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7 Best Adventure Motorcycle Gloves For All-Day Comfort (2023)

For those long days in the saddle, get yourself a decent pair of riding gloves. And we don’t mean MX gloves either, as these are often too thin. Adventure motorcycle gloves are purposely-built to deflect against wind and vibration fatigue, with some even being heated for cold-weather riders.

Here are our best recommendations:

1. Scorpion EXO Men’s Klaw II Gloves

Scorpion’s EXO Men’s Klaw II gloves are a terrific choice for the best adventure motorcycle gloves for beginners and expert riders alike. They are lightweight, inexpensive, and provide ample protection while remaining comfortable for all-day rides. 

The goatskin leather construction provides premium durability, and uses a neoprene wrist relief panel for optimal comfort. They are reinforced with TPU molded knuckle construction and TPR molded finger protectors, ensuring rider safety. 

Its rib-stretch knuckle expansion panels offer increased flexibility during use, making all-day rides more comfortable. 

2. REV’IT! Cayenne Pro Gloves

REV’IT! Provides some of the best summer motorcycle riding gloves with their Cayenne Pro option. The goatskin construction is comfortable while still offering abrasion resistance for safety. 

They include TPU hard shell additions in the palm slider and thumb protectors keep rider’s hands safe while the EVA foam around the wrist ensures added protection. 

The ventilated dual comp protector at the back of hand and knuckles and partner with ventilation panels at the palm, cuff, and fingers keep your hands comfortable in warm weather. 

The REV’IT! Cayenne Pro gloves provide a tour fit for the hands, ensuring that you will not tire after driving long distances. Its wrist and cuff adjustment system offers a customizable fit for riders of all sizes. 

3. Alpinestars SMX-1 Air V2 Motorcycle Riding Gloves

These Alpinestars are high-quality and durable gloves for the budget-conscious rider. In fact, these gloves may save you money because they are so durable.

These adventure motorcycle gloves for all-day comfort provide the best protection and airflow. The knuckle area is covered with hard polymer, suede zones, and padding to ensure a strong grip on handlebars without stress or pain. 

The gloves are best for longer rides, as the material allows you to grip the handlebars and ride without fatigue. 

While the material is quality leather with breathable mesh, the downside is the material is not very suitable for winter wear. If you primarily bike in a colder climate, you should consider other gloves. 

These gloves are known to be too small. Order one size up as the gloves do not follow standard sizing charts. 

4. KLIM Adventure GTX Short Men’s ADV Motorcycle Gloves 

The KLIM Adventure GTX Short Men’s ADV motorcycle gloves are perfect for individuals who want to keep dry during inclement weather. Its Gore-Tex and Gore Grip are guaranteed to keep riders dry for optimal comfort. 

Riders will benefit from the Poron XRD Palm Under Carbon Fiber knuckle protection and the 3D silicone finger pads. You do not have to remove your gloves to use digital devices when KLIM includes its Mult-E-Touch Smart Device technology that works with your mobile devices. 

KLIM does not skimp on comfort with these durable motorcycle gloves. The moisture-wicking material in the lining keeps hands comfortable even during all-day rides. 

5. Held Sambia Pro Gloves 

Held Sambia Pro Gloves are the best adventure motorcycle gloves for riders who prefer a short cuff. This style caters to riders with shorter fingers, making them fit more comfortably than other brands. 

The perforated palm consists of kangaroo leather that is abrasion-resistant but allows air flow for comfort. Its Air Circulation System (ACS), keeps hands cool through vents on the fingers and palm. 

The Held Sambia Pro Gloves offer inner lining on the upper hand and an unlined palm that helps to improve flexibility and comfort for those long rides. In addition, this model includes touch screen capabilities for mobile devices. 

6. 100% Cognito Gloves 

The 100% Cognito Gloves are perfect for the minimalist rider who needs protection and comfort in an all-purpose motorcycle glove. This model is ideal for any type of riding, making them one of the best adventure motorcycle gloves brand for all-day trips. 

They use embossed Neoprene cuffs and a TPR wrist closure that adjusts with a hook and loop backing to give a customized, comfortable fit. Its 4-way stretch material on the top hand provides abrasion-resistance while it uses D3O knuckle features for impact protection.  

These gloves are terrific options that provide exceptional comfort and versatility while the mesh finger gussets improve mobility during wear and wick away moisture. 

7. Knox Handroid Pod MK4 Motorcycle Gloves

If you do not need gloves that extend beyond your wrist and are still comfortable, the Knox Handroid MK4 ones are ideal. They are a shorter cuff version of the previous Knox MKIII model, making them more suitable for many riders. 

The Handroid Pod MK4 includes scapoid protection system that compliments the exoskeleton and metacarpal protector. This way you do not have to sacrifice comfort for safety. 

Its fingerspines are softer and carry a lower profile for better aerodynamics, but remains lightweight and durable. Additionally, these Knox Handroid Pod MK4 gloves use a patent BOA Fit System with a one-step precision fitting process rather than including a secondary retaining wrist strap. 

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7 Best Dirt Bike Gear Bags For Your MX Gear (2023)

You often find yourself with a ton of dirt bike gear such as gloves, knee pads, helmet and spare parts to keep your dirt bike running strong and yourself (mostly) injury-free. But where do you store it all? While many might use a tool box or shopping bag, there are some excellent brands that have created awesome bags that’ll last for years and years.

1. Thor Circuit Gear Bag

The Thor Circuit is easily one of the best gear bags on the market. Loved by many for its affordability, this holdall-style bag also delivers excellent quality and functionality so it can help you with both your short dirt track trips and your longer travel excursions.

This dirt bike gear bag includes a large main compartment, a washable boot compartment, a helmet/goggle pocket, and two exterior mesh pockets. A handy roll-out changing mat is included in the bag, too.

The Circuit also features a variety of components to increase comfortability, such as TPR ventilation throughout, microfleece-lined pockets for headgear and goggles, and double-reinforced handles and straps. 

The versatility and durability of these gear bags make these the best value for the price, and the added features for comfort make this a great option for bikers of all experience levels.

2. AlpineStars Komodo Bag

While this AlpineStars gear bag is not the most affordable option, it is a great dirt bike gear bag for people looking for guaranteed durability and protection of their gear. With features like a waterproof boot compartment, lockable zippers, and reinforced corners, you can be sure that your gear is safe inside this bag.

The versatility of this gear bag is incredible- it can easily be used for all of your luggage and storage needs, from traveling overseas to toting your gear across the street. With multiple heavy-duty handles and a top carry strap, this bag can be worn, pulled, or carried wherever you go.

The Komodo has many additional spaces and accessibility features included, too. Removable compartment walls, two different sets of handles, and a flat top pocket for documents all make this bag one of the best gear bags for dirt bike owners.

3. OGIO Rig 9800 Pro Wheeled Gear Bag

The OGIO Rig 9800 Pro is a high-quality dirt bike gear bag meant to hold heavier gear while still looking stylish. Features such as custom wheel colors, ID windows, adjustable compartment dividers, and an ambidextrous retractable handle allow for a more personalized gear bag designed to fit your specific needs.

This bag is intended to distribute weight more efficiently, using a Structural Load Equalization Deck (SLED) system and integrated foam construction to boost stability and durability for larger loads. You can be assured that the Rig 9800 Pro will withstand even the roughest use for many years.

4. Fox Racing Shuttle 180 Roller Gear Bag

One of the most affordable gear bags on this list, the Shuttle 180 provides a large amount of space, added protection, and portability for your gear without breaking the bank. 

Heavy-duty wheels also make this dirt bike gear bag a great option for longer trips or rough terrain, and you won’t have to worry about carrying your heavy gear around when walking. 

This three-section gear bag allows you to compartmentalize your gear, helmet, and boots while maintaining enough space for your miscellaneous items. There is also a pocket for goggles and an internal changing mat at the bottom of the bag.

5. Klim Kodiak Gear Bag

The Klim Kodiak is a case-style dirt bike gear bag with a compartmentalized design and structural integrity built to protect your items. This bag features specialized compartments for your boots, helmet, and goggles, as well as larger cargo bays and multiple smaller pockets to keep your belongings organized.

Even with the added luggage space, the Kodiak still ensures the safety of your gear by using oversized 90mm wheels, heavy-duty zippers, and high-impact plastic corner armor on the most vulnerable places of the bag.

6. Troy Lee Designs Meridian Wheeled Gear Bag

The Meridian wheeled gear bag by Troy Lee Designs is a great option for those looking for a more luxurious experience. Complete with a waterproof foldaway changing mat in the boot compartment, this gear bag comes with all the essentials, plus more.

The Meridian boasts a high-end design that includes four separate compartments: a padded goggle vault with a separate lens stash, a boot locker with a changing mat, a padded helmet compartment, and the main section for all the rest of your gear.

And, of course, this gear bag also includes vented compartments, a telescopic handle, a tool compartment, and under-layer storage.

7. O’Neal Racing TX8000 Gear Bag

Another more affordable option, the O’Neal Racing TX8000 gear bag offers all of the standard features without any unnecessary frills or bulk. With one main compartment, two end compartments, and one side compartment, you still get plenty of space to store your gear at a much lower price.

The TX8000 doesn’t skimp on quality, though. This bag has an added shoulder strap pad for comfort and heavy-duty zippers for increased durability.

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9 Best Chinese 250 Dirt Bikes That Aren’t All Rubbish (2023)

Eager to get out on your local trails but don’t want to part ways with a bunch of cash for a Yamaha in this recession? Then 250cc Chinese dirt bikes are your answer.

Their reputation, however, doesn’t place them in the best light. So what makes and models are worth your consideration? We have found those which are not only affordable but have a ton of genuinely positive reviews and with some serious power too.

Here are the best dirt bikes made in China:

1. Trailmaster TM33 250cc Dirt Bike

The Trailmaster TM33 is the best Chinese 250cc dirt bike. 

Users can ride the Trailmaster offroad, in-town, and just cruise. It’s an unbelievably affordable bike with incredible suspension for its size, making for a smooth ride. 

It handles the rough terrain well. It also features an electric start, a surprising feature for such a small bike. It doesn’t sacrifice the frame from the bigger models, providing excellent stability. 

The Trailmaster has LED headlights and tops out at 70 miles per hour. Overall, an excellent dirt bike. 

2. Apollo DB-36

The Apollo DB-36 is a close second to the Trailmaster. It could easily have taken the top spot on this list. 

The Apollo DB-36 is not only a fast bike but also has incredible torque. This bike has an excellent frame that endures impact with offroading. 

The DB-36 is street legal because of its fuel-efficient engine, not to mention that it is quieter. It also features excellent brakes and an efficient cooling system. The DB-36 has both a kickstart and a button starter. 

It tops out at 70 miles per hour and has a 4-stroke engine. While it is street legal, the bike begs for offroading.  This dirt bike provides an incredible ride with its balance of speed, torque, and durability.

3. SSR SR250

The SR250 might not have the same speed as the previous two bikes, but it still gives riders an excellent time. 

The SR250 attempts to mimic Honda’s CRF250X. While not as peppy as its facsimile, it still offers a fun ride for a much lower price. It provides good power for trail-riding.

This bike also provides its riders with a durable frame for jumps. It is just as much fun as similar bikes but at a much more affordable price. 

It features an aluminum alloy frame and has 25.8 horsepower. All in all, the ST250 provides a good mix of speed and power. 

4. X-PRO 250cc Dirt Bike 

The X-PROs aren’t as incredible as the previous dirt bikes on this list, but they are reliably fun. 

A good value for its price, the X-PRO 250 provides a strong option for beginners. This X-PRO tops off at 70 miles per hour.  It provides its riders with a good combination of control, comfortability, and speed. 

5. X-PRO Titan 250cc Dirt Bike

The X-PRO Titan is a fast bike with a quiet engine. So, if you are not a fan of loud bikes, this option is excellent. 

The light frame and powerful engine it features make it an excellent option. It also includes an electric kick starter, a preference of some riders. 

The Titan tops out at 60 miles per hour. The speedy bike touts a flashy look for offroading. 

6. X-Pro Hawk 250 Dirt Bike

This dirt bike is easy to control and requires minimal maintenance. It is designed for offroading and can travel long distances. Users love the electric kick starter. 

The X-Pro Hawk provides a potent combination of style and ruggedness. It tops out at 60 miles per hour with its four-stroke gas engine. It also has 11.5 horsepower. 

7. Tao Motor 250 TBR7 ENDURO

As we enter the third part of this list, the TBR7 still gives the rider a lot of fun. 

While not the perfect dirt bike, the TBR7 still provides a fun ride. It tops out at 55 miles per hour with a 4-stroke engine. It also features a kick starter. 

The affordable bike offers its riders the option of both on-roading and offroading. The brakes will require some breaking in before they work as efficiently as you hope. After riding for a while, though, they will work great. 

The bike is easily assembled but can succumb to rust issues. While it faces some problems, it still provides the rider with options. 

8. GPX 250cc

Nearing the end of the list, we look at a comfortable ride. 

The GPX 250 is a trail bike. It doesn’t have the same giddy-up as the other bikes, but it has the power to push through the rough terrain. You can also take it to the streets with its LED lights. 

Built for a more relaxing ride, the GPX 250 still equals the power of comparable dirt bikes and has a sturdy frame. It provides its riders with a fun, comfortable ride. 

9. Gio X31

The Gio X31 ends the list with a dirt bike for beginners. 

While the X31 is an excellent bike for beginners, it still has the power to make riding fun for experienced riders. The engine has an exciting sound, too. 

While its torque leaves something to be desired, the bike handles the rough terrain of trails well. The bike doesn’t offer much jumping but will still provide a good time for the rider.

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8 Best Dirt Bike Sand Tires That Grip Like A Paddle (2023)

Need some new dirt bike tires that grip tighter than crap on a blanket? Then you’re in the right place! We have rounded up the best dirt bike sand tires that provide unbelievable traction in the soft stuff.

Best for Boulder-Crawling

A great choice for any desert rock-crawlers, the Kenda K760 Dual Endura Rear Motorcycle Bias Tire boasts extra-large side knobs and a smooth tread pattern for excellent traction on rocky terrain. These tires pack a lot of features for their relatively modest price tag – featuring dual-purpose performance, all-conditions safety, and maximum tread life.

It also comes with dual-tread tires to aid in cornering traction, with an enduro compound for enduro racing conditions. They also shape the rear tire specifically to offer reduced rolling resistance and to prevent the tire from overheating.

Whether you are riding on dunes or rocky paths, these tires guarantee a faster and more controllable experience overall.

Best for Professionals

If you’re a professional dirt bike racer, the quality of your tires is vital to your performance and safety on the trail. That’s why we’d recommend the Michelin StarCross 5 Medium Motocross Bias Tire if you’re looking for a quality tire constructed with the pros in mind.

The tire’s bias-ply construction and high-quality rubber compounds ensure the sweet spot between handling, performance, and durability is met. Its tread pattern will provide excellent traction for even the most extreme uses, and its weight capacity of 584 pounds makes it incredibly suitable for heavy usage. 

Best for Motocross

Designed specifically for competition in motocross and supercross, the Pirelli Scorpion MX32 Extra X Dirt Bike is a suitable candidate for any motorsports enthusiast. Its patented Pirelli tread design offers optimal grip, while its steel outer wall and high-rigidity core ply casing help to dampen the impact during jumps. 

This tire has demonstrated it can perform exceptionally well under any circumstances. These tires are a fantastic value for what they bring to the table. 

Editors Pick

The Maxxis M7305D Desert IT Tire combines the best of both worlds with its fast tread design and soft shoulder blocks, allowing for improved off-road performance and optimal traction in wet or dry conditions. 

They designed this tire with all terrain types in mind–be it sand, mud, rocks; the list goes on. Its universally applicable design makes it the jack of all trades on this list, and as you’ll see, it shines‌ in this aspect. 

They designed the body of this tire for exceptional stability at high speeds over all terrain types, and the sidewall construction on the tire treads allows them to maintain their grip on a variety of terrain. Additionally, the tread blocks on each side of the tire allow for superior traction and improved flexibility when going over uneven or muddy terrain. 

If you’re looking for a tire that provides maximum performance under all circumstances, I would highly recommend this over any product on this list.

Most Value/Cost

Protrax off-road tires dramatically improve stability and comfort while driving. Along with this, the central tread of the tire provides improved grip on mud and other unsteady surfaces. 

Much like the Maxxis M7305D Desert IT, this tire focuses primarily on durability and all-terrain performance. At half the cost, this tire’s quality compared to the former is negligible. 

Most Comfortable

Dunlop MX52 Geomax Intermediate/Hard Terrain tires will surely give you a pleasant and comfortable experience when driving on all surface types. In addition, Dunlop MX52 tires provide excellent traction and stability on both paved and unpaved roads.

The tire also contains an integrated shock absorption system to help dampen your landings, as well as an open shoulder design that allows any debris to easily dislodge from the wheel after contact.  

If you’re looking for maximum comfort and stability, this tire is what you need. 

Highest Quality

If you are a motorsports enthusiast looking for only the highest quality tires to use in your race, look no further than the Protrax Pt1021 Off-road Dirt Bike Tire. This tire offers excellent performance in both motocross and dual sport environments. It is an exceptional choice for ‌anyone looking for only the best performance and durability.

Most Versatile

The MMG Off-road Knobby tires are likely the most versatile set of tires on this list. Featuring uniquely patterned tire treads, these allow for incredibly easy handling over any surface and at any speed. 

In addition, the tread design of the tire is an excellent compromise between rolling resistance and traction on a variety of ‌terrain. The material used within this tire also reduces noise by up to around 50% compared to traditional tires. 

If you’re looking for a tire that boasts easy maneuvering over any terrain type, the MMG tire set may be the perfect set of tires for you.

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8 Best Dirt Bike Cleaning Wash Soaps That Work (2023)

After a muddy day on the MX tracks and forest trails, you’ll want to give your dirt bike a solid clean. The catch? Ordinary automotive soap is designed for cars with a mild amount of dust, rather than dirt bikes who are caked with mud in even the most hard-to-reach places.

And so, the offroad industry has created their own unique products that live up to (or even exceed) expectations. Here are the best wash soaps to properly clean your dirt bike:

1. Muc-Off MOX-904 Nano Tech Bike Cleaner 

Any quick Google search for the best dirt bike cleaner will inevitably bring up Muc-Off. Made by the company Muc-Off, and known simply as Muc-Off, this is a cleaning product that is safe to use on any bike. This will dig into the dirty nooks and crannies but won’t hurt the finish. Muc-Off comes in a spray bottle and is safe to use with bare hands. 

Muc-Off is available in large jugs (including refillable jugs), spray bottles, and even powder packs of bike cleaner. 

2. Finish Line Super Bike Wash 

Super Bike Wash is marketed toward bicyclists but is perfect for the best dirt bike cleaner. Super Bike Wash sells soap in jugs, spray bottles, and concentrate form.

Super Bike Wash is available in a 1-gallon jug, a 1-liter spray bottle, or a 16 oz spray bottle. 

The is a concentrated 16 oz bottle that can be mixed with water to create 4 liters of soap. The soap won’t flash-rust your bike and is eco-friendly. 

Super Bike Wash is safe for carbon fiber, steel, and aluminum. It is also perfect for your handlebars, saddle, frame, and brakes. 

3. Chemical Guys CWS20264 Tough Mudder Truck Wash Off-Road and ATV Heavy Duty Soap

Chemical Guys Tough Mudder soap produces a ton of foam: the best way to get dirt and mud off your ride. Tough Mudder cleans all the grit and leaves behind a layer of sealant for future protection. 

The Tough Mudder Truck Wash Off-Road and ATV Heavy Duty Soap is perfectly pH balanced and can be used on any surface. It is even safe on ceramic coatings, waxes, and sealants. It comes in a variety of bottle sizes. 

This soap can be used with a foam cannon, a foam gun, or a simple bucket wash, making it the best dirt bike cleaner for versatility. It comes in a variety of bottle sizes. Chemistry Guys makes Tough Mudder in the United States. 

4. Simple Green Bike Cleaner and Degreaser

Simple Green is an all-purpose cleaner sold in a variety of dispersion methods. It is EPA Safe Choice Certified; an environmentally conscious choice. 

Simple Green makes an all-purpose cleaner that is great on bikes, but it also makes a soap specifically for dirty bikes that cuts through the caked-on mud. The bike cleaner and degreaser are available in a spray bottle or as an aerosol. 

If you are going for bulk, Simple Green’s flagship all-purpose soap is available in large bottles of concentrate that can be diluted to or strengthened to your liking.

5. Slick Off-Road Wash

Slick Off-Road Wash is a foamy cleaner for all dirty vehicles. It is safe to use on any finish but strips away the mud, so you don’t need to worry about etching or fading. Slick Off-Road wash provides a jug ready to be used with a foam gun. 

Slick Off-Road wash is specially designed to dig deep into the mud and grease and leave your dirt bike looking brand new. 

6. Bike Brite MC441G Motorcycle Spray Wash Cleaner and Degreaser

Bike Brite has been manufacturing bike cleaners for almost 30 years, so you know if they have a cleaner specifically for bikes it will get the job done. This soap adds a flash of brilliance to bikes and does not leave water spots. Add a deep luster to your bike with Bike Brite Motorcycle Spray Wash Cleaner and Degreaser.

Bike Brite comes in a 1-gallon bottle or 32 fl. oz. spray bottle. Both come with a cool, classic American look that just seems to fit right with a bike.

Bike Brite Motorcycle Spray Wash Cleaner and Degreaser is biodegradable and non-acidic, and pH balanced. It contains a corrosion inhibitor so no need to worry about flash-rust. This cleaner is available in a refillable jug as well, in case you want to cut down on plastic jugs. 

7. S100 12005L Total Cycle Cleaner

An excellent choice for a no-scrub, spray-on spray-off cleaner for your bike. This means you can spend less time cleaning and more time riding. Total Cycle Cleaner is safe for all surfaces — chrome, paint, plastic, rubber, and even your engine and O-rings. It is also safe for all lawn, water, and outdoor vehicles. 

Total Cycle Cleaner is pH balanced and includes corrosion inhibitors. It is biodegradable and non-acidic, so rest assured you can give your bike the best cleaning without damaging its shine. 

8. Maxima 80-85932 BIO Wash

Another ECO-friendly formula, Maxima 80-85932 BIO Wash used advanced micro-chemistry to be gentle on magnesium, aluminum, and alloys yet tough on dirt and mud. 

Maxima uses a special formula to lower the surface tension of the cleaner to allow for better penetration and moving around solids. It is the perfect end to a day of riding when you can return your bike can return to its former sheen. 

Clean ahead without the worry of damaging your bike’s look.

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