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24MX Unbiased Review: Are They Worth It?

24MX is an online dirt bike apparel retailer that recently came on to our radar, so we have written this unbiased review.

After all, you want to know the truth. Are they any good and safe to purchase from? Let our research do the talking for you.

24MX Review

24MX is based out of Sweden and one of Europe’s best dirt bike stores. What’s most is that they ship internationally including to Australia, North America, Canada and South Africa. If you’re looking for great quality gear, then this is it!

They process thousands of orders each month from simple stickers to complete kit replacements. Their core demographic are motocross and enduro riders needing the best gear possible, yet they also serve the older demographic of adventure riders. Clearly they are here to help just about anyone riding a motorcycle offroad.

Customer Service

Something that 24MX prides itself in is their customer service. It’s excellent and their live chat feature is quite helpful if you need some help finding some accessories or apparel. Their spare parts department is massive!

That extends further to their online reviews. You’ll see very fair responses to customer complaints on their various reputation management channels. This is a clear indication that 24MX is hellbent on resolving issues big and small.

Social Content

Given how many motocross riders are snapping their weekends and posting it to Instagram, 24MX has worked out that they need to be here. And we’ve noticed how much focus they’ve been putting into their YouTube, Facebook and IG accounts recently. There are viewers tuning in from around the world.

You’ll also spot huge engagement levels and industry-related content. They’ve very much in tune towards what people are looking for, and actually respond to questions in the comments section. Big tick of approval!

Negative Reviews of 24MX

Have you seen those who slander 24MX online? There are some customer complaints out there which are quite savage. You’ll notice that everyone is a victim of these. That is – every online motorcycle store.

Positive vs Negative complaints can be taken out of context. After all, people are far more likely to leave a negative experience rather than a positive one. And these issues probably stem from simply sending the wrong item or even lost shipments.

What we noticed when researching is that their customer service team is quite to resolve these. It isn’t that they don’t want bad experiences posted. It’s that they try to get these issues resolved, and if someone posts such an experience, they are quick to help intervene.

Final Thoughts

24MX is a high-quality store for motocross gear, whether you’re competing or simply trail riding. Indeed many enduro riders also find some great bargains here.

They are one of the biggest stores in Europe and sponsor some epic MX events. They’re very much in touch with the industry and bring the best gear to the marketplace here. You won’t find any 2nd grade accessories from China here. Nup – it’s the best or it’s gone.

And thus, we look forward to seeing Frontaer on the shelves real soon.

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