaer as an eCommerce brand and content hub.

You see, almost everyone is seeking to ‘get online’ these days.

That’s especially true in the midst of such uncertainty. 

And now, being online is even more appealing to the ADV community.

Because of this, you can bring forward your dream of riding around the world.

That certainly beats working hard for many years for the dream.

Now over the years, I’ve come across many business models and ideas. 

From freelancing to working remote jobs, and even creating consulting firms.

And yet, none have really fit perfectly for introverted adventure riders.

Until now.

When we’re heading into remote campsites, most business models aren’t viable.

Anything that needs constant customer service won’t survive with a patchy WIFI.

Especially when you’re riding through those developing countries.

Nor will a remote job where you to clock in and clock out at certain times.

What’s best is an online business where you can work when you want.

And most importantly, one that doesn’t need your attention every single day.

Found a quaint town with powerful WIFI? Great! A chance to work done.

Discovered a remote trail and you’re keen to stick it out for a few days? Perfect.

Let your business continue to make you a decent income in the background.

That’s the type of real online business you want. 😃

As we Australians say….bloody brilliant.

You can start something that runs well beyond your active input.

For me – that’s come in the form of digital assets.

And you know, Frontaer is one such example.

The helpful content I create helps thousands of people in the dirt bike riding community.

At the same time, the site will continue to pay me WELL into the future.

So I can keep riding and discovering more tracks in the mountains.

But really, it’s not about me here…

It’s about YOU and YOUR DREAMS of having online income.

You gotta be resourceful…like any good rider out there!

Today, you could be building out a portfolio of digital assets to fund your adventures.

These digital assets are basically just revenue-generating websites.

Better yet – it’s a hot market where websites are selling for big bucks.

Now, my riding friend…you’re still reading this far down. Well done! 😃

Attention and curiosity aren’t easy to come by these days.

So, where am I going with this? I want to show you to get trained up properly.

I want to help you build a real business that suits the ADV lifestyle, just like me.

I’d like you to fulfil your dreams of enjoying the endless riding through summer.

Yes, just like those YouTubers you’ve been watching.

(I actually binge-watch many of their episodes just like you!)

To get to their destinations, you need to make a start today.

And that starts with proper training, and it’s free. 👍

You’ll discover how to: 

  1. Start a website around your passion (such as dirt bikes!)
  2. How to make an income stream from that website
  3. Ways to scale up and automate many parts of the process

When I discovered how to build profitable websites, my life changed forever.

And even with my experience, I still refer back to this training often. 

Matt and Liz are my Australian mentors

And they’ve built real businesses that scale.

🔥 >> Get Their Free Training Here << 🔥

They’re two of the most legitimate trainers that I know

With a very popular YouTube channel too!

With more than 1,000 students loving their online training.

Now look, I have to admit something that really worried me.

I thought long and hard about whether I should talk about this

You know, creating an online business and all

After all, I might actually create competition for myself… 

You know, if you go and build a competing site.

But remember, it isn’t actually about me here.

It’s about you and fulfilling your dream of long-term riding.

I’m just not one of *those* selfish types that likes to hide stuff.

So if you’re keen, then get started with Matt and Liz’s free training.

>> The Webinar Starts Shortly << 💻

I’d love to catch you on the inside.

And later, see you on the single-tracks on a weekday. 😊

Think about experiencing true freedom from behind the handlebars.

Every single day, not just the weekend.

And if you’re not interested, that’s cool too.

I hope I’ve helped you with this website. 

I hope I’ve inspired you and taught you a few lessons too.

Especially with my lengthy ‘where to go riding’ guides.

It’s both a labour of love and passion.

And most importantly, something that I’ll continue building out for years to come.

So from one riding enthusiast to another…

Catch you on the trails!

– Joshua “The Frontaer Guy” Smith. 🏕

P.s. You should really get started with their training webinar. It’s 100% free and if anything, you’ll come away more empowered with online skills for the future.